Haul & First Impressions: Skin79 BB Madness! (www.mybbcream.com.au)

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Honestly, I probably belong to the category that has never fully understood the BB cream craze. It seems like these well sought after make-up products have sprung up everywhere in Singapore and even foreign brands like Maybelline and Bobbi Brown have created BB creams to suit their Asian patrons. However, these creams that are offsprings of Papa Foundation and Mama Make-Up base are nothing to scoff at.

Honestly, I probably belong to the category that has never fully understood the BB cream craze. It seems like these well sought after make-up products have sprung up everywhere in Singapore and even foreign brands like Maybelline and Bobbi Brown have created BB creams to suit their Asian patrons. However, these creams that are offsprings of Papa Foundation and Mama Make-Up base are nothing to scoff at.
Although BB creams are very popular in Asia and are stocked in shelves in almost every cosmetic related store, they’re not very easy to find in Australia. They’re usually tucked away in a Korean mart and are extremely overpriced. One BB cream I saw was in the 70 to 80 dollar range, I nearly rolled my eyes at the sales assistant for ripping off their own kind.
So, when MyBBCream (http://www.mybbcream.com.au) came to me for a collaboration, I was pleased to accept their offer knowing that I know most of you in Australia would be extremely pleased to know about an online site that offers popular BB cream brands like Skin79, Skinfood, Dr. Jart, Hanskin and The Face Shop with affordable prices. They also have skincare products in addition to make-up products, are the SOLE distributor of Skin79 products in Australia and offer domestic and international shipping.

MyBBCream sponsored me three Skin79 products to try out for my honest analysis. The VIP Gold Collection Super+ BB Cream, White Reviving Skin Radiance Cream, and the Diamond Collection UV Perfect BB Powder Pact. Here’s a haul of these products and my first impressions like I always do. If you are unfamiliar with BB creams or the brand Skin79, refer to a previous Skin79 Haul here: http://roseannetangrs.com/?p=9468443 .
1. Skin 79 White Skin Radiance Reviving Cream
This is a moisturiser with a gel-like consistency, cream-like appearance. Skin79 claims that it prevents against melanin pigmentation, which is the cause of your skin becoming more tan after a day out at the beach. It is pigement, mineral oil and paraben free with ingredients like Lecithen, Evening Primrose, Skin Renew Complex, and Flora WH which all act to moisturise and brighten.

First Impressions:
I really actually do like this moisturiser. Unlike it’s appearance which deceives the first timers with a very thick and oily texture, it really blends beautifully into the skin and has a very light feel. I’m actually not very good with moisturisers so I was filled with doubt until I felt it. It’s just like a gel and very light. I like that.

The way I use this is I take some of the product and I rub it into my hands and then lightly pat it into my skin. It’s even better when this stuff comes straight out from the fridge. The next day, I do feel that my complexion looks a little brighter but I might be deceived by morning bluriness. I’ll have to look into this more. For now, it makes a pretty decent first impression – a moisturiser I see myself really using into the coming Aussie winter months.

Here’s what it says on the box:

2. Skin79 VIP Gold Collection Super+ BB Cream
This is more geared towards dry skin. Skin79 claims the product does three main things mainly being that it helps in of course whitening (what Asian makeup product doesn’t?), improves wrinkles and encourages more elastic and healthier looking skin. With ingredients such as Arbutin, Gold and Caviar extract ( a very Skin79 thing), and Swiss Almond oil – it’s a very luxurious BB cream supposedly rich in skincare benefits.

First Impressions:
I’ve never used a BB cream as a foundation. I’m just not that kind of girl. I like the coverage and I like the flawlessness and I don’t have camera perfect skin so I can’t possibly use this as a foundation. I mean, I don’t have bad skin I reckon, but I don’t like walking around feeling “bare faced”. Although this BB cream may claim to have a thicker coverage than most BB creams, blended out, it provides quite a sheer finish. Thus, I like using this BB Cream for it’s other function that being a make-up base. Primers tend to do a great job to let foundations glide on smoother but they often aren’t tinted and can’t conceal too much redness before the foundations go on. BB creams help me do that as a make-up base and provides a nutrient rich layer (or so I’d like to think) that protects me from the more flawless foundation that might not be so “healthy”.

Let’s see how this BB cream really performs. As you can see, out of the tube, it looks pretty thick.

However, unless you have the exact same color as the BB cream, you will need to blend the BB cream out. Like most BB creams, it wil color correct slightly to match your skin color (you’ll be able to see a demonstration in the video version of this haul post). I honestly don’t suggest this particular BB cream for darker skin tones than mine because I don’t think it will color correct anymore than it will on mine. You’ll have to sacrifice the color for the coverage. You’ll have to pick one.

Other than that though, it does a nice job as you can see of providing a decent layer before the rest of my foundation goes on. It blends really easily and feels great on the skin, moisturising indeed. You can walk out like this I reckon if you’re that type who likes an everyday feel with sheer coverage that never looks cakey or even like make-up but I tend to love the finish of foundations with coverage. Overall my first impression verdict is that if you like everyday sheer then go for it. If not, stick with your regular foundations. Also, look out for the limited range of colors available.

3. Skin79 Diamond UV Perfect BB Pact SPF 30 PA+++
This is a powder compact with great coverage. Skin79 claims that it has a sheer and natural finish and allows for a moisturised glowy complexion. It’s main ingredients include diamond powder, blooming Jewel, floral bouquet and Mistletoe complex and extract. It also claims to have complete UV protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

First Impressions:
When I first tried this powder out, I was a little bit dissapointed. I had used my MAC 134 and expected flawlessness and immediate satisfaction. It wasn’t like that though. Then I decided to give it a second chance with the puff it carried in the casing and slowly patted the powder into my skin. The result? A really nice flawless finish that I absolutely love. The casing is pretty cool in that it has a seperate plastic seperator so that the oils from the puff don’t transfer onto the surface of the powder and ruin it.

This powder is very fine and very “pigmented”. It’s a powder that will give you plenty of coverage but I feel like it won’t look cakey. It’s just a really nice flawless finish that is hard to explain.

The only thing I think it should improve on is that it doesn’t particularly control oil well. I get oily pretty quickly with this powder which is an inevitable occurence with my type of skin, but I have used other powders and they don’t particulary oil up as fast as this one does. I will continue to use this product though beause the flawless dewiness is refreshing.

After the Skin79 BB Cream, concealer and powder, I got this result. You can still see blemishes because I didn’t put a foundation overtop the BB cream, but the pact does provide a good dewy and natural finish.

I also find that this website is awesome for BB cream lovers, especially if you are a fan of Skin79 and don’t know where to find them. They are a trusted website and deliver fast and effciently. I very much highly recommend them because of the lack of bb creams on shelves in Australia and other western countries.
Do give their website a visit! (http://www.mybbcream.com.au)
Overall, I loved the moisturiser and BB pact but I still have a few doubts on the BB cream provided. I just wanted to also say that I was fully compensated for my time, effort and skin that went into this post. Hip hip hurray! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out my Official Statement. These are however as you can obviously see, my honest opinions about their products.
Are you a BB cream fan?