Pumpkin Spice Fall Look Tutorial

Hey Everyone!
I am absolutely crazy about pumpkin pie. It is one of those pies I could eat five slices of and still not get enough. That, and carrot cake, oh em gee. I know the seasons are totally upside down but I’m going to make a fall look tutorial despite it being Spring in Australia. Either way, you can lighten the load on this look and it also makes  for a nice Spring look if you’re into the pumpkin tones. This was kind of an experimentation and I started putting colors together and then bam, sha bam, I came up with this look. I hope you’ll like it.

Step 1: Prime your eyes. I’m sure you know this step very well by now!

Step 2: Use a burnt orange color and apply all over the lid. I’m using one from the Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone palette and my MAC 217.

Step 3: With a pencil brush, which is really important, apply a burnt toffee color into the outer corner and shade slightly above your lid line. Keep towards your lid line and don’t go too far up. Use the pencil brush like coloring pencil.

Step 4: Blend away.

Step 5: Apply a light pink caramel color to the inner corners. I’m using the NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Yoghurt. You can use a powder too to acheive the same effect but I wanted to start using my NYX pencils.

Step 6: Use a darker metallic brown to apply on your water line and the outer corner of your lid line. Remember to join the two. I’m using the NYX Jumbo eye pencil in French Fries.

Step 7: Apply false lashes, these are Ardell Natural Lashes in 110. Please don’t go overboard with the lashes. Kay, thanks.

Step 7: After you do your brows, apply your lipstick in a more neutral color. This is the Guerlain Kiss Kiss in Beige Nude

And then presto! You are done!

I like this look a lot, actually.

Hope you do too!