Back to Basics: All You Need to Know About BB Creams (Skin79 vs. Rachel K)

Hey Everyone,

After my recent video on how to apply BB Creams, I had a few queries on what exactly these makeup products are. For anyone who ever wondered what a BB cream is without the image of a 4 year old with a BB gun popping in mind, I thought this Back to Basics post would be quite helpful. Today, you’ll be reading my ultimate guide to BB creams – where they came from, how they made it so big, and why they’re different to foundations. I’ll also be comparing the bb creams I have in my collection to see how they vary in finishes, texture and color.
Let’s get ready to cram some BB knowledge.

Using the Rachel K CC Blemish Balm in this photo ^^
Where did BB Creams come from?
Despite being an Asian phenomenon, BB Creams were actually formulated and started in Germany. It was initially created to help laser surgery patients protect, smoothe and refine sensitive skin while providing coverage for any post laser scars or blemishes. I’m sure you’re a fan or know somebody whos a fan of Korean dramas. Well, word got out that the actresses were using BB creams for the skin-like finish and soon, everyone wanted a BB cream too. From Korea to Japan to now all over Asia, the BB Cream phenomenon is spreading fast.
What are BB Creams Supposed to do?
BB Creams are a multifaceted product. They can act as a makeup base, makeup primer, foundation and even have enough skincare benefits to act as a skincare product. Most BB creams have light to light medium coverage but when applied correctly, can offer just as much coverage as a regular mineral foundation. However, they are also known for their limited color ranges – usually available in fair shades which may not suit skintones above an NC30. Although they claim to color correct, most people who don’t have skintones to suit BB creams will walk around with white faces. Depending on the BB Cream, most BB creams whiten, moisturise, nourish and perfect skin. They usually have UV blocking properties as well and aim to improve the sight of wrinkles.
How Do I apply BB Creams?
Contrary to popular belief, I feel the best way to apply BB creams is with your own clean fingers. Simply take some of the BB cream onto the back of your hand, smear it out with three fingers put together and pat gently onto the face in quick stippling motion. Then spread over with hands. If that doesn’t work for you, the no brainer method is to dot your face lightly with the bb cream then stipple them so that your skin absorbs it evenly. You can refer to my tutorial for more!

What are key ingredients in BB Creams?
BB creams have a mixture of skincare and makeup properties. The ingredients really do vary on the particular BB cream because different BB creams emphasize different skincare properties and to get those properties, will use different ingredients. Most have Titanium Dioxide, a key ingredent in blocking UV rays, and a combination of helpful ingredients like Arbutin for whitening, a mixture of vitamins and minerals, and hyaluronic acid, a key ingredient for moisturisation.
Time to Compare:
With the key info in your tool kits, I’ll be comparing the three big size BB creams I have in my own collection and give a mini review of each. At the end, I’ll tell you about my absolute favourite one that you probably know already because I can’t obviously stop talking about it!
The three BB Creams that I’ll be comparing are the Rachel K CC BB Cream, Skin79 VIP Gold Collection Super+ and the SKIN79 BB Diamond BB cream.
As you can see already, the three BB creams vary in shade and consistency. Although catered for oilier skintones the BB Diamond BB cream is the most watery of all, while the remaining two have good consistencies although I feel that the SKIN79 VIP Gold Collection can be a little too thick for my combination skin and appears as you can see, quite gray.

Oo, the Tissue Test!
I feel soft white tissues can help you see the differences in color. Note that I’m making a reference to color simply because they only provide one shade, each of these BB creams only provide one shade. I know, I also feel like they really need to work on that.

Skin79 VIP Gold Collection Super+ BB Cream has dull and gray undertones and has a cake icing texture. I don’t know what they were thinking abut the color of this BB cream.

Skin79 BB Diamond BB Cream has a good yellow undertone to the BB cream and I feel that it has the best color mathching potential than the rest of the other BB creams but is a little too watery and may leave an oil slick finish. A pointer when you’re testing these at the store.

The Rachel K CC BB Cream has a very flesh tone, almost a pale salmon undertone. It’s great for people who need to brighten complexions as this does a very nice job. However, will not do well with skintones above an NC30 unless you use a darker face powder to set the BB cream as I do.

Blending them out will give an even better idea of the finishes of these products. The Skin79 BB Diamond looks like it’s all over the place. You can tell I don’t like this one very much already haha.

Once absorbed into the skin, the Rachel K CC BB Cream turns out the best with a matte finish while the Skin79 Diamond BB cream has a very glowy finish that may be okay for dry skintypes but not so great for oily/combination skin. It’s funny how this is geared for more oily skintypes as said by Skin79 though.

