Review: Benefit Silky Finish Lipstick – Raisin' Cane

Hey Everyone!
Having a schmexy dark lipstick in your collection can really amp things up, or shall I say “vamp” things up. Although I do need to work on the puns,  I do like Benefit products and one product I absolutely love are their lipsticks. Smooth, silky and very pigemented, these lipsticks for sure pack a punch when it comes to putting on a bold lip. Let’s take a closer look at their Silky Finish Lipsticks!
Benefit Silky Finish Lipsticks come in a sleek black metal tube. It’s like lipstick in a can. Lightweight, simple, there’s not much else to say about the packaging except to stare blankly at its no friills design. The lipstick is also tubular shaped meaning it doesn’t have that pointed slanted tip that most lipsticks are known for. Sometimes it gets tough around your cupids bow but other than that, there’s not much to yay or nay at these tubes of awesomeness.

So, What are the Claims?
“Our flattering silky-finish lipsticks are sheer and buildable, so you can customize your look: a light wash of color for au natural gals or an amped-up POP of color for the drama queen in you!”- Benefit Cosmetics
“This innovative formula slides on silky smooth for the softest, sexiest lips ever. Sheer coverage with buildable color – wear as little or as much as you like. Lipstick glides on effortlessly with the slant tip for flawless, even coverage,” – Sephora
1. Buildable Color
2. Silky Smooth
3. Flawless, Even Coverage
You know the deal.
How’s the Pigmentation – Buildable Color?
Very much so. I would say these lipsticks are really pigmented but I’m sure that depends on whether the color is a dark or light wash. Nevertheless, one swatch of the lipstick on the back of my hand produces the color shown below. The color is buildable but I wouldn’t know why you would do that as the pigmentation is already so bold.

Silky Smooth Finish:
Yes, it has super smooth glide-on power that it almost glides over fine lines perfectly. The great part is that it doesn’t feel heavy which some creamy lipsticks like the YSL Rougue Volupte tend to lean on. This color is a frost finish hence the nice wet looking sheen to the lips, almost as if I applied a good lipgloss.

Flawless Even Coverage:
Amen to that! This lipstick makes you just want to smack your lips together but the lines are barely visible with this. It has a very nice light creamy finish. However, the lipstick doesn’t last very long. It lasts about 1 – 2 hours max before reapplication has to occur. That’s about the only fault though! I would say that the best way to apply this product is by adding some of the product on your finger tips and apply then applying the color on your lips with your fingers. This ensures that you get to every nook and cranny there is.

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Summary: Most people love the finishes of these lipsticks, but the staying power is limited. I agree!
And there we have it! A sweet ending to an awesome lipstick but do beware if you’re not up to reapply throughout the day.
Have you tried the Benefit Silky Finish, what’s your favourite product from Benefit?


  • grace poon

    looks really nice on you! will you say it’s comparable to the clinique’s almost lipstick in black honey? or is black honey an even darker red? and what eye shadow color theme would you suggest for wearing red/darker red lip color?
    thanks a lot! i think i’m addicted to your blog and videos lol you are so funny and informative =)) BEST MAKEUP BLOG EVER! WOAH!

  • roseannetangrs

    Thanks Grace!! 🙂 That’s very sweet of you to say! 🙂
    As for the color, I think the Rasin cane has more of a “wet” sheen to it and is much more vivid than the Clinque’s black honey although black honey looks like yes, more of a darker red. Best for these colors? Keep eyes simple, neutral and plain either with a sheer-ish wash like the look I did above or a skin toned base and a winged tip liner to go for that burlesque look! Thanks Grace for your support!

  • onion poon

    wow that’s a really fast reply! thanks! btw, i’m grace lol

  • yumemisakai

    this colour is gorgeous! its very flattering and elegant on you (:

  • roseannetangrs

    thanks dear!

  • icyabstract

    That lipstick shade looks very flattering on you! It’s like a deep berry but almost brown, lovely!

  • roseannetangrs

    thanks dear! 🙂

  • MaddyMadeline

    I have one of these lipsticks too in the colour lady’s choice. Love the consistency and creaminess of these lipsticks, I always reach out for mine when my lips are dry. Oh using lip liner or blotting off the first layer will make the lipstick last longer! 🙂

  • oliviachann

    This lipstick looks gorgeous on you ! 🙂 I’m so so jealous hehe
    ^ be sure to follow ! there will be a giveaway @ 100 followers <3

  • onion poon

    LOVE THE NEW LOOK OF YOUR BLOG BANNER! and i’m anxious about the moving too lol feels like I myself is moving homes

  • roseannetangrs

    Thanks Olivia!
    and Onion Poon – thanks dear! anxious too about the move!

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