Shiseido Beauty Scene Investigation Event! Who Killed the Competition?

Hey Everyone,
A while back on my Facebook page, I posted up a picture of this:

Yep, handcuff invites to an event hosted by Shiseido. It was their Beauty Scene Investigation event and among others, I was invited to attend a night full of suspense, murder and suspicion. Well, not really.

I unfortunately arrived at the office ten minutes late (Blame the late bus) so I had to wait a while to catch the next train of bloggers and a tour around a very appreciated effort filled plot to showcase that Shiseido group products including those from ZA, Majolica Majorca and Tsubaki to name a few survived the competition. It basically meant that from the Watsons awards, these products won awards and the competition didn’t. A playful way to state things but they even created an imaginary country called the beauty county with areas comprising of cute names like Mascara Lane. Here is the wonderful intern, ROSEANNE, showing us the map. I have not met in my life another person by the name of Roseanne so it was so cool! She hasn’t either.

Look at all those clues. I took it pretty seriously, I thought I had to solve a murder mystery. But, turns out that I didn’t after all!

We were then led into one of their meeting rooms turned beauty county where we saw the areas taken place and a very realistic depiction of all the crime that had been happening. The murderers were the humidity, bad weather, toxic atmosphere and the only survivors were the Shiseido products. Who would have guessed!

And Ta-Da, we have the survivors. Look at them, all glowingly happy.

Basically the event showcased the main products that were winners of the Cleo Beauty Hall of Fame in 2011, Watsons Health Wellness and Beauty Awards and the Women’s Weekly Best Beauty Buys!
1. No. 1 Foundation – ZA Skin Beauty 2 Way Foundation
I’ve actually always wanted to try this out. It’s a powder packed with hyaluronic acid and contains Vitamin E & Minerals to nourish the skin and plus it’s SPF20 which is probably why it didn’t get killed by the evil Mr. Sun. Alright, I’m not very good at this am I? Point is, I’ve been totally eyeing this product for a while so thanks Shiseido for including it in the bag. If you don’t know yet, Shiseido owns all these brands – ZA, Tsubaki, Majolica Majorca  and Aqualabel!
2. No. 1 Whitening Foundation – ZA True White Plus 2 Way Foundation
Another powder foundation swept on with a sponge. It’s compact makes it easy to carry around plus it’s a lightweight product that is just like its 2 way foundation sista, except it also has a whitening C ingredient!
3. No. 1 Concealer –  ZA Concealer Perfection
This has been one of my first concealers I ever purchased back a while back when I was a noob at makeup. I really liked it actually but we’ll see if my critical eye can put it to the test again in the future. I look forward to doing a proper review of this! It has a unique stay put formula with vitamin oil and it corrects uneven skin tones, minimizes the visibility of scars and pores and blends easily – all the tasks a good concealer should do!
4. No. 1 Selling Eyebrow Pencil – ZA Everbrow:
I haven’t tried this yet, nor am I an avid fan of eyebrow pencils but hey, who knows, I could like it. It apparently has great control of color density and requires no sharpening which is like awesome because I hate sharpening pencils. It also has a balanced formula of a non-sticky oil, pigment and wax. I have to say that soft eye-brow pencils are horrible. They need to be hard and dusty enough but still draw quite a nice pigmented line.
5. Best Selling Eyeliner – Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner
I’ve seriously always wanted to try something from Majolica Majorca. That whole spider, witch, don’t you dare go into the witch’s gingerbread house or you’ll get eaten by a spider scene is actually weirdly appealing. A lot better than those girly Korean boys promoting Holika Holika right? Sorry if I offended anyone, just a personal preference to more manly men. This one in particular is a felt tip with soft pointed bristles and its sweat, sebum and tears resistant. Hey, I could use that. Hmm, it has a sublte perlescent finish. I don’t know if I’d like that for a daily liner but we’ll have to check it out!
6. Best Selling Lengthening Mascara – Majolica Majorca Lash Beautifying Mascara Frame Plus
This is the baby that I’ve wanted to get my hands on for a while. I heard it does magical things. I’ve tried it a few times and it’s actually a pretty awesome mascara! It does have lenghtening power and it does keep a nice curl as well while adding a tinge of volume. Me like. Saya Suka. Wo xi huan. Whichever language you prefer, it’s pretty good thus far. It’s interesting though because the wand looks more like a moon with spokes more than a general mascara wand but I guess hey, if it works, it works.
7. Best Selling Quad Eyeshadow – Majolica Majorca Jewelling Eyes
I haven’t gotten to using this yet, but I can’t wait. I love quads. Apparently this one transforms your eyelids into jewels with a mixture of transluscent pearls of diverse sizes that glitter from every angle. Yeah, that came from the press release. We’ll have to see in a future review.
8. Best Selling Whitening Cleanser – Aqualabel White Clear Foam
I haven’t tried this yet, I’m on Avalon Organics range right now. Oh, the life of a beauty blogger, jumping skincare lines like a fleeting moment. The characteristics of this cleanser is that it instantly illuminates skin, releases hyaluronic acid into the skin while cleansing (wow this HA is really going into everything. I hope people don’t start eating it like they eat collagen. JK). It also forms a luxurious texture and rich foam.
9. Best Damage Care Range – Tsubaki Damage Care Range
Heard about the Tsubaki range and heard it was fantastic. This one is supposed to make your hair beautiful, shiny, radiant and it will also repair damaged and brittle hairs for that hair flip that boy in class will never forget.
All in all, the event was pretty fun! Especially catching up with some onsugar girls!

with a demo inbetween meals for us at Empire State located at Illuma

and the chance to meet some other cool bloggers!

and the staff at Shiseido!

Thanks for the invite!
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