Tutorial: Really Simple, Everyday Eyes

Hey Everyone!

Here’s a really simple look that I think is day appropriate but will add a little dimension to your eyes. I’m using the Stila Marrakesh quad quite often these days and this is one of the looks you can make from them, might do another pinkier look as well later on. I’ve also been experimenting with just using my blending brush as my only eye tool and I really like how smoothly blended the look becomes with less pigmentation that I usually wear. According to your preference, you might want to opt for a dark brown liner as well if the black seems to bold.
1. Prime your eyes – ultra important for pigmentation and long lasting purposes.

2. Find a light pink shadow and pack some onto a blending brush

3. Sweep the light pink color all of your lid. Remember with eye-shadows, you want a light all over lid and a darker outer corner. Just two colors.

4. Pick a darker chocolate brown for the outer corner and pack some on the same blending brush

5. Concentrate the color in the outer V or outer corner of your eyes, blending into the crease. i didn’t want a defined color line, so it looks all blended together which is what I initially wanted. Excuse my eye-brows. I’m growing them out to get my moneys worth at Browhaus haha.

6. Apply liner to your lids, waterline, and tightline – whatever floats your boat

7. Apply your mascara – this one is one of my favs after it has dried out a bit!

8. Go ahead and do your brows – an important step to add structure and frame to any look. I love the YSL brow pencil, a re-purchase product fo shizzle

and you’re done!

xx Roseanne


  • junying

    THIS IS EXACTLY MY EVERYDAY LOOK! Hahaha! Only using different products. Haha! 😀

  • beautyprincess

    That’s what I do for my quick makeup 🙂

  • elizaheartyou

    I love that mascara tooo! 😀 hehe

  • Iariae

    I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate this tutorial! Now to get me the MAC brush and I’ll be ready with my Paul & Joe Paper Moon eyeshadow quad! Thanks Roseanne!
    Oh btw, should I email you or text you? Which do you prefer?
    Jolyn x Iariae

  • roseannetangrs

    @junying: haha thats so cool 🙂
    @beautyprincess: haha yep its uber fast 🙂
    @elizaheartsyou: yep its one of my favs!
    @Jolyn: aw yay! glad you liked it 🙂 email me 😀
    xx Roseanne

  • weekendsarelove

    Love it! (: Very natural for everyday look.

  • roseannetangrs

    thanks hun 🙂

  • igotnocookieforu

    what foundation are you wearing in this tutorial? looks flawless!

  • roseannetangrs

    Maybelline Superstay 🙂

  • roseannetangrs

    Ooops not maybelline superstay, maybelline mineral power, i think it breaks me out though 🙁

  • heavenlygorgeous

    Nice and simple! But still look fresh! 😉

  • roseannetangrs

    thanks love!

  • swelulgeNow

    I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts. Thanks for sharing.

  • onion poon

    I don’t know why I keep on reading your old posts lol I guess I just like your blog too much XD just wanna say this look is just amazing~ but I think Stila discontinued this quad; what alternatives would you suggest? 🙂

  • roseannetangrs

    thanks hun! i haven’t met a palette that looks just like it but the colors are pretty substitutable as single shadows!

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