All about Perfume: Perfume Collection and 5 Perfume Tips

Hey Everyone,
I don’t know about you, but I have an absolute obsession with perfumes. If I walk into a department store, I’m instantly gravitated towards perfumes and out comes my sniffing nose to sniff pretty much all the perfumes the store has to offer. I also think smelling good on a daily basis is important to your overall image so today, I’ll be talking about my current perfume collection – a little obsession that has overtaken make-up for the meantime and has turned my vanity into a little bottle house.
YSL Parisienne Eau De Parfum
I usually tend to go for fresh or floral scents, so this one is a bit out of the norm. I bought this as part of a pack on sale and I think I was a bit on a shopping high because I honestly don’t wear this out much at all. The YSL Parisienne smells like berries, powdered berries, and it’s a very light scent. Not a light scent by ways of a refreshing one, but more so that you can’t really pile this up and smell overpowering. It’s subtle and slightly alluring. However, it develops into a funny musk smell throughout the day so I stopped wearing. My friend refers to this as the “grandma” scent. I don’t know if I disagree.

Givenchy Ange & Demon Le Secret Eau De Parfum:
This is a scent done right. It smells so familiar – like something my Kindergarden teacher wore but it’s hardly Kindergarden appropriate. Think sexy, Victoria’s Secret, alluringly yummy. If that makes sense at all. This is one of my favourites. It’s a sweet and sophisticated scent that smells like flowers, sweet citrus, jasmine with a hint of tea and an after woody base. I hope I got that right. I just gave it a couple more sniffs. It smells amazing.

Ok, ok. I admit I bought these perfumes because of the bottle. Just look how cute these bottles are. They belong on some kind of princess vanity with a bunch of pearls and lots of make-up. I love them. But, I guess they don’t smell too off in the perfume department either. Actually, they smell pretty good.
Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy:
This scent is a very light, sweet, peppery scent. It has a mix of honey suckle, jasmine, caramel…and *sniff sniff* vanilla…and probably a woody note like sandalwood. It smells great. Funny how we associate smells to different experiences. I wore this perfume all the time when I was studying for exams so whenever I give it a whiff I think of stress. I know, how horrible. I also think of a certain boy. Hehe. Smells great, give it a try. One of Juicy Couture’s most popular scents in their little family of four.
Juicy Couture Juicy Couture Eau De Parfum
I am in love with this scent. It smells so alluringly sophisticated. The kind when you walk into a room and you pass someone and that someone goes “ahh” . It’s the kind of scent you want to go to sleep in Peter Alexander pajamas with, or the kind of scent you want to wear to an afternoon tea with scones and..well, tea. I don’t know if this is right, but I smell jasmine, woods, vanilla with notes of roses and lily flowers. It’s a wafting and beautiful scent.

JLO Glow
I’m not a fan of celebrity perfumes. Most of them make me kind of nauseous or remind me of teenange girls going on a wild frantic to see Justine Beiber sing live. But by the looks or rather the smell of things, JLO can not only sing, she can make perfumes. I’ve been looking for a scent for a long time that would smell differently when you smell it and then you smell off it. If a boy should smell like anything, they should smell like Emporio Armani’s Diamonds – that smells different when you smell the air after smelling the scent. It’s like letting go and letting loose, mixing with the ambience, that it can develop into another scent. I really hope this makes sense but JLO glow does this beautifully. In fact it has it’s own wikipedia page. It’s a very clean smelling, powdered smell that reminds you of a top notch resort house, white sheets, white sands, and deep blue water. It smells like rose, sandalwood, grapefruit, vanilla and musk with jasmine notes.

DKNY Be Delicous:
Well, this one is an ultra popular perfume isn’t it? This has the perfect balance of fresh notes and vanilla notes but despite it’s apple shape, I really don’t think it smells like an apple at all. When I give this a whiff, I think of New York, well despite the brand name, I really do. I think of this woman dressed in a sand colored burberry trench coat (sorry DKNY) with a…Marc Jacobs bag..along Saks Fifth Avenue, strolling into boutiques and having a good time. I guess in other words, it smells very day like. It’s a day scent. Grapefruit, cucumber, perhaps hints of apple, vanilla and sandlewood. Am I seeing a trend in my perfume collection here? I think I do.

