Beauty News: Illamasqua in Myer – Melbourne, Australia! and Pricelist!

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to tell everyone that Illamasqua is now available in Melbourne, Australia! Illamasqua is known for their beautiful blushes, and pigmented shadows. The whole brand carries a dark, theatircal and mystical aura, even down to its slogan “Make-up for your alter ego”. From the website, Illamasqua states that it’s roots are from a dark 1920s club scene with a heavy emphasis on make-up for film and theater. Dramatic, emotional, dark, bold, Illamssqua emobodies all of these traits to create a very seductive and mysterious brand.
You can now find Illamasqua at Myer! Myer is the department store equivalent in Australia to Takashimaya or TANGS in Singapore or Nordstrom in the U.S. After lunch with a friend and checking out the MAC Wonderwoman collection, we stumbled upon Illamasqua. I snapped these pictures quickly with my Blackberry because I was scared that they might see me.
I have to say that they did a fabulous job with the store, even if it was supposed to be just a department store section.

It was already quite theatrical and beautifully set and laid out. Very impressed.

Evenly spaced and not too cluttered.

Beautiful backdrop!

They even had model mannequins in the back!

Now you’re probably wondering, let’s get to the nitty gritty. How much is everything?? Not to worry, Roseanne and her blackberry is here to save the day again. I took pictures of the prices, but they’re too small if I load it up here so here goes:

All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars:
Face + Body:
Matt Primer – $50
Satin Primer – $50
Light Liquid Foundation – $55
Rich Liquid Foundation – $55
Cream Foundation – $55
Powder Foundation – $55
Concealer – $33
Underye Concealer – $33
Loose Powder $50
Pressed Powder $50
Powder Blushes $42
Cream Blushes $42
Bronzer $52
Bronzing Duo $52
Powdered Metal $57
Illuminator $34
Illuminator Oil $84
Gleam Cream $60
Volume Mascara $40
Eyeliner Cake $39
Powder Eye-shadow $39
Cream Eye Shadow $39
Pure Pigment $39
Eye Brow Cake $27
Brow and Lash Gel $29
Sealing Gel $26
Liquid Metal $44
4 Color Liquid Metal Palette $78
Liquid Eyeliner $42
Precision Ink $43.50
Lipstick $39
Sheer Lipgloss $33
Intense Lipgloss $33
Fine Pencil $29
Medium Pencil $33
Fat Pencil $34
Nail Varnish $34
Nail Top Coat $26
Nail Base Coat $26
Nail Varnish Set $99
Kabuki Body Brush $100
Foundation Brush $65
Powder Brush $90
Blending Brush 1 $52
Blending Brush 2 $60
Highlighter Brush $60
Blusher Brush 1 $60
Blusher Brush 2 $65
Eyeshadow Brush $47
Eyebrow Brush $47
Angled Eyeliner Brush $39
Lip Brush $47
Sponges $6.50
Tweezers $52
Eye lash Curlers $47
False Eye-Lashes $30 to $40
I would say they’re a little more expensive than MAC here is in Aussie, and for sure cheaper than NARS. Did I buy anything, nope. I haven’t had a lemming for anything Illamasqua yet!
Is it cheaper to get it here or shipped? Shipped right?
If you could, what would you get from Illamasqua?
Hope you found this post useful!


  • AtelierGal

    That would make the blush around S$50! I got mine less than S$15. Even a NARS blush set you back at $62! GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE!!!

  • roseannetangrs

    hahahha! I know right, so expensive! How did you get it for less than fifteen bucks!!?

  • AtelierGal

    There was a sale at the UK store *grins*

  • roseannetangrs

    woww πŸ™‚

  • amyrleex

    I would definitely try out their foundations and powders.. πŸ™‚ But the prices are so ex!

  • roseannetangrs

    yeah i know right! it’s crazy ex!

  • Lushevans

    Here the most expensive item is $47.50 and the least is $12. The primer is only $30 here!

  • Ct Kathy

    Goodness… Such a beautiful place!!!

  • roseannetangrs

    @Lushevans: you are so lucky!
    @CT Kathy: i agree, it was beautiful!

  • Princess Jae

    Since they are known for their blushes. I’d go for a cream blush because it’s only going to get colder in Australia ^^
    Or warmer… who knows, the weather in Australia has been quite iffy lately LOLS

  • roseannetangrs

    i agreee, its super cold right now πŸ™

  • tsubahime

    The eye shadows and display look gorgeous <3

  • roseannetangrs

    yes they indeed were πŸ™‚

  • aleesang

    You rock Roseanne, seriously!! Was this in the Myer store on Bourke st?!

  • roseannetangrs

    yeah Myer, it’s right next to Kiehls πŸ™‚

  • cendana

    i’m now wanting to try their concealer, their sheer lipgloss (divine), cream pigment in hollow… the nail polishes are just way too expensive i reckon to splurdge on… i’d rather splurdge on face base products. i heard their blushes are lovely, namely lover, katie, etc… sounds like their foundation is pretty good too. on the other hand, i like the look of the design of the packaging but hate the feel of its plasticness hahaha…

  • roseannetangrs

    I heard their blushes are lovely as well! πŸ™‚

  • chocfull

    I love their blushes, have a lot of them but somehow I reach for all my other blush more LOL! Buying online works out cheaper esp with codes they dish out ever so often. There is one now till end of wk!

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