The Coolest Make-Up Advertisements, Ever.

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We’ve all been swept away by the power of advertising – whether the world is trying to sell us pillows in place of mascaras. I’ve always been a fan of analysing, browsing and looking at print to tv ads and because I have a gigantic passion in make-up, I thought it would be cool to do a post on the coolest makeup ads I’ve seen by far. In this unconventional post, I will be keying out a few worthy and unique makeup campaigns that will be sure to have you putting on those running shoes to visit the nearest store.

1. Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick:

Watch this!

*If you can’t see the video, click your re-fresh button! If not, here’s the URL!Β

This ad brings seducing men to a whole new level. I think it’s cool because it’s artsy, unique in its way that it doesn’t shout out the product on a celebrity or model, but brings in ideas of power and well, seduction. The music brings a mysterious flare to the lipstick and the pigmentation on that lady is amazing. I just love the artsy feel to it!

2. DOVE Real Beauty Campaign:

You’re probably wondering, Roseanne, why are you posting up a picture of a group of ladies in their undies?! Well, it’s Dove’s advertising campaign to celebrate real women. I do really admire Dove’s efforts to promote a self appretiation and respect for your body. I’m honestly sick and tired of everyone trying to lose weight when they are already stick thin, drives me nuts when they pinch their non-existant fat. I much more appreciate a healthy and happy body because I don’t believe that you can’t be truly beautiful without feeling beautiful inside.

Enough with the supermodels, time to turn on the spotlight for people like ordinary people like you and me. Amen.

3. Makeup Forever HD Foundation – The First Untouched Makeup Ad?

Yep! You heard me correctly, Makeup Forever supposedly didn’t use photoshop to correct this advertisement. We always hear horror stories of how companies mould and correct faces for their advertsising but I have to say after finishing a bottle of HD, this is pretty much what it looks like on real skin. Kudos to Makeup Forever. It helps that she looks like Kesha right? Wait, is that Kesha?

4. Bobbi Brown Pretty & Poweful Campaign

This Campaign is such a wonderful one. I can’t explain enough. It uses real women but it’s thoroughly inspiring and I love Bobbi Brown for it, no matter how over priced their products can be. “The concept of beauty – confidence, natural-ness, a good smile, authenticity and happiness, a kind heart. The most beautiful people I know have the most beautiful souls. If you feel fresh, you can do anything”.

5. Favourite Pretty Women Ads: Dior Nude Foundation, Chanel Spring 2011 and Kate Hudson for Almay

There are always advertisements that will always catch your eye, or have just leveraged just the right amount of secondary associations from celebrities.

For starters, theΒ Dior Nude Skin Foundation adΒ has always caught my eye:

I wish I looked like that. πŸ™

Chanel Spring 2011 Collection:

This look made me want that $99 palette so badly.

Absolutely gorgeous. Remind me to put this in my must do tutorials box!

Kate Hudson for Almay

She’s so beautiful. I love Kate Hudson!

The making of the ad:

6. Vintage Makeup Ads

I always find Vintage – anything pretty interesting,Β Seventeen Makeup Anyone?

Why of course it reveals your personality:

Maybelline is for sure sensibly priced!

So I hoped you like this post! This was kindly sponsored byΒ Estee Lauder.

I can’t believe I’ll be in Singapore next week, June 24th! Keep an eye out for me!

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