Paul Smith Rose
This is actually one of my first perfume buys in the days when I first sort of started buying like crazy. I was so obsessed with this perfume, I would run to every store, find it and give it a whiff before spraying it all over myself before the sales assistant caught me. Yeah, classy. Β But this perfume is no short of classy. It smells like roses. It’s really a rose scent and I got all caught up with being Roseanne and smelling like roses but I don’t wear this perfume out often. Sometimes the musk gets a little annoying but still, it’s a very nice scent. If you are into roses, then this is for sure a scent for you.

Elizabeth Arden Pretty Hot
Right before I left for Melbourne, I met up with Elizabeth Arden and they gave this perfume to me to smell. I actually really like this fragrance. Inspred by the fearless, bold woman who knows what she wants, the Pretty Hot fragrance is I would say really spicy and sensual. I still think it lacks uniqueness though. It smells like a generic ladies perfume and nothing absolutley special smelling like the Chloe is, you know? Nonetheless if you are into blood oranges, apples, and peonies with bottom notes of amber and sandalwood, this makes a great perfume to check out at the store if you haven’t yet!

Other Notable Perfumes (Not Pictured because I finished them):
Chloe Eau De Parfum
Probably one of my all time, all time favourites. So unique. Nothing in the world smells like Chloe. It’s clean, so darling, so sophisticated and alluring. It’s the kind of girl who’s brought up well, very well mannered, wealthy and a good girl. Not the good girl with bows in her hair and hello kitty clips, the good grown up girl who’s confidant, bold, gentle and very considerate and kind. The girl who would pair up with a chivalrous man, doesn’t sleep or kiss around, a woman who waits for their prince charming. Lychee, Magnolia flowers, Amber and Honey..I would buy another one but looking at my collection, I probably need to go to PAA (perfume addicts anonymous).
Marc Jacobs Daisy
Who doesn’t love Daisy? I love this scent. Like I said, certain smells always pair up with certain experiences. I wore this perfume my first semester of uni and my best friend had the same smell too so I don’t really want to go out and buy another one because it’s very significant to me and I want to keep it at a first semester of uni scent, not a second or third semester. I love it because it smells fresh and there’s nothing that smells quite like it. A very floral and fresh scent.
Anna Sui Secret Wish
Believe it or not, I finished two bottles of this stuff. I bought the first one when I was in Kyoto in Japan and they have a lot of perfume sales all the time so I quickly grabbed this one knowing that I fell in love at first whiff. It’s peppery but it’s very hard to explain. It’s very citrus smelling as well. With notes of peach, melon and lemon, mixed in with a bit of pineapple from what I remember, with amber and musk as the bottom notes. It smells like what tinkerbell would smell like I reckon. For me, it smells like junior year and that was a good year.
Anna Sui Flight of Fancy
I love this scent and I got so many compliments when I wore it. Now, it’s gone though and I’m not a fan of re-purchasing perfumes simply because I buy too many. So hard to explain. It’s a sensational and sensual blend of citrus and floral notes. You need to check this out and spray it on yourself. Smelling from the bottle makes it smell kind of funny.
Back in Singapore:
1. DKNY Cherry Blossom – a no fail scent, sweet, floral and light.
2. Dolce & Gabbana Rose The One – I don’t like this one anymore. It smells like juicy oranges, just like Benefit’s Coralista but unfortunately it develops into a quite metallic scent so I don’t uber suggest it.
Perfumes on my Wishlist:
1. Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue
2. John Galliano Parlez-Moi D’amour
3. Dolce and Gabbana L’Imperatrice
4. Burberry Brit
5. Chanel Tendre
Top priority being the John Galliano but all scents need a check out from you. I love them all but parting with my money with my already stable collection would be too much, I rekcon? Haha.
5 Perfume Tips:
1. When you’re thinking of buying perfume at the store, try it on first. Don’t buy it on impulse (trust me, you’ll regret it). Spray it on yourself and walk around and then if you really like it, think some more and spray it on a sheet. Wait a few days and then buy it. These babies are expensive, you don’t want to make stupid mistakes!
2. What’s all this eau de parfum gibberish? Eau De Parfum (I translate it into perfume) is lighter than Perfume while Toilette and Colgone are lighter versions of the perfume. Sometimes the companies like to mix it up a bit so the Eau de Toilette smells a little more fresh than the heavy perfumes. They make more wearable day scents but they don’t last as long.
3. When a sales assistant tries to sell you a perfume and he or she knows their stuff, they’ll probably explain that a scent has top notes, middle notes and base notes. This is how the scent smells or develops. It’s like eating a Warhead. You’ll taste the extreme sour and slowly it develops into a sweet tasting candy, or even a food with an after-taste. The top notes are usually light scents like fruit or citrus while middle notes are more floral and a little heavier while the base notes are woody, or musk which are the heaviest notes. It makes for the more complex fragrance, something that’s very unique. There’s coffee beans around the store to help you clear your scent palette while you’re having fun so that each scent doesn’t mix with the next one.
4. Make sure you keep your perfume out of the sun, and not by a window. In fact, I tend to keep all my makeup in a shady place away from sunlight. It can damage your hundered dollar perfume, and you wouldn’t want that right? Don’t get it on your clothes either, it might stain.
5. Where should you apply your perfume?
Easy, on your “pulse points”. That means on your wrist:

