Tutorial: De-Potting my Urban Decay Primer Potion! Is it Worth it?

Hey Everyone,

I honestly think we need some epic music right about now. The time has come to depott my primer potion. I’ve seen blog posts and I’ve seen videos in the past so with basically nothing coming out on the wand of my UDPP and no retail counter to purchase my beloved primer at, I took out a cutting board, a sharp knife and looked at the bottle with kind eyes, ready to say “Goodbye”.
The tools of the trade? Committing a crime against your UDPP needs a decent knife. I don’t recommend a serrated knife like I used in this tutorial, but I didn’t have one on hand in Australia. You need a small sample jar so that you can keep the remainng UDPP and of course a cutting board where the magic will happen.

Like your husband throwing away the manual to build the garden shed, I wanted to do this “the fresh out of my mind way”. Who says you need to make tribal sacrifices out of a manual. Pshaw. Well, I shouldn’t have done it the bloke way because well cut number one was fail. I wanted to split the UDPP in half but I really made no progress after about 5 minutes. Hey, I made a nick though.

So I looked for the place where I didn’t need to saw so much but still sort of get the bottle open and opted for the neck of the UDPP. I continued to do my thing until…

I saw a hole! Literally. It was for sure a Hallelujah moment, and well in this case, Kodak too.

I don’t know what made the picture iffy here but Roseanne has a few mid-semester exams coming up and re-editing the picture would take too much time. So here, it is, special. I wouldn’t know how to re-create it anyway. The point is after sawing it, I hastily used my paws to bend it open. I figured that it wasn’t a very good idea when I saw plastic particles scattered everywhere. Plastic on the eye wasn’t a very appealing idea.

My first scoop wasn’t very full either. I was starting to regret tearing my UDPP apart. My hands hurt from trying to cut it open as well.

Puttting the first few scoops in the jar…

But, then as I started to dig more and more, I realized that a little does add up into a lot. By about 3/4 through, I had this much in the jar already! Thus, it’s for sure a good way to save your money and save more primer potion. Even with UDPP, very little goes a long way on your eye. This would probably take forever to finish as well!
And to the UDPP bottle, your’re still beautiful all torn up.
And there we have it! I hope you liked this post!
Β Have you depotted your UDPP? Any Tips?


  • Vvn Sin

    I depotted the mini one that came with my UD Naked palette recently, I was really shocked by how much was left in that tiny little thing! I used a huge chinese cleaver and chopped it with one big hard slash hahaha, no waity business for me =P

  • roseannetangrs

    Hahha that’s a good way to get things done! Yeah there is a lot in there!

  • Cendana K

    omg… lol… well done on depotting your udpp, i’m yet to do that and sort of both excited and dreading the time… hahaha… but gosh how much is left in that bottle fazes me ! ud really needs to redesign this thing haha

  • roseannetangrs

    I know right! there’s so much. They did re-design their XL bottle, its a squeezy one i think now :p

  • icefrost

    UD are coming out with regular sized potions in squeeze tubes this season, it’s about time!!

  • panduhbear21

    LOL I’m glad you abandoned your first idea!!! Going down something thats round vertically seems extremely dangerous! :O

  • madlynny

    i took off the plastic thing at the mouth of the bottle so that i could dig more potion out, and that worked without me having to depot.. for a while.
    after that my udpp just hardened and dried up =/
    i also remember encoremakeup say that his depotted udpp dried up cuz the jar wasn’t air tight.

  • feistyskies

    I’m dreading the time when I have to depot mine… *cries*

  • roseannetangrs

    That’s awesome icefrost πŸ˜€ and good tip madlynny πŸ™‚ true that panduhbear21
    aww its worth it though jay πŸ™‚

  • erika@placebo life

    i’ve never actually tried depotting any hard tubes :p it’s about time they come out with a squeeze tube version!

  • elizaheartyou

    I have depotted mine too! Best decision ever! I made a video & I have not put it up since forever. LOL

  • roseannetangrs

    agreed erika! aww put it up eliza!

  • AutumnCandy

    Mine haven’t reach the point where I need to depot it yet. I’m seriously loving the fact that they’re having a squeeze tube version in Singapore soon!

  • MaddyMadeline

    I also took the plastic stopper off my Sin UDPP and its still working fine still a lot of product. The only air tight containers I can think of that can make the depotted UDPP last is MAC paintpot jars???

  • Anonymous

    are you able to just take the stopper out to get more product?

  • roseannetangrs

    you would have to cut it out πŸ™

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