The 5 Beauty Do's and Don'ts That Everyone Should Know

Hey Everyone,

There are just some rules and guidelines to makeup that everyone should know, so I decided to do an entry on what my top 5 beauty don’ts and do’s are. Do beware though, I might offend some people in this post, nothing personal, but please don’t spear me on a rod and roast me like a marshmallow later. Take it as well, constructive criticism. Let’s have some fun.
1. Don’t Tatoo Your Eyebrows – Murder Charges Apply
Sometimes when I walk around back in Singapore, I see these wonderful old ladies with blue eyebrows. I don’t mean to be brutally brash or rude, it’s just that it’s totally unflattering. If you haven’t heard of this myth before, people actually wax out all their eyebrows and tatoo them back in. There’s no natural hair anymore. Why on earth would you do this? Because baby you’re lazy but don’t you know no pain, no gain? Don’t wax off all your eyebrows and tatoo them back in unless you want to eventually have blue eyebrows. Over arched brows can age you as well.
2. Wrong Lipsticks Don’t Look Hot
When you look at a celebrity and there’s this lipstick that looks dead hot on her, it sometimes doesn’t mean that it will look hot on you. Our skintones and less mentioned undertones are different. I am not a marshmallow to roast, but take for example that MAC Lady Gaga lipstick. If you’re unsure about what that lipstick looks like, it’s a bubblegum very nude and light pink with blue undertones that may look beautiful on Lady Gaga with her blonde hair and pink undertones but on others, it looks like someone just came out of a sci-fi movie looking like a hoochiemama. Know what looks good on you and wear it, not the other way round.
3. Circular Blush for Clowns Only
I have to say that I’m still seeing girls trying to go kawaii on me and adding pink or orange circles to their cheeks as their blush. That or it’s an undefined circle and I have to say lots of it. I’m trying to blame the beautiful japanese anime as the culprit for this beauty don’t or even a lack of practice and know-how. Blend your blush upwards a bit so it becomes natural and don’t put that much, please – with a cherry on top.
4. Hide your Undereye Circles but Don’t Play Reverse Racoon
I know, dark circles can be a pain in the you know what and we will try all the ways to cover them but somewhere in the history of makeup, someone said to use a very light concealer under your eyes. I am not a marshmallow again but sometimes people in a frantic frenzy pile on way too much that they don’t have dark circles anymore, they have white circles. This does not wake you up, it wakes other people up seeing you look like that. I’m so mean. But, you know its true. Here’s your tip, don’t go more than one shade lighter if you can’t use your original concealer shade, only if, and take a little and pat it underneath. Make sure what you’re doing is buildable. It’s better to put a little less than a little more. That way, you can blame any unproductivity at work to not sleeping enough and you have the proof to show it, I kid.
5. Don’t Pop em Zits
I know it’s tempting. It’s like a volcano waiting to erupt. All you have to do is put those two fingers together and go “Pop!”. But, don’t. That’s a sure-fire way to cause acne scarring and we all know that acne scars take ages to dissapear. Just let them ride it’s life. It will come and go like it never was there, it just takes 1 or 2 days of embarassment and then everyone will realize that they’ve had zits too.
1. Take off all your makeup every night
Everyone should take off their makeup every night before they sleep. If you don’t, it causes clogged pores which eventually leads to zits which eventually leads to unhappy faces. Regardless of the awesome night you had, whether it’s 4 or 6 am in the morning when you come home, take a shower and clean up. Afterall, that’s the most you can do for your body that night, eh?
How do I take off my makeup?Β Here:Β
2. Be Careful of Undertones
Sometimes people are too concerned with their skintones when picking out their colors but they forget about their undertone. If unfamiliar, undertone is concerned with whether you are a pink or yellow undertone. Just turn over your forearm and see if your veins appear blue or green. If blue, you are a pink undertone and if green, you are a yellow undertone. Knowing if your foundation has pink or yellow undertones helps to eventually make a better match.
3. Match Things Together – Cream with Cream, Powder with Powder, OIl with Oil and not Oil with Water
With matching undertones comes matching formulas. If you’re finding that your makeup isn’t lasting as long as it should, it’s probably because you’ve mixed up the formulas. If you decide that you are wearing an oil based moisturiser, make sure your foundation sitting on top of it isn’t water based because we all know that water and oil don’t mix. Likewise, if you have decided to powder your face, applying a cream blush after will probably result in patchy blush. Make sure you match formulas too.
4. Wear Sunscreen
Probably one of the common mistakes people do is that they don’t wear facial sunscreen. I’m not talking your regular banana boat let’s go for a holiday sunscreen, facial sunscreens have better formulas than body sunscreens in terms of mixing with your facial chemistry and making sure they stay presentable under makeup. You wouldn’t wash your face with showergel right? Wear a sunscreen because it protects your skin from harmful rays that can cause skin cancer, melanoma and of course wrinkles. Save money on botox in the future. Kidding.
Need sunscreen help? All you need to know here:Β
5. Embrace your skintype
Probably one of my number one makeup do’s is to embrace your skintype. Often, we don’t. Often, we try to make ourselves the opposite of what we are. For example, if you have oily skin, you try to find lots of matte products to make yourself extremely matte. Likewise, if you have dry skin, you try to make yourself extremely glowy. What you should do is embrace that you have oily skin and not walk around like a caked up monster and start thinking of maintaining your look throughout the day instead of putting all your apples in one basket in the morning. You’ll look better and not to mention feel better.
My Personal Makeup Pet Peeve – White Liner and Really Heavy False Lashes
Now for my personal makeup pet peeves. When the wonderful makeup godesss started using white liner, the whole world seemed to start using white eyeliner on their water line as well and well, much to my dismay. Maybe it’s the structure of my eyes that makes white eyeliner look like an alien invasion to me but it sure looks horrendous on my eyes. I also do not understand why some people put false eyelashes with hair as thick as a moustache onto their eyelids and walk around as if they don’t have moustasches on their eyes. They do, and they look pretty funny. Find false lashes that suit your eyeshape and make sure your ordinary eyelashes can hold them up. Too much of a good thing, perhaps?
Make-up Pet Peeves from you from myΒ facebook page

Thanks for contributing everyone!
What’s your makeup pet peeve?
Love, Roseanne


  • Jenn Staz

    Haha yeah, I hate the reverse raccoon thing, too. It’s so weird! And thanks for the tip about the vein color, I never knew that! I mean, I’ve always known I have a yellow undertone, but that’s a surefire way to be able to help my friends make informed makeup color decisions πŸ˜€

  • elephantrunway

    Currently, my makeup pet peeves would be patchy foundation or foundation that doesn’t match the skin. Sometimes, when my skin’s not behaving, I get the former πŸ™ I’m also very conscious of my pores showing up underneath the makeup, urgh.

  • igotnocookieforu

    thanks roseanne for updating ur blog so frequently!! my make up pet peeve is having too much eyeliner on the lower lid

  • roseannetangrs

    @Jenn: haha yep! glad i’m able to help ya out πŸ˜‰
    @elephant runway: aww yeah i hate it when it doesn’t match but sometimes it can’t be helped! So annoying when you buy the wrong foundation right? πŸ™
    @igotnocookieforu no worries πŸ™‚ that’s true!

  • hellojanedoe

    Hey Roseanne! I have a question.. haha i’ve heard undertones being used a lot, but what does that really mean? According to the vein test i’m pink undertoned. Does that mean i should pick a foundation that has pink undertone as well? Or yellow instead? I’m totally confused about this whole concept lol.

  • roseannetangrs

    Def. a pink or neutral undertone if you are a pink undertone πŸ™‚ Basically you can see the color differences between something that has a pink undertone with a foundation that has a yellow undertone..whether its more pinkish or yellowish. It will match your skin color better!

  • hellojanedoe

    Ahh.. thanks alot for clearing that up for me :)!

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