Top 5 Tips to Build Your Own Makeup Collection for Beginners

Hey Everyone!
Like all of us, when I first started watching youtube videos, I was kind of lost in cyberworld. It was prom and my mom wasn’t going to dish out eighty bucks at Bobbi Brown so I could get my makeup done. So, I looked for a tutorial online and soon my makeup craze soon bubbled and boiled until it grew to what it is now. I have to say that when I first landed my eyes on youtube, I was quite intimidated. People were using products that I didn’t have and I didn’t know where to get. Urban Decay, MAC, Benefit? But Benefit was like fifty bucks for one product, how was I to afford that with my high school pocket money? Furthermore, the collections of the makeup gurus online were so big, was I to have as big a collection as well? I was confused, stunted and most of all, kind of intimidated. If you currently feel the same way, here are my top 5 tips to building your makeup collection if you are a begginner. If you have a collection going, I urge you to simply reminisce.
1. Don’t be intimidated by massive collections
Don’t be afraid of these collections that you see on Youtube or on blogs. Those collections took ages to collect and no one in their right mind would have gotten every single thing at one go, well the majority of us anyway. If you’re an avid collector, you kind of look for products that you know you want and then go out and find them when you’re out. It’s a slow process and just like any “journey” it takes steps to incur.
2. Start Low, End High
I get relevant questions to this point every now and then from a begginners aiming to get their first foundation or their first blush or powder. They always ask me what should I start with, what foundation is good for me and where they should get it. My answer is usually that it really depends. With each makeup product, say foundation, comes many different varieties of the product. You might be a liquid foundation girl, a powder foundation girl or a cream foundation girl. But, wouldn’t it absolutely suck if you bought that 50 dollar liquid foundation from MAC and you discover that you’re actually a powder foundation girl? My tip is to simply start low and end high. If you are an absolutely begginner and there is no problem with that, experiment with the different kinds at a low priced avenue like the drugstore first and once you know what you like, experiment with higher end products. That way your wallet doesn’t lose as much money and you can get the momentum going to building your own collection, if necessary.
3. Get Organised
A lot of makeup enthusiasts when they first start out, don’t know where to put the makeup. Do I put it scattered in my vanity table or all in one bag? I say you should get stackable drawers and catergorise and organise your makeup. It really helps to quicken the process of your morning makeup routine if you know where everything is. I have stackable drawers and one drawer is for eyes, for face, for lips, for blushes etc and my brushes are standing up in a brush holder. In the morning I sit down and I’m like octopus mom and I just take the makeup and get everything done in just 10 minutes.
4. Do your Research
I always get mad at myself when I commit to an impulse purchase. I didn’t even need that new blush anyway! That’s why my advice to you is to always do your research first and stop impulse purchasing. That way, each and every item in your collection is like a treasured find, not a mass collection getting dusty if you know what I mean. Say you want the Nars Blush in Deep Throat. Find out what other people are thinking about it, whether it’s on other blogs, youtube channels or even makeup alley. Make informed decisions and that way you stop spending so much and start loving your collection even more.
5. Look at Trouble Spots and Start from There
If you have no idea what to get and you’re starting from zero, start at your trouble spots. If there’s something that you want to fix or make better, start with that. For example, if you have prom coming up and you have a zit outta nowhere, get a concealer, or even start with the basics of foundation and powder. Don’t worry about every single color of eyeshadow you can lay your paws on just yet or the whole range from clinique, start with trouble spots and then find out what you need from there!
Hope you liked it!
Do you have any tips for begginers?
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  • beautyprincess

    Great post and great tips! I TOTALLY agree with you πŸ™‚

  • beautyprincess

    And can’t wait for the new πŸ™‚ All the best!

  • roseannetangrs

    thanks beautyprincess!

  • Bun Bun Makeup Tips

    This is useful for anyone! Hey how about showing us a sneak peek of your new .com? =)

  • Princess Jae

    These are really great tips ! Thanks Roseanne !

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    I wanted to say this blog is kinda awesome. I always like to learn something new about this because I have the similar blog in my Country on this subject so this help’s me a lot. I did a search on the issue and found a good number of blogs but nothing like this.Thanks for writing so much in your blog..

  • roseannetangrs

    thanks everyone and bun bun makeup tips, I’ll let you know xx

  • brittanyN

    how about guest blogging for the new up and coming beauty blogs trying to make a name for themselves?

  • Megan

    This really helped me. Because basically I am 11 years old fair skin, blues eyes, and blonde hair. My mom said that I could get my first makeup piece. And I didn’t know where to start. Since I haven’t started going through puberty yet, i don’t have any pimples. And I don’t uneven skin. I am really interested in eye shadow and lip butters. But I don’t exactly like my eyebrows. And I don’t know what makeup would be too much to wear. Not alot of my friends where makeup. So I don’t know what I should start out with. All the makeup drugstore websites like cover girl and all that stuff say that blue looks better with blue eyes but I like purples and warm pinks more. Do you think that i should start with and eyebrow pencil or eye shadow? If eye shadow, i think i want to get a palette that has neutral colors and purples and warm pinks. Do you have any that you would recommend? And what did you start with? lips? face? eyes? Please answer my questions. Thanks a bunch!

    • roseannetangrs (author)

      Hey Megan! I started with just lip gloss and eye-liner πŸ™‚ then I graduated to mascara and only started eyeshadows much later πŸ™‚ Start with some lip gloss first and gradually get more. πŸ™‚

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