Bobbi Brown Haul From

Hey Everyone!

Bobbi Brown has always been to me one of those brands that I wish I could have everything from, but I know that it’ll be a heartache to fork out for. It makes you want to dilly dally around the counter, say “its okay, just looking” to the sales assistant, and one day put that product into your list of makeup products that you want but will never get. The neutral colour palette that Bobbi Brown provides is stylish, natural, and beautiful but the prices on the shelf aren’t at all flattering. Most products are in the high forties and above that can set you back quite a bit in the numero department of your bank account. However, it’s a brand that speaks. It’s a brand that inspires women to be not only pretty, but powerful.
so when asked me whether I wanted to try out some Bobbi Brown, I was pretty much ecstatic! followed me on twitter and contacted me if i wanted to review a few products for them. They are  an online website selling cosmetics from basically all brands, including NARS and Asian brands like Kanebo. Little did they know, i had already placed previous orders from them before any sponsorship and was very happy with the delivery and ease. Their prices are very reasonable. So, of course I accepted!
Check out their website right here:

So hurry up and tell us what you got! Ok Ok, here we go. I received a Bobbi Brown Gel-Eyeliner Set and Pastel Eyeshadow Palette. The gel-eyeliner set comes with two long wear gel eye-liners, one in Black Ink and Sepia Ink ( A dark brown) and the cutest and my first Bobbi Brown brush! No matter how small, we should always take baby steps! You can purchase this on the website or you can also get it duty free at the airport I believe! I’m super duper excited to try this out because I’ve heard so many good things about this! Have you tried it?

The swatches that the gel-eyeliner produces are heavily pigmented and the glide was creamy, smooth and fuss free. I see potential! I have been using a liquid pen liner quite regularly now so using an additional brush to apply gel-eyeliner again hopefully won’t seem like such a chore.

Another item I received was the Bobbi Brown Pastel Eyeshadow Palette. Let’s open it shall we?

I love palettes much more than single eye-shadows and the array that this palette has is pretty well varied. It features frost/metallic shades and matte shades as well. It’s great that theres a dark matte colour to turn any day look into a smoky affair. The light neutrals are nice for day time and the cool blues along with the warmer opposite half offer variety in creating new looks! It for sure shouts stylish versatility! I can’t wait to make tutorials out of this!

The warmer side features the colours in Ivory (matte), Baby Pink (matte) and Champagne Quartz (Metallic) that is sheer. I can’t see much potential for the first two colours except as a highlight or an all over lid colour when wet. The champagne quarts adds a nice swatch as an all over lid or an outer corner for a very neutral eye.

The next set of colours are cool toned and the palette ends with a good note on a dark matte mahoganey. The shadows are pigmented and I can see potential for a day to night look from these series of colours. You’ll just have to wait for the review won’t you!

And ta-da! That’s it! I haven’t done a haul post for a long time because I haven’t been buying makeup for quite a while, so I thought this might be refreshing from the regular content.
So what’s in store form this Haul – Well, yes, reviews:
The reviews will feature tutorials of looks you can achieve from the palette and my thoughts on the product. Same goes for the liners. So do look forward to reading what I think in the next few weeks.
I hope you’re having a joyous week!