How-To: Winged Eye-Liner + New iPad

Hey Everyone!

I hope you had a fabulous day today! I received a request from Princess Jae in the comments section of one of my past posts to do a tutorial on how I wing my eye-liner. I have to say before all else that practice makes perfect. It’s not going to be exactly the same for everyone either depending on your face shape but a general rule is that the liner should be angled towards the direction of where your eye-brow ends. I have two general ways of doing my eye-liner and to be honest, I do the first method on my right eye and the second method on my left eye. I find that’s the most comfortable way of doing things.
IMPORTANT: I’m not particularly smiling in that picture. It’s probably because this was an awfully hard tutorial to take pictures of. Just picture me, trying to draw liquid eye-liner on my eye and the the other hand trying to capture a good enough shot, balance off..eye-liner gets everywhere, me trying to capture myself actually drawing the liner instead of just posing..Yeah..big mess. Thus, I reckon you should forgive me if none of the pictures are up to your standard and I’m usually a lot neater with my lines but again..if you’re trying to be the model, makeup artist and the camera woman at the same time – things aren’t always going to be well…picture perfect.
Method 1:
#1. Start from the inner corners of your eye and in small strokes continue until your reach just about the middle.

#2. Stop at about the middle of your lash line.

#3. In one long fellow swoop, draw the line and have a kink where it ends for that cat-eye effect. This method takes a lot of practice if you aren’t used to putting liner on. I remember when I first started make-up, eye-liner to me certainty wasn’t a bouquet of roses, it was a bed with lots of thorns. Bad analogy. Anyway, you eventually will get used to the stuff and it’ll be second nature – doable in a matter of seconds.

Method 2:

#1. Draw a short line at the end of your eye in the direction of where your eyebrow should end.

#2. Sorry that it’s messy – again think of what I’m thinking right when I’m taking that picture – yeah FML. haha. But simply join the tip of the short line you made down to the lash line..this is your wing you’ll fill in later.

#3. Draw in and outline the rest of your lid

#4. Go back and fill in the little space between the first two steps you made for that complete winged look

and ta-da! Remember, practice makes perfect. This is more of an everyday eye-liner tutorial. If you want to give things some oomph, just add more eye-liner and make it thicker and longer!

The eye-iiner I used is the KATE super sharp liner, I just made a review, ch-ch-check it out here:

and guess what I have here 🙂

Hehe I got an iPad! I used to think that I would never have use for it but I have to say that I don’t leave the house without it. I have 3G on it so I can use it wherever I am in terms of the online scene which I know I always need to stay connected to. My two favourite applications have to be the TED so I can always stay tuned to inspirational, heart-warming talks by important people who I totally need to learn from and of course tap tap radiation for making my 40 minute rides back home from work seem like ten minutes!

For added protection, I also got it wrapped in one of my favourite pieces – The Kiss by Gustav Klimnt. I’m a big art history fan at heart – I’ve done 2 years of it actually! What I love about this piece in particular is the amount of expression that two lovers share when they share a kiss – down to the golden glimmer, the patterns and the emotion. Absolutely in love.

and that’s about it! hoped you liked the tutorial

xx Roseanne


  • Princess Jae

    Thank you so much for that Roaseanne !!!
    You’re awesome =D

  • emily (hkcandy)

    i love your winged eyeliner but i prefer using gel liner 🙂 I love the smoothness of bobbi browns long wear liner!!

  • amyrleex

    thanks for the tip! and btw, yr eyebrows look fab, whr do u get them done?? or is it diy? and I love my ipad too! 2 thumbs up! 🙂

  • miss jeanius

    Nice tip! I always use method 1 to draw my eyeliner too! 🙂

  • hazelnutt

    Hmmm…wonder wat the Taptap radiation is… Shall go check it out 😉

  • roseannetangrs

    @Princess Jae: no problemo, it was a great request!
    @emily (hkcandy): yeah i have to say gel liners are easier to apply but liquid has this gloss finish I like as well!
    @amyrleex: thank you! I get them done at Browhaus Wheelock, haven’t gone in a while though because I’ve been plucking them recently to touch up!
    @miss jeanius: thank you! haha yep me too!
    @hazelnutt: check it out! it’s so fun! haha

  • Dawnavette

    I LOVE your site?!?! I stumbled across it… and seriously it’s BEAST!! I’m a newbie lifestyle blogger based out of Atlanta, GA… but ob-sessed w. all things fashion & beauty!! Now following on Twitter for updates and tips. Keep up the awesome work, and if possible, could you eventually add in where some products can be found in the US?? I’d love to get my iPad, Mac, and iPhone wrapped too! Thanks in advance 🙂

  • roseannetangrs

    Hey Dawnavette! Aw thanks hun! I’ll try to but I’m not familiar with stores in the U.S just yet 🙂

  • jeaninely

    Great post! Kudos to you for being able to draw your eyeliner AND take step bye step snap shots at the same time!! =) This look never gets old.

  • roseannetangrs

    thanks jeaninely! it was for sure a challenge, a funny one at that haha and I agree!

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