Or behind your ear, on your neck line. This is because this is where your body heat sort of does its thing. Body heat + perfume = stronger scent. Simple equation, really.

and there you have it! I hope you learned something about the wonderful world of perfumes!

What’s your current favourite perfume of the moment?




  • MakeYuUp

    I’ve been looking for a floral scent for the Spring and can’t find any.. I keep going back to Paco Robanne Lady Million but that’s not floral at all lol!
    I didn’t know that that was why you sprayed perfume on your neck and wrist.. learn something new everyday! πŸ™‚

  • roseannetangrs

    marc jacobs daisy is a good floral scent for spring! πŸ™‚ I’ve given Lady Million a whiff, smells good!
    haha yep, the heat makes the scent stronger. πŸ™‚

  • Cendana K

    Love this post Roseanne!! One of your best yet! Definitely will have this as a reference in terms of description of perfumes!! Love how you describe them, it’s as though I can smell them off the computer screens hahaha and I’m at uni (looks around, no one’s looking, I’m gonna sniff.. oh wait, I can’t smell anything cause it’s just computer screen.. dang)
    & Chloe oh … chloe… It is in my wishlist and still lemming for it everytime I go into the store hahaha… my current everyday is Versace Woman, though it used to be Kenzo Flower but I’ve taken a break from it for more than 6 months now hahaha strange… really indefinite when I’ll get back to it. I want my Chloe! Oh! Speaking of perfumes stories, YSL Paris always reminds me of my childhood but then again so many other perfumes remind me of childhood too – my mum has tons of perfumes hahaha
    Noticing a trail of vanilla, roses, sandalwood notes in this collection ;p did you know ‘cendana’ literally means ‘sandalwood’ hehehe
    omg this turned out to be such a long comment hahaha don’t mind me rambling ><" xoxo πŸ™‚

  • Lushevans

    I apply my fragrance behind my knees & my decolletage area. The heat allows it to travel upward and last longer!

  • MissEffortless

    Sandalwood??? Haha. My first affair with perfume started like three years ago with D&G Light Blue. So a lot of memories is associated with it. I just got to have a D&G LB always on my closet. You should try it too! I also have a Marc Jacobs Daisy which isn’t my fave really because of it being too floral for me. Now, I’m lemming for Juicy Couture…and you got my two best bet from them! Envious πŸ™‚

  • roseannetangrs

    @Cendana: haha it’s okay! I love long posts πŸ™‚ hahhaha aww! i was hoping someone can sniff through the computer :p oo i shall call you sandalwood from now on! haha kidding :p
    @Lushevans: ooo great tip love!
    @MissEffortless: Ooo D&G light blue is a beautiful fragrance! haha i suggest the Viva La Juicy if you don’t like floral πŸ™‚

  • feistyskies

    I’m keeping my eyes on Gucci’s Flora πŸ™‚

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  • Mj Villanueva

    Thank you for sharing these helpful tips in choosing the right perfume. Great collection of perfumes, I’ve been looking for a perfume that will fit in my personality.

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