Beauty Secrets: 10 Easy Ways to Get Pretty using Household Products

Hey everyone!

It’s common to see our vanities stocked with products from the department or drugstores, but little do we know that your local grocery shop can carry a few beauty secrets too. Here are a few ways to put some household products to good use whether it be using a hairdryer to “iron” out wrinkles or using baking powder to substitue your whitening sessions to save a bit of loose change.

1. Egg in your..Hair?
An excellent hair mask that you can make at home can be made out of eggs. Raw eggs. My good friend, Rinku, used to do this all the time and when she told me this beauty secret while we were waiting for the bus one day to go home, I of course looked at her funny but then I looked at her hair and quickly alleviated any doubts. Because egg white proteins are basically full on full proteins, they go on to fortify hair shafts very well to add volume, shine and texture. Eggs can be drying so make sure to use your favourite shampoo and conditioner after your eggy hair mask session.
To take advantage of eggs to give you shiny and voluminous hair, you can either:
1. Take an egg, whisk it, and massage the mixture into your scalp. Leave for 10 – 20 minutes and rinse with cool or lukewarm water. Do not use hot water unless you want to make an omlette in your hair which really isn’t a good idea. Shampoo and condition after as per normal.
2. Make an egg-white hair mask by and beat 1-2 egg whites in a bowl, add 5 tablespoons of yoghurt (full fat) and apply evenly throughout your hair. Leave for 20 minutes and shampoo and condiiton as per normal.
Sources: EHow & Planet Green
2. Strawberries..and Baking Soda = Whiter Teeth?
Yes it does! Apparently baking powder and strawberries mix to create the main component in whitening teeth – malic acid. For shiny, pearly teeth and to eliminate stubborn yellow stains, you can actually crush strawberries and baking soda into a pulp, then use your tooth brush and apply and brush the mixture onto your teeth. Leave the mixture on your teeth for five minutes and then brush your teeth with toothpaste for a better white toothy session!
3. Nailpolish Remover gets Everything Off!
Ok I understand that this might not be a beauty tip but it does great in removing any stains from paint, permanent market or any permanent thing. I love art and I went through a period of time when I did a lot of art projects. I’d get marker everywhere – on the floor and paint on my hands. I’m a big mess when it comes to art. Not knowing what to do and trying to avoid a big scolding by my mum, I grabbed my nail polish remover and it really does remove everything! It’s great. So, for anything I can’t remove – even Hair Dye on the table – I will turn to my trusty nail polish remover to get..well..everything off!
4. Baby Oil and Olive Oil removes Make-up!
If you can’t find your make-up remover or have run out, dig for old baby oil or even olive oil in your pantry and it takes off the make-up better than any other make-up remover can! It’s an oil based product which also helps if you have dry skin. In fact, Olive oil has been an ancient beauty secret full of antioxidants to give your complexion a needed boost. Maybe running out of remover isn’t so bad after all!
5. Tape removes clothing lint
I absolutley hate it when I take something out of the dryer and it’s full of those small balls of fur. It’ll take you a million years to pluck each ball of fur and sometimes I can’t find my lint remover. I always dump it somewhere before I leave the house. So when you don’t have anything, I’m sure you have tape somewhere. Grab a piece of tape and then stick it on your clothing and then strip it off like a waxing strip! It works for me 🙂
6. Hairdryer can Iron Clothes?
I’m probably the most laziest person when it comes to laundry. I have to admit although my make-up is organized, I don’t care much about my clothes. Often I have to admit that I don’t even take the time to fold and hang them. Instead, I just grab what I need from the dryer that morning. Who needs a closet right? Oh gosh, that was horrible of me to admit but that’s the truth. So because I don’t even really use my closet, you can tell I get even lazier when it comes to ironing my clothes.
This is a mum’s secret. We were at the hotel and we realized that our clothes got wrinkled during our flight in our luggage. My dad is pretty much a “let’s go now” kind of person so instead of taking out the iron, my mom grabbed what I was going to wear that day and started to hairdry it. Magically, the wrinkles totally ironed out. It was so cool! From then on, that’s basically what I do to my clothes.
Of course, you shouldn’t do this on a daily basis like I do – because apparenty the cotton will do something funny – because of the heat but it’s a good quick fix I reckon.
7. Paper towels vs. Blotting Sheets
I have just about the oiliest skin. I glow like no other so I find myself finding the need to blot whenever I see myself in a bathroom mirror. One fine day I forgot my blotting sheets so now I’m guilty of grabbing paper towels to blot my face. Unless you are concerned with hygeine issues, which I don’t think are necessarily a problem, then these are great! Just fold the paper into fours until you have a square and then blot away. It’s like magic and I never have to whip out another cent for blotting sheets anymore.
8. Hot Water Bottle for Overnight Puffy Eyes
Sometimes I do cry myself to sleep. I probably will cry on Friday night and throughout Saturday because I’ll be leaving Singapore for another four months to go back to Melbourne for Uni. Why is it so throughly heartbreaking for me? Because my family is here and so are a lot of my friends and friends I have made including y’all and comapanies and my dog and yeah. My heart is in Singapore when I’m in Australia and it is always very sad for me to leave.
To put a beauty spin on this, I always get puffy eyes in the morning when I cry. I look like a greedy shellfish eater who’s allergic to shellfish go on a rampage at the seafood buffet. To eliminate my puffy eyes, I don’t use any product. I simply grab a glass bottle or a tall glass, fill it with hot water, and put a bit of tissue paper around the glass so it’s not too hot. You will have to feel the heat though, that’s the only way it’s going to work. Then, I place the glass against my eyes and leave for about ten seconds a time. You’ll feel a bit of water coming out and and continue the process until the swelling goes down 🙂 works like a charm.
9. No Shaving Cream? Just use conditioner!
If you’re out of shaving cream, you can also spread some conditioner on your legs to take away those hair follicles. It acts as a barrier between the shaver and sexy and smooth legs. I honestly don’t even using any cream but slather moisturizer straight after. Heck, you can even use your moisturizer as your shaving cream.
10. Aspirin – the new Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
There are so many uses for Aspirin. From helping relieving blood pressure to even reducing the chances of getting colon cancer. But, I bet you didn’t know that it should do wonders for dandruff as well. This is because of the salicylic acid that helps eliminate dandruff. Simply drop a few aspirin tablets into your shampoo and it will dissolve overnight and you’ll have home-made anti dandruff shampoo!
So, those are indeed my top 10 ways to get pretty using household products. Amongst others, like mixing pigment into vaseline to get your own lipstick or using lemon juice as a natural hair dye, it makes a sure fire way to save some money with things you can already find at home.
Do you have any beauty tips with your own Household Products?
Love, Roseanne


  • rhaindropz

    Yes ^_^ using i use egg for facial mask too ^_^

  • roseannetangrs

    awesome! how? 🙂

    • GoldenSiren

      For Egg Facial Mask:
      This is really easy. Just take an egg, and separate the yolk from the white. Then you beat the egg white until it’s all white (no longer clear) and frothy. Then just put it all over your face (avoiding the eyes) and wait until it dries (about 10 to 20 minutes). Then rinse it off with lukewarm water, and voila! Mask complete(:
      What it does:
      Essentially egg white masks smooth out/soften the complexion. Also, they shrink the pores down by a lot. If you have naturally dry skin though, you should use some moisturizer afterwards. If not, and you still want to moisturize, that’d work too.
      . . .
      If I remember correctly, you can use the yolk for a different mask with different benefits, but I can’t think of what they are off the top of my head.
      Thanks for the strawberry/baking soda tip! I think I’ll use it! (Chronic coffee drinker in the house :P)

  • cyexquisite

    great tips! i’m goign to try to egg hair mask! ^^

  • sundrunk

    honey is great for hair, too! and skin! i looooove honey

  • roseannetangrs

    @cyexquisite: thank you! 🙂 yay hope it goes well 🙂
    @sundrunk: yes, i heard about the amazing things honey can do as well! 🙂

  • buttontree

    bicarb+your face wash= effective exfoliant
    sugar+honey= delicious lip scrub
    gonna try that strawberry + baking soda one, thanks roseanne!

  • roseannetangrs

    awesome @buttontree :):) might try the bicarb and face wash!

  • rayhanaaskare

    I also use baking soda as a home micro-exfoliating scrub.
    F.Y.I. Have you tried using those disposable bathroom seat thingy as a blotting sheet. It works pretty well…

  • icyabstract

    I like that strawberry and baking soda tip, I never knew they would work together to whiten teeth! Thanks for sharing (:

  • roseannetangrs

    @rahanaaskare: oo i’ll have to look more into the wonders of baking soda 🙂 haha i haven’t! that’s creative tho 😀
    @icyabstract: thanks hun and no problemo, my pleasure 😀

  • Renee | Beauty Fool

    Roseanne, this post is fantastic!
    Olive oil is also really great as a leave-in conditioner. 😀
    xx Renee

  • roseannetangrs

    Thanks Renee <3 and oo for the tip! 😀

  • Layla88

    Great tips! I also use nail varnish to get rid of stains, works amaazingly well on frunitures n almost anything!

  • roseannetangrs

    @Layla88: Thanks and ooo cool! i reckon it would, i’m guilty of using nail polish to remove old nail polish when I didn’t have remover. It worked, but it was super messy! I was pretty desperate for a manicurist with some nail polish remover after! haha

  • Princess Jae

    I’ve always been meaning to try the egg mask :L
    But i never got around to it. I’ll be trying it out real soon. College is draining all my energy and my face is just URGHHHH

  • roseannetangrs

    aww i know how you feel, uni starts for me on Monday :(:(

  • TammyGirl

    Thank you so much for all these beauty tips! I will definately be saving this page!
    Be strong and keep that beautiful smile!

  • roseannetangrs

    aw thank you hun 🙂 and glad you enjoyed the tips! 😀

  • British Blogger

    Thank you or the tips! I will definitely take the on board and using them! 😀
    Libby xxx

  • roseannetangrs

    No problemo Libby 🙂 thanks for commenting!

  • AutumnCandy

    Aspirin is my anti-acne mask, while tiger beer is my favourite hair mask!

  • roseannetangrs

    @ooo, I’m gonna try that one out! and you’re creative, tiger beer!

  • beauty tips

    These are great help especially the one who have not enough budget to buy expensive beauty products. I will try those beauty tips.

  • saintvivi

    amazing tips since I love strawberries and I hate waking up only to realize I forgot to iron something. I like to use ice on my face after cleansing my face because, it really closes up the pores. I used to actually buy olive oil and honey to use as a overnight hair mask and overnight moisture mask. The honey also worked really well to clean the olive oil out of my hair without stripping out all of the moisture I just put into it.

  • Jalilia


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