The Scarlet Room Fashion PhotoShoot + Makeup!

Hello Everyone!
Oh the joys of the midweek. Not really, I’m quite the sleepy but I shall blog. Today I’ll be blogging about quite a special event. The story is pretty funny actually. I was shopping at ALT at the Heeren which is an Asian Makeup Mecca in Singapore and I was looking at Japanese eyeliners with Tammy and Kiyoko until I heard my name call in the background. Little did I know it was the lovely Jolyn, who happens to read my blog and watch my videos. After a discussion about NARS blushes and Japanese makeup, she asked me if I’d like to do a collaboration with The Scarlet Room, an online store born and bred in Singapore, and help them with the makeup for their photoshoot. Eager to gain more experience, I gladly agreed!
It’s actually my very first photoshoot. I have to say that I’m not professional, I’m not a makeup artist, but a makeup enthusiast. There’s a difference. But, I did what I could and I think it turned out pretty well. Let’s take a little photo journey shall we?
The Scarlet Room is an online store featuring unique and very stylish pieces that you can’t normally find in stores. They’re just about one of a kind. Annie, the owner, is featured below and,that’s me at about 10 PM at night and of course the very stylin’ model, Amanda!
When I entered the studio, I was a kid at a candystore. It was so cool to be in an actual studio with weird white latern thingies and a white background! I probably spent the first five minutes running around the place saying this is so cool, this is so cool, and probably acting as if I was the star of the shoot. But, I totally wasn’t. Annie did take a few shots of me though while the model was changing. It was pretty surreal.

I brought a variety of things to use although we only managed to use a few NARS products. Everyone was surprised at how much makeup I brought. Haha.

The first few outfits were dark so I chose the NARS Eurydice shadow duo as the star of the show. They had a signature red lip already featured on their website so they wanted me to continue the look onto the next collection. The OCC lip tar helped with that and I chose the stunning red in stalker. I didn’t bring my foundation because Jolyn said the model would but the model forgot. Fortunately her skin was so flawless that it really wasn’t a problem. I used the Bobbi Brown Gel Liners and the Benefit Bad Gal Lash to complete the look. Hoola contoured the cheeks nicely and NARS’ Deep Throat flushed them to perfection. The model kept on wanting it darker and darker and wasn’t used to the purple so at the end, it just really looked like a massive blob of darkness but it’s alright because on camera, colors do actually wash out. Yeah, I totally called it Look #2, and had to cover it up with a big pink one to hide my mistake. Tehe.

The vanity area was pretty crowded with the four of us but it was all in good fun!

The second look featured a more warm beige look for the lighter outfits. Still keeping it smokey, I used the NARS Codura eyeshadow duo, bobbi brown gel liners, Urban Decay 24/7 on the upper and lower lid and the Benefit Bad Gal Lash to oomph those lashes. To finish it off, I used a peachy blush like the MAC Ripe Peach blush ombre to accent the cheeks, Hoola to contour and a rosy YSL Rouge Volupte.

I loved the animal print outfits. They looked so hot! I just told her to put it on herself because it wasn’t necessary that I keep all the fun! 🙂

and then the shoot began. The camera picked up more than I intended. I really wished I used a foundation but I didn’t have any in hand which is why the photos on the actual webbie look a bit messy. In real life though, that’s what they looked like below. I for shizzle need to learn more about photo shoot photography. As we call it, very Pai-seh! Haha.

Looking at these photos, you’ll probably already get a sense of their style. It’s very Topshop if I may say so myself.

The chiffon veil is so pretty when you do the swooshy thing. Very elegant but I reckon very mysterious at the same time!

This was an amazing opportunity and an opportunity I can for sure learn from. Although it didn’t go absolutely perfect, it was a very fun experience. Next time, I shall bring my foundation regardless.

and here is the lovely Jolyn! Thank you so much for inviting me to do this with you!

Lots of Love,