Review: Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in Super for Hot Pink Lips!

Hey Everyone,
There is always that one lipstick in your collection that makes you feel powerful. For me, it’s a lipstick that I’ve always cradled and that is the Chanel Rouge Allure in Super. The Chanel Rouge Allure lipsticks are my ultimate favourite lipsticks. They are smooth on the lips but they feel light enough to be worn everyday. They do not carry a heavy scent yet their pigmentation is for sure something to yell loud and proud for. In fact, I like comparing them to being on Cloud 9. Little do we know that if you are a black haired beau, hot pink lipsticks will look great on you so read on!
The Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick is supposedly:
An instant icon, this luxurious lipstick formula combines lustrous coloursensational comfort and fabulous wear. Purely CHANEL: the subtly etched, world-renowned logo, and an elegant click-open case that provides a most glamorous effect when applying colour.” We’ll see if the claims hold.
Packaging: This is for sure a lipstick you want to be showing off in the ladies restroom. Whip it out and like a scene in a movie, eyes will turn and zone in on this beautiful and sleek packaging. It’s simple, black and classic Chanel that’s not too showy nor understatedly cheap. Of course, what would you expect? It is Chanel.

However, the star of the show has to be this pop up mechanism. The gold chanel top is actually a button. Simply push in the golden logo and out comes the lipstick for easy handling. It’s graceful and stylish.

Pigmentation: Chanel Rouge Allure lipsticks are highly pigmented and I love them because they don’t feel heavy on the lips. Super in particular is a hot pink color that is well super vibrant. The lipsticks have a sheen but for sure nothing too dramatic. As the claim says lustrous color, I must say that I for sure have to agree.

Texture:  Smooth, semi-moisturising and not heavy. When it dries, it dries to a semi-stain so you don’t end up with lipstick clumps at the end of the day. On the lips, they help give shine, gloss and pigmentation! So yes, it does have sensational comfort and fabulous wear.

Beauty Tip: Think Super is too hot for you? Not to worry, a tip I like to live by is to simply pat lightly the lipstick onto the lips which will give a “just bitten” look while adding vibrancy and life to your lips and to the rest of your face. That’s how I turn Super into an everyday lip color!

Lasting power: 2 – 4 Hours. Not bad.
Final Verdict? Lovely. 5/5. Worth the price? Yes. I know they are pricey but try to get them duty free and you will not regret it. It’s my all time favourite lipstick. Sometimes I feel that some lipsticks offer a very smooth formula but feel to heavy, while others are just the opposite. Like Goldilocks having the little bear’s porridge, this lipstick is not too heavy, not too light but just right.