Review: YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in Beige Ultime – Best Winter Lipstick

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After about more than a month of studying for exams, I am now taking the exams so I haven’t been able to dedicate myself fully to the YouTube department just yet. I hope you don’t mind the influx of more general beauty basic posts as well as my current lipstick frenzy. Cool stuff will follow once I finish these dreaded papers. *Faints*. Next time, I want all my exams in one week. I had my running shoes on at the start of exam season, but now I’m just crawling through.
On a lighter note, thanks to my previous looks of the day on my Facebook page (, I’ve been getting a few questions about the lipstick that I’ve been sporting day in and day out this winter. We’ve all heard of it I’m sure – it’s the much loved, talked about and beautiful YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick. The gem I own is in Beige Ultime and today I’ll be doing my review of it.
This is generally one of my best winter lipsticks because of it’s consistency. However what really sets it apart is the packaging of the lipstick. It’s gold, for one, semi-vintage, sturdy and has a mirror placed on top of the case for easier application. The beautiful YSL detailing around it’s girth makes the parcel certainly more luxurious than its other counterparts. It also does not have that signature slanted tear drop shape and instead is more of a slanted cylinder cut to perfection, which isn’t anything to fuss about but may be a bit of a problem when navigating one’s cupid bow. In the casing department, it certainly is proud-to-whip-out-in-the-bathroom worthy.

But beauty shouldn’t always be skin-deep. Let’s take a look at the formula of the lipstick. First, here is what Yves St. Laurent says about it which we will then use to see if those claims apply.
YSL says:
“An object of desire, this award-winning lipstick is wrapped in a romantic, elegant gold case that exudes luxury. Each signature shade saturates lips in captivating color that’s intensely pigmented, and imparts an irresistible glossy shine. The long-lasting, comforting formula is highlighted with a unique Color-shine Complex that leaves lips visibly smoother, plumper and more radiant. Light, silky texture smoothes on a veil of satiny, sensual color that’s altogether alluring . Companion mirror on top of case ensures easy application any time. SPF 15.”
So you’re talking:
1. Intense PIgmentation
2. Glossy Shine
3. Smoother, Plumper and more Radiant Lips
4. Light, Silky Texture
Alright, Let’s do this!
Intense Pigmentation, you say? – 5/5
Ladies, this is one of the most pigmented lipsticks I have ever tried. If you are looking for bold and pigmented lips, this can very well acheive that for you. One swipe of the product as shown below really does give a brilliant color payoff so in terms of intese pigmentation, YSL is absolutley correct.

What about Glossy Shine? – 5/5
Yes, the YSL lipstick really does give a glossy shine. I did not put anything over it in this picture, it is straight up lipstick. It’s a very smooth formula straight from the tube and gives the feeling of a more creamy lipstick and is not sticky whatsoever. Put butter on your lips and it is a very similar fomula (not that I have ever tried, haha.)

Radiant, More Plump lips? – 4/5
I would say that the glossy sheen does make my lips look more full and more plump. However, there are no plumping agents in the lipstick as I do not feel that tingly feeling that most lip plumpers come with. It would simply be an illusion but even then, I don’t see a dramatic increase in pumping action.

And…Light, Silky Texuture? – 5/5….but….a Little too much?
Probably one of the smoothest formulas, ever. The lipstick is very creamy, it’s like whipped butter, but with that comes the characteristic of being a little too thick in my opinion. It’s a heavy lipstick with a heavy formula and although the buttery softness is a welcome feeling, if i apply the lipstick straight from the tube, a little too much of the lipstick will be applied onto the lips. You can feel the heaviness compared to other lipsticks and personally, I do not like that. Instead when applying this lipstick, I sometimes like to use my fingers first and get a little bit of the lipstick to then apply the product onto my lips with my fingers. It doesn’t feel heavy that way but I still get that excellent color payoff with the smoothness of the texture.
Overall – very smooth, creamy, buttery…and a little bit too heavy.
To sum it up, the YSL lipstick has excellent pigmentation, is incased in a beautiful gold enclosure, has great shine but can be too heavy for my liking. The lipstick also comes with a strong scent that smells like….well, it’s hard to explain. A more fruity sweet smell. It’s strong and noticeable so if you aren’t up for scented makeup items, then you might want to reconsider.
It’s one of my winter favourites for it’s texture because the climate tends to be drying so this is perfect moisturisation to suit the chilly weather.

What’s your favourite winter lipstick?



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