Tutorial: Concealing Dark Circles with the MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer

Hey Everyone!
I’ve never had really dark under-eye circles fortunately, but unfortunately I receive many questions on how you can eliminate these often annoying flaws. The truth is, I’m not an expert. I’m not an expert because I don’t get them often so when I woke up one day and looked into the mirror to see them flashing back at me, I yelled in excitement for this was an opportunity to well, “eliminate” them. Using make-up that is.
Go Away, Dark Circles?
Here’s a bit of background to dark under-eye circles first. Before you go running around finding a cold cucumber and some ice, I’m going to tell you first off that it probably won’t work. Dark circles are often genetic. That means it runs in your blood. Don’t worry, there’s worse things out there. I have diabetes and high blood pressure running in my blood so it’s not the end of the world. It just simply means somewhere in your family, your mom, your dad probably has dark circles too. If that is so, there’s no magic cream or cure that will rid of them forever. Of course dark circles can also be caused from a lack of sleep (that’s where mine come from), stress, or living habits or even aging. How do you take them away forever? You can’t. So well, you might as well hide them.
Here’s How to Conceal Dark Circles with the MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer:
Here is me and my dark circle just hangin’ out, kickin’ back, chillin’. I had a late night the other night probably from blogging and I woke up the next morning and there it was. I don’t get these very often. It’s usually because I didn’t get enough sleep. These babies love coming out when its time to study for exams. This is pretty much as good as it gets:

Step 1: With the MAC Select-Coverup, you really need only very little. A little goes a long way and using your fingers to work with this concealer is ideal. Simply dab the product on your fingertips and get ready for some panda eye eliminating business!

Step 2: Dab three points with the concealer underneath your eye. You will be blending this later but this places the product where it should be and you rub away less by doing this.

Step 3: Blend the product with dabbing motions to sort of create that blurred line underneath the eye.

Step 4: Keep on patting with your fingertips until the product is blended and then ta-da. Now, Set with a bit of face powder and an eye-blending brush underneath the eye. And you’re done!  The picture below shows the product not yet set with powder just to show you a more raw image.

Beauty Tip: If you’re confused about what shade to use when concealing your undereye, go for either the same shade as the rest of your face or max one to two shades lighter if that does not work. If you go any more lighter, you could end up looking like a reverse panda, however that looks like but I know it ain’t going to look good. In fact that sounds like a Yoga position. Also, yellow-toned concealers are great for this because they help hide blue veins and can brighten the eye!
Troubleshoot Dark Circles:
1. If it creases underneath the eye – you didn’t use enough powder. The powder to concealer ratio has to be right! 🙂
2. If it looks cakey – You may have used too much powder ( I know, but getting the ratio right is crucial) or you might have gone too much with the eye-cream to concealer ratio.
3. If your concealer appears too light underneath the eye – sweep a tiny tiny bit of bronzer with an eye-blending brush (like the MAC 224) underneath the eye to warm it up.
4. If your concealer appears too dark underneath your eyes – dab a little eye-cream and then repeat the concealer process.

I hope that helps!

How do you conceal your dark circles?

Love, Roseanne


  • zandre

    I’m itching to go get me that concealer now! ;D
    I have very bad dark circles, I was born with them but of course my irregular sleeping hours doesn’t help. I find that if sometimes the concealer shade I use for the rest of my face looks too light around my eyes (grey)
    To prevent it from looking too dark/light I find layering 2 concealer shades works well for me. So I dab a thin layer of my face concealer. Then I hone in on the dark areas and go over with a layer of orangey concealer. Then lastly another thin layer of the first concealer.
    For me, ZA’s 02 (face) and 03 (orangey!) work best (:

  • FacesBySarah

    i’ll smack u ah roseanne! those arent even bad! Wait till u see MY dark circles! you’ll RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!

  • roseannetangrs

    Nice tip Zandre! and Sarah, haha *runs away* I don’t get them too often :p

  • tammytew

    yea, i definitely definitely need to get myself some eye cream! haha. and LOTSSSSS of concealllerrrr!!

  • roseannetangrs


  • AutumnCandy

    I’ve using Za’s concealer in 02 mixed with SANA’s Make Essence Concealer for my dark circles. So far it works well this way for me.

  • roseannetangrs

    thanks for the tip love!

  • Fashionable Baker

    Really lovely, Roseanne. I need a new concealer desperately. But I love the way the one your using!

  • roseannetangrs

    thanks dear!

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