Having a little idea of each, let’s go a little deeper and embark on some mini reviews.
1. Skin79 VIP Gold Collection Super+ BB Cream
The Skin79 VIP Gold Collection Super+ BB Cream is supposed to do three things – whiten, improve or dimish fine lines, has UV rays and has Gold and Caviar extract to nourish the skin. The bottle is so cute! It reminds me of Star Wars robot thing. I forgot the name. Anyway, it comes in a good size pump bottle.
FAQ: Why Does Skin 79 use the term “Beblesh Balm” instead of “Blemish Balm” when reffering to BB Creams?
That’s just a marketing gimmick to differentiate themselves from the market. It’s the same thing, just a different name. Skin79 just wanted to make themselves a little different by calling it a different name.

The texture of the BB cream is very thick, very smooth, and very creamy. Almost like cake icing as I like to call it. In this case however, consistency is certainly not a determinant for coverage.

To apply the BB cream, as you should with all BB creams, dot the cream on the areas of your face then use your hands to stipple or pat the BB cream until fully absorbed. This provides for a more even finish and less of a ghost like finish.

As you can see, after the BB cream is fully absorbed into the skin, the finish isn’t too bad. It doesn’t provide much coverage despite the very creamy consistency which can go both ways. Personally, I don’t really like to use this BB cream too much because I can feel it on my skin. It provides me much less coverage than a liquid foundation but feels the same on my skin. So, really, there’s no point for me unless I factor in skincare benefits. I’m not really a fan honestly of the gray undertones but it doesn’t show up too much once blended out. It’s a good finish I must say, but I can feel it on my skin. If you have dry skin and you are looking for a BB cream, this is for sure a BB cream you could try.

2. Skin79 BB Diamond BB Cream
The Skin79 BB Diamond BB Cream aims to improve wrinkles, whiten and UV protect as well. It contains Adenosine and Arbutin ingredients for whitening, wrinkles and the cultivation of more bright and elastic skin. The BB cream also contains diamond powder, jewel complex, powder of ruby, amethyst and pearl for more radiance. The Diamond BB cream comes in a cute and tall pink bottle!

When pumped out, the texture of this BB Cream is quite runny and light.

When applied onto the skin, it gives quite an oily finish. A glow is one thing, but it’s not a muted glow, it’s a bit greasy.

Sorry, I don’t like this BB Cream at all. Period. The glow is not flattering at all.

3. Rachel K Color Control Blemish Balm Cream
The Rachel K Color Control Blemish Balm Cream is said to whiten, nourish, improve wrinkles and moisturise. It also has UV protection, collagen, is waterproof and has White Tea extracts, Aloe leaf, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Lecithin, Vitamin C & E as well as Hyaluronic acid for moisurisation. It brightens the skin with a semi matte to matte finish and covers redness.
FAQ: What is the differenced between a CC cream and a BB Cream?
A CC Cream falls into the catergory of a BB Cream product. A CC cream is different though in that it is claimed to be a much more refined and improved version of the regular BB creams because it claims to have even more nourshing ingredients while being able to brighten complexions with more coverage than regular BB creams.

When squeezed out of the tube, the Rachel K CC BB Cream is a pale salmon color. It has a good consistency, not too thick and not too runny.

When you first pat the cream onto the face, it may appear a little too pale. You can also see that it has great coverage while providing just a subtle glow.

I like this one a lot. It doesn’t make me too oily and it doesn’t make me too matte. It’s able to brighten my complexion as you can see more than the ones previously mentioned and the best part is that I don’t even feel a thing. When I use my fingers to feel my face, it’s a very smooth feeling, I don’t feel the BB cream at all and it absorbs so nicely into the skin, it’s incredible!

FAQ: So, What’s my favourite BB Cream?
I think that’s a no-brainer here! It’s the Rachel K CC BB Cream. I’m not afraid to use it everyday and as previously reviewed, I love it because it looks like skin and feels like skin. It just needs to work on the color ranges which I do hear it’s working on to provide even darker colors after having an email conversation with them about it. I’m very happy with it and when applied correctly, it can give you great skin. That was a picture even before my powder and concealer. Because I don’t match the color *sad face* I use a darker color powder and it matches perfectly then with my neck.  As for the two Skin79 products, they need to work on their formula and colors. The gray undertone is not flattering and the finishes feel a little too greasy or thick. It’s a fine balance to find a good BB Cream!
I hope you found this post informative! I still want to try the Missha BB creams as well as the ones from L’egere and Liole!

What’s your favourite BB Cream?