5 Hilarious Beauty Products That are Sure to Make you Gawk!

Hey Everyone,

Honestly, the time I spend on the net is probably more than a normal girl should ever spend on the internet but that makes me more prone to coming across cool and funny things, especially those related to beauty and makeup. In this post, I’ve sort of collected my findings into one to introduce to you the funniest or weirdest beauty products that have graced planet earth. Hear me out, some of you may take offense to what I’m about to find out as weird or funny but please take it as lighthearted fun or forever hold your peace.

1. Justine Bieber’s Nail Polish Line and Perfume
The picture tells it all. I have nothing whatsoever against Justin Beiber. I actually really like it when ‘Baby” comes up on the playlist in a club, it is the epitome of an awesome song that everyone can sing to. But, I’ve noticed a little trend with his paraphanlia – that he’s really getting into the beauty scene too. But, he’s a guy, right? I mean how many people can raise their hands in sorrow when he announced he was going out with Selena Gomez? I can’t raise my hand but I’m sure you might have your teeth bared at her right now. I find his new perfume hilarious. I also find that the name “SOMEDAY” is hilarious. Basically, if you wear this perfume, someday, you will get to be Bieber’s girlfriend. Someday. That’s so sad. It’s almost like false hope in a bottle. But hey, if the shoe fits, wear it. Most of his target audience are girls anyway. Kind of sad that he can’t wear his new perfume out, nor his nail polish line. Justin Bieber perfume, not colgone, perfume. Am i the only one finding this amusing?
2. Sheep Placenta Cream

The last time we visited China was in January of 2009, my parents love connecting to our roots and instead of our usual Shanghai haunts, we decided to branch out a bit to places like WuZhen, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing and Wuxi, home to views like this:

Despite it’s beautiful facade, Wuxi is home to distributors of not only pearl powder products, but sheep placenta creams as well. They call it the Sheep Placenta element, a cream that my Mother actually stocked up on and bought for the whole family. I used mine until it ran out. It made my skin really smooth and I know how gross a placenta can sound but if it works, it works. The logic behind sheep placenta is that a placenta is created by the mother to nourish the womb and supply the baby with nutrients while it’s in the stomach, making the placenta home to very nutrient rich stem cells, the start of life to every cell. Using live cell therapy, the stem cells from the sheep placenta are extracted and then injected into the topical creams so that when applied, will activate older cells to life (something along those lines). It’s an anti-ageing treatment for skin rejuvination and have been used by personalities like Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower.
3. Nightingale Dropping Facial
First of all, for some reason, I always thought nightingales to be birds of legend, something that people wrote about but hey, nightingales are actually real birds. Okay maybe I need brush up on my bird knowledge but imagine putting nightingale poop on your face. Sounds tantalizing doesn’t it? Apparently in Japan, uguisu no fun or powdered nightingale droppings are used in a facial, The Geisha Facial, to improve the skin. Yes, it actually exists. The theory behind this beauty treatment is that the natural enzymes in the dropping can make your skin extremely soft and that Geishas are known for their beautiful complexions simply because they used this treatment to take off their makeup and to rejuvinate their faces. I know the video is japanese but you can see how it works! If Victoria Beckam things it’s hot, then why not.
4. F Cup Cookies

image source: http://vujie.blogspot.com/2011/06/f-cup-cookie-review.html
I don’t know how appropriate it is to put this here but hey, I reckon it’s beauty related. If you don’t need a shirt that says “up here”, you might want to look at F cup cookies as your next solution. F Cup cookies are cookies that you eat to make your boobs bigger. Sorry for the bluntness but the story behind these cookies again from japan is that you ingest a herbal supplement called Pueraria Mirifica which is a breast enlargement supplement. The cookies come in two flavours – Soy Milk or Pralines and Chocolate. Who would have known.
5. Deo Perfume Candy

Sometimes, we can all dream a little. Imagine a candy that you eat and then suddenly you smell just like it. Introducing the Deo Perfume Candy. Alpi, a belgian confectionary company found out that when you eat garlic, you kind of smell like it. They got the chemical that does this and apparently it can’t be digested so it must be released by your pores, making a natural scent. Alpi got smart and put this into candy with natural scents like rose and lavender via gernaiol, a component in essential oils. Right now, it can only be found at Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Hungary.
And there we have it, I hope I made you gawk a bit!
What’s the weirdest beauty product you’ve seen out there?
P.S: Eating collagen doesn’t work, so don’t even think about eating those Collagen Marshmallows. Plus, there’s a SEPHORA Monopoly Edition that I could cry for.

*Images and information sourced by various websites from Google.