Facebook Contest/NARS Giveaway! What's Your Favourite Product??

Hey Everyone!
It’s time for my first facebook contest! It’s called “What’s Your Favourite Product? Facebook Contest” because I thought it would be uber neat to have us all share our favourite products on facebook so that we can discover great finds chosen by none other than you!
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Let’s see what’s up for grabs shall we?
1. The Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual!
I wanted a prize that you could keep..well forever. Something that wouldn’t run out, would be a great reference, easy to read and beautiful. The Bobbi Brown Makeup manual made the perfect solution as it’s all of the above and for sure one of my favourite makeup bibles to refer to and read.

2. NARS Laguna Bronzer!

I’ve totally finished my NARS Laguna and I wish I had more, but I spent that money giving you this as a contest prize and I am totally glad I did because this is for sure one of my most coveted bronzers. I still have the empty packaging. It creates a beautiful warm glow but can still contour your cheeks perfectly.

3. NARS Orgasm Blush!

What NARS giveaway would be complete without this baby. One of my first NARS products, this blush is so easy and so pretty. Sweep it on and it brings your look to life, no joke.

4. NARS Cordura Eye-Shadow Duo!

Not just any eye-shadow duo, this is probably my most sported look. Whenever I have a brown smoky eye on, it’s this, and I assure you it’s my most worn eye-shadow combination as you probably may have noticed. I love this and I hope that when you receive this, you think of me. πŸ™‚

5. Lunch with me?
I get tweets and messages about meeting up but unfortunately I don’t have the time to meet with all of you individually. BUT I still do want to meet you. The last prize is thus sorta special.
If you are in Melbourne or Singapore and you win, in addition to all the prizes listed above, we are going to have a girl’s day out baby! Lunch on me and you get to ask me whatever you want, go makeup shopping with me, it’s going to be so fun! However, if you aren’t in Melbourne or Singapore, all the prizes listed above will be sