Beauty News: Spring 2011 Makeup Trends & Favourite Collections

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So we all want to be updated and in the loop of what is hot this season. With Spring onboard, we’re looking into more color to tease the drab of winter away (especially this winter). Here are some Spring 2011 Makeup trends that you might want to try certified by Vogue and Harpers Bazaar that I thought were pretty interesting as well as a few collections that are for sure spring note-worthy!
1. Bolder Lips
Nude has always been pretty much in but this season, try going for bolder lips like fuscia, red, or hot pink. To tone things down, I like to take a powerful lipstick and then lightly dab the color onto my lips so it leaves a semi-stain, just bitten look.
This is from Fendi’s Spring 2011 collection, featuring a matte bright orange. Bright lips are in babe so pucker up!

a more wearable bright lip is also very in

A great way to take advantage of this trend is to go bold and sport a hot pink lip. It freshens the look up and is absolutley stunning with a light pink blush for that perfect flush. I will be doing a Valentines Day look this weekend and I’ll show you how to amp it up, but for now Katy Perry will do. If you have black hair, hot pink lips are so hot!

2. Vibrant Eyes
Work your magic this season by adding a little more color to your looks. You’ve probably seen the outbreak of Peacock collections that MAC and Shu Uemura both have launched this season so it is no wonder that color is totally in. If you’re not used to it like I am, just try adding one different color shadow to your look for the day, you don’t have to look like a peacock going to work right? I absolutely love the blue hues of her eyes.

Derek Lam Spring 2011

3. Just line your top Lid:
The look that Taylor Swift is pretty much known for has taken the slot for the next beauty trend. Use a slightly frosty skintone shadow, a dark liquid liner, line your top lid with a wing, add a flattering pair of false lashes and you’re in! I wouldn’t be surprised if you turned into Dita by sporting a luscious red lip and maybe a fake mole 😉

Cool Spring 2011 Collections
1. NARS Spring Sleek – Spring 2011 Collection
Despite the current trends, NARS did something daring again and opted to combine the colors of the earth when it blooms in spring into his own Spring 2011 collection which I think is a wonderful ensemble.

With the cool metallic shades of ice just melting, mixed into the warmer tones of the earth just peeking out of the frost of winter to the beautiful blooming petals of the flowers make Spring blossom, the NARS collection features a newer shade for lipgloss, NANA and a variety of shadow trios.
2. Make-Up Forever Tres Vichy Spring 2011 Collection:
If you are girl, pink and forthy, the MUFE Vichy collection will tickle your fancies. The collection is inspired by the dress of Bridgette Bardot and the iconic looks of the 50s. This collection would be pretty much perfect for Valentines day but I don’t know how your significant other would react to the bow on your fake lashes.

3. MAC Jeanius Spring 2011 Collection
Ok this is seriously cool. If all you wear are jeans or you’re someone that owns more jeans than tops than this is probably up your alley. I think the pictures speak for themselves but the line is inspired by Denim and Spring 2011 Denim trends

Thoe eyeshadows are adorable. They have stiches and a button!
4. Giorgio Armani Transluminence Spring 2011

Man, if I could look like that…(Megan Fox btw)
Giorgio Armani says that his inspiration behind his collection is: Imagine the richest purple and the deepest green both enlivened by a frozen silver. A soft black completes the palette, to be worn alone as liner or to add depth to smoky eyes. Freshened by the softest baby lips, a beautiful frosty blush completes this new way of facing spring in the depths of winter.” Sounds good to me.

The Colleciton Features:
-Eyeshadow Palette with shades as: iris purple, jungle green, melting snow as well as carbon black.
-The Translucent Pale Pink Powder
-Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush of a pale pink shade
-Waterproof Eyeliners in: Classic Black, Modern Brown and Grass Green
-Lip Balms in: Dawn Pink (518), Petal Pink(503) and Early Morning Rose (508).
Would I get anything? I haven’t had a lemming to buy makeup for a while but I think above all, I will be sporting a brighter lip, using a liquid liner and going a little brighter this season. I feel that trends come and go but what works for you works forever. What about you?
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