How To Get Roseanne's Flowin' Hair. (finally, right?)

Hey Everyone,

My hair has a life of its own. When I’m sad or feeling tired, my hair seems to flop down and appear flat but when I’m awake and energetic, it instantly volumizes itself. Weird. But the point of this post is here. I am much flattered to say that the number one question I receive on the blog and on YouTube is what I do with my hair. It’s often a question I appreciate but one that I kindly ignore because well, there’s not much to say. I’m really doing this post because I need to document that I did answer this quesition and why not to do it over the blog (and maybe make a video out of it). Despite really not doing much at all, I do use a particular shampoo and conditioner and I do see myself doing a few things everyday that may contribute to the appearance of my hair. Mostly though, when the hairdresser says, “Wow, you have so much hair”, I really blame it on genetics. Here we go!

Shampoo & Conditioner
There are two brands of shampoo and conditioner that I like. In Singapore, I’m in love with Sunsilk because it just works with my hair. It makes it soft, smooth and shiny. I’m in love with the orange and yellow formulas. I really don’t remember what they are called but I find myself zooming in for those colors when I need to stock up on shampoo and conditioner. The other shampoo and conditioner I like to use is Tresemme Moisture Rich and it’s my standard shampoo and conditioner when I’m in Australia.
I do stay away from certain brands of shampoo and conditioner because I know that they don’t do anything from me. These include Pantene ProV Shampoo and Herbal Essences. I wished Herbal Essences worked for me because it smells so good, right? It smells heavenly.
Tying My Hair In a Bun
I have long hair and it’s just easier to manage when I tie my hair in a bun. Whenever I need to get serious, I tie my hair. Haha, maybe it’s my thing. I don’t know if it contributes to volume but whenever I let my hair down after tying it in a bun, it looks hot. It’s volumized. It’s great.
Sleeping with my Hair Wet
I know you’re not supposed to do this. My parents run after me if I go straight to sleep and I don’t dry my hair first but I do it all the time. You’re supposed to get a headache if you do this but I haven’t gotten a headache from it before. I think the reason why I don’t do it is because I don’t like hairdrying my hair, it makes it flat and dry so I tend to let it dry naturally. Most of all, when I’m sleepy, I sleep.
Hairdrying, Not Really
As mentioned before, I don’t like hairdrying my hair. I don’t like brushing it either. That, or it doesn’t like me doing any of that to it. I think it likes to float its own boat and even if I don’t brush it, it still looks normal and I’m a fan of volume so I’m kinda afraid that hairdrying and brushing will flatten it out, which it does. I’m not going to totally say that I don’t hairdry or brush but if I had the choice (not rushed for time, no knots), I wouldn’t touch it.
I’ve had hairdyes done – sometimes my hair is industrial strength – and it doesn’t color. I’ve had it permed, curled, all sorts. I know how pointless this post is kind of, it’s more of an answer to a frequently asked question πŸ™‚ I don’t use any external products like creams, serums or masks. Nothing. Just shampoo, condition and let it dry naturally.
What do you do with your hair?