Drugstore Pick Review: L'Oreal Color Riche Serum Lipstick (Luminous Amber)

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I’ve only started getting into the mood of wearing lipsticks and this is one lipstick that I have enjoyed using. I didn’t particularly buy this product, nor was it sent to me. It was part and parcel of a goodie bag from a L’Oreal beauty workshop I attended thanks to Meld Magazine. Nonetheless, I decided to do a review of my new everyday favourite.
The packaging looks like some extraterrestrial lipstick ready to be launched into space. It does look like a lipstick for older women:
What’s this lipstick particularly about?
L’Oreal boasts that it’s special mainly because of three things:
1. Brilliant Color
We’re talking about pigmentation here mainly.
2. Comfortable Texture that won’t bleed or flake
Color that says within the lines of your lips and doesn’t feel drying when applied.
3. Anti-Aging Serum – Collagen + Pro Xylate
Pro Xylate is skincare technology launched by Lancome and owned by L’Oreal that is a anti-aging molecule to help support the extra cellular matrix that helps cell shapes keep intact. It basically provides scaffolding on a cellular level so that lips stay plump and don’t sag.
If you’d like more information on Pro Xylate, you can read about it here: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/health/features/article690392.ece
Did you know that L’Oreal owns Maybelline, Lancome, Shu Ueumura, Kiehls, Giorgio Armani, YSL and even Biotherm and more? For a full list of brands, check it out here.
Collagen as you may already know also keeps cells firm and skin supple. It’s been highly questioned though whether eating collagen or applying collagen to the parts of your body has any effect. Nonetheless, pretty much everyone currently seems to be slathering collagen creams onto their bodies and ingesting collagen pills and shakes all in the name of beauty.
Let’s see if those three claims apply:
1. Brilliant Colour:
I have to say that these lipsticks have awesome colour payoff. They produce an intense colour after one sweep on the lips. It has a bit of shimmer but not too over the top that brings in a beautiful shine. I have this lipstick in luminous amber and it’s a beautiful bright almost orange/coral colour that looks amazing with the right blush. I’m very impressed with the colour payoff of these lipsticks and it’s probably the number one reason why I like them so much. It’s a flattering colour to boot.

2. Comfortable Texture:
Here is where it gets a bit iffy. When first applied, these lipsticks go on super smooth. It feels moisturising at first but as you wear them throughout the day, you feel a slight tingly dry sensation towards the inner sections of your lips. It feels dry and not that comfortable in those parts and in the corners of the mouth. Thus, I have to say that these lipsticks may dry a bit too well and not glide as smoothly as before when you rub your lips together after a few minutes. However, because I’m not looking at a Chanel lipstick here, I’m really not expecting that kind of quality. The smoothness is adequate for everyday and definitely adequate for the price tag.

3. Anti-Aging Benefits:
I really wish I could say something useful in this section. I do feel like my lips are a bit plumper, they may have put in a bit of that into the lipstick but when I take the lipstick off, they’re just about the same. I’ve seen no improvements in the look of my lips after a series of days using this particular lipstick. I can’t say anything really useful in this section I reckon.

And there we have it.
I like this lipstick for everyday wear, mainly because of the color and pigmentation. The texture is adequate for everyday wear but not something to have a standing ovation for. The lipstick also smells like vanilla and violet which for me is a plus.
What’s your favourite drugstore lipstick?
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