Review: L'egere Multi White BB Cream – A BB Cream "Best – Seller"?

Hey Everyone!
So we all know that Roseanne Tang is sort of on a bb cream craze lately and because of this craze, hopefully we all know what a bb cream is. If you still don’t, it’s a makeup and skincare product in one that doesn’t provide as much coverage as a liquid foundation can, but sure feels a lot lighter making it pretty perfect in the summer heat. Today, I’ll be doing a review on a much talked about bb cream online and offline, the L’egere Multi White BB Cream. I’ve wanted to get my hands on this for a while now and even considered purchasing it online – Β but when I flew back home to Singapore, it was on the shelves and soon present in my shopping basket.
What are the claims of the L’egere BB Cream? L’egere says it’s supposed to:
1. Skincare – moisturise, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging repair, and “polish, concealer, isolation, and balances sebum” (?)
2. Minimizes pores, dark circles and other flaws
3. Natural looking makeup
Alright, you know how this show runs, we’ll see if those claims hold up later in this review. It was a bit hard to decipher what the description was saying but I’m sure we’ll pull through.
The L’egere Multi White BB Cream is a very creamy bb cream. When squeezed out of the tube it’s a light cream texture that blends easily into the skin. I can also see sort of water based properties as well which makes it potentially a good skincare product. When the cream is swatched and then blended into the skin, it has a semi – matte apperance and feels moisturising.

I think the most special characteristic of the L’egere Multi White BB Cream is that it comes out of the tube as a dark tan color and for darker skintones, this may be a godsend to you. However, do not be fooled, when blended out, the BB cream turns into a pale color, for NC25 or below. NC30 people like me can wear this, but I’d have to apply a powder that’s my color on top to set it. Thus, this bb cream is not recommended for skintones above an NC30 because it really would not bode well considering the cream does change color when blended out.

After spreading the cream out….

And blending half of it to demonstrate, you can clearly see that the cream does change color and does not match its out of the bottle color.

Application – Let’s see how it looks on the skin!
With all bb creams, I like to pat the bb cream into the skin. As you can see, it gives off a tan orange color when first applied.

However, don’t be fooled, it spreads into a lighter color after. I’m sorry I look particularly yellow, it’s just the lighting and the new cam cam. Sheer coverage, eh?

Quick Tip: To match my skin, I like to apply the bb cream on my neck and decolletage as well if it really doesn’t match.

And there you have it! The BB cream really does have sheer coverage and has a sticky after-feel after I apply the bb cream on.

Overall Review:

Overall, it’s a pretty decent buy. It’s not absolutely spectacular but I like how it gives me a subtle glow when I apply the bb cream. After using it for about a month, I did not see any improved skincare benefits to my skin – no whitening, no pore minimizing, my skin stayed the same with breakouts every now and then but that was probably hormonal more than anything. I don’t think that this bb cream lasts long. I’ve worn it in Singapore and it would wear off very fast. I would also not recommend this for anyone with acne scars that they would like to cover as the coverage is sheer when spread out and will eventually fade come midday. I found it very nice and easy to blend, with a natural finish and glow!
I hoped you liked this review!
What’s your favourite bb cream?
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