Tag: If I had a Fashion Label…(Looklet.com)

Hey Everyone,

I’m sure all of us have a story behind our fashion style. We prefer different colors, different textures and different styles and perhaps we’ve even probably thought about our own fashion label. Now, I know I’m all makeup and beauty and I’m not particularly known for being fashionable but I do like clothes and I do have a style.
My wonderful friend, Tammy Tew (http://www.distortedframes.onsugar.com), found an amazing website featuring a very awesome fashion application and tagged me from her post (ย http://distortedframes.onsugar.com/Looklet-Surprise-surprise-13860812).ย It’s called Looklet. Basically, think barbie doll and designer labels. You can already just imagine how much fun it is!
What’s Looklet? (http://www.looklet.com)

It’s an application meaning you get a model (and you can choose any model) in their lingerie and then it’s up to you to decide what designer pieces you want to dress her in. Choose from a variety of labels including Alexander Wang to Burberry to Marc by Marc Jacobs. It’s fashion Mecca on a website. It’s fast loading and you can layer clothes so fashion forward opportunities are endless. You can even name your styles and have fun with bags, shoes, scarves, accessories, dresses, bottoms and tops! The only thing it’s missing is makeup! But, I know, I know, that’s not part of the picture.
So, if I had my own fashion label, it would probably look something like this:
Label:ย Power
About:ย The powerful, sexy and confident woman.
Look #1: Dressy
I have always been a fan of chiffon and light chiffon colors. I am in love with the soft and flowing material that’s so girl yet sophisticated.

Look #2: Red
I know, I’m not very creative in the name department but I think red makes a nice touch and the perfect boost of color, no?

Look #3: USA
Here’s to red accessories helping boost a light chiffon piece. The denim capris make this look young and fresh, inspired by my Mom when she was in her twenties.

Look #4: Glam
I love this powerful piece.
Look #5: Something for Winter
I think the Leopard gloves add a nice touch yes? I think this is quite work appropriate as well!

And there we have it! What would you do if you had your own fashion label?
I tag everyone, but I do want to see what these people have to come up with:
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Have fun!