Awesome Sheet Mask Alert! Bidanpo 2-Step Fusion Mask Review!!

Hey Everyone!
I have to say that one of the best feelings in this world besides laying on your bed after a long day is whipping on a nice, cold face mask. To add to that, I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately on what I’ve been doing for my skin. I’m blushing but most of you have loved how my skin has looked in my past few tutorials so I thought I might do a review on what I’ve been using lately, a very special sheet mask with not one step, but two.
Before I left for Melbourne, Bidanpo, a Korean skincare company known for their oriental medicine infused masks, gave me a few Bidanpo Mediental 2 Step Fusion masks to use and figuring that it’s a pretty cool mask with two steps, I thought I’d give it a try and I’m glad I did.
The one that I’ll be reviewing is the Baek – Myeong MTS, don’t worry, I don’t know what that means either. Basically, it’s for whitening purposes and for an improvement in skin pigmentation. Again, whitening doesn’t mean getting two shades lighter, it means having more radiant, and fairer skin. Well, let’s see if this jumbo has a backbone in my classic tutorial review.

As with all face masks, remember to start with a clean face.

You heard me right, this is a 2-step system. The mask has 2 steps to ensure that the best nutrients of the mask is absorbed into the skin and that’s done by the provided skin ampoule or mask booster.

The Mask Booster or Ampoule is actually made of 100% bambo water and preps and primes the skin to increase absorption of the mask that you’ll be putting on later. It maximizes the effect of the mask. The texture of the ampule isn’t a sticky serum. Instead, it’s quite watery and smooth.

Simply pour some out and apply to the face in circular motions

Β After prepping the skin for some action, it’s time to put on that mask. The mask is soaked in fermented bamboo essence, 12 prescious fermenting extracts to be exact. Forget the wine and the cheese, I know that sounds kinda gross, but it’s really good for your skin because it can renew dull complexions. When you first take it out of the packaging, it’s a tan brownish yellow but don’t be turned off by it, just put it on!

Β Like any other face mask, unfold the mask and fit it gently on. Well, you don’t really have to be gentle actually, just put it on. Manipulate the mask so it covers the majority of your face. This one is a pretty good fit. Notice how you can see my skin through the mask. This mask isn’t made up of some cheap paper, it has a very nice elastic collagen feeling that’s superb when chilled in the fridge. An unexplainable feeling.

Now it’s time to wait. If you’re unpatient like me and a quick 15-20 minute rest won’t do, maybe read a magazine, listen to your favourite tunes or two. In no time, 15-20 minutes will pass and it will be time to take this baby off. To take it off, just peel it off, no washing required.
Time to unveil the results!
and bam! The glow I have to say is pretty good!
Β To see results I’d suggest using it for at least 2 weeks. No washing required. Massage the rest of the solution into the skin and leave to dry.
Overall:Β This mask is awesome. I really did see results in that my skin had a natural glow and was more radiant. The only downside to it is that it dries out a little sticky but the stickiness will fade after about 15 minutes. It’s best to do it after a long day. Defintely a mask you should look into!
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What’s your favourite sheet mask?