We Be Haulin' – Swap with Eliza!

Hey Everyone!
I’m finally back in Singapore which means that I’m back to my default state – being a blogger. About a month ago, I did a swap with the lovely Eliza who runs a blog herself – (www.beautyjunkie.onsugar.com), you should totally check her out and tell her I said hello! This is exciting stuff. My first ever swap and when I opened Eliza’s package, I was taken a back! I love every single thing! I initially met Eliza on twitter and I met up with her on my last holiday back to Singapore when we decided to do a makeup swap! Let’s open the box and see what’s inside!
Yeah I know, so pai-seh!Β Β So much stuff and it’s amazing!

I love the pink colored and sparkling confetti!

Eliza was kind enough to include nailpolishes – by Anna Sui (which I haven’t tried out but I do like the rose smell that most Anna Sui products have), China Glaze in a pretty brown in Ingrid) and a Nyx Black Lipstick in Sweet Prawn. The lipstick is suprisingly pigmented and quite a beautiful bold pink, reminds me of my logo!

As we move on, we come across a beautiful wheat colored Anna Sui shadow and the current love of my life thanks to Eliza, the Wet N Wild Color Icon Palette! Later in this post, I’ll be giving a more in depth view of this baby because I’m in love! I’ve always wanted to try the Rimmel Natural Bronzer and now I can. The pigmentation is alright but it does a pretty good job at an affordable price. A scrummy japanese mango lip balm and a cure makeup remover sample!

I also received 2 Sally Hansen nailpolises and at just the perfect time because I was just about to go out and get a new base and top coat! Thank you so much! I’ve tried both and loved them! The Sasa Black Caviar masks also take your chin area into account and you have to actually wrap the masks around your ears so it covers basically everything! It’s super soothing after a long day! The Kimmidoll Jr. is also so cute!!

Everyone knows that I’m pretty much a sucker for chocolate mint (and orange chocolate) so this hand santizer that smells just like chooclate mint is delish! You can only get Bath and Body works in the states and I used to love the store because they often have quite a few sales and their stuff smells amazing. I highly recommend their Sweet Pea, Melon Cucumber and Vanilla brown sugar body mists. Reminds me of middle school, everyone had a bottle after P.E.

Eliza, you’r right hunny. Whereever you got this detergent stuff, I have to get more before I go back to Australia. It looks like its from Daiso actually! It’s just 2 bucks I believe! I washed all my brushes with them (even if it’s supposed to be for your sponges) and it takes everything off like a dream! I absolutely love it! Eliza, where did you get it? I have to get more!

But of course, as promised, here is a more in-depth view into the Wet n’ Wild Color Icon palette in comfort zone. It comes with two color variations, a smokey green and a neutral brown. Beautiful colors with the deifners having quite a complex sheen to them.

I love how the palette is nicely labelled. You can’t really go wrong, although, for asian eyes, remember to concentrate the color on your lower lid working upwards.

Just touching the color gives you more than decent color payoff. I have to say that these shadows are soft, smooth and probably one of the best I’ve laid my hands on.

One swipe and the deal is done!

But look at that, beautifully bold!

The palette also teaches you how to do some decent color combinations for begginners but I will probably be doing a review of this to show you the combinations on yours truly!

I hope you liked this haul! Thank you so so so much Eliza for everything that you have given me! I love it all

Much Love,



  • jennifer Huang

    Cute haul/swap! ^^~
    Love the China Glaze nail polish colour & the wet’n’wild palette – that is some seriously amazing pigmentation :O is it long-wearing as well?

  • roseannetangrs

    thanks hun! it’s not as long wearing i think but it goes on like a dream!!

  • elizaheartsmakeup

    Welcome dear!! I am so glad you liked everything! :)))) Yes the cleaner was from Diaso! $2 & works like a dream! <3

  • roseannetangrs

    I’m totally getting more! thanks for everything dear!

  • Bun Bun Makeup Tips

    I wanna try out the detergent from Daiso! Sounds amazing! May I ask did you get the Wet N Wild palette in Singapore? Where?!

  • cherrycherryau

    Give it a try. I use the same detergent to wash all my brushes. Especially the liquid foundation brush, it works really well. After a few washes, it cleaned up all the old stain, just like a new one.
    I recently got a few NYX lipsticks. hmmmmm…….the smell is so funny like the soapy smell.

  • yumemisakai

    the wet n wild palette looks amazing, wish they sold those in thailand ):

  • roseannetangrs

    @bunbun Got it from the Swap! Not sure where Eliza got it actually!
    @cherrycherryau: I washed my brushes with it and it is spectacular! the one i have smells like grape soda :p
    @yumemisakai: aww! i wish those palettes were sold in Singapore!

  • elizaheartsmakeup

    @bunbun I got my friend from the states to send it to me πŸ˜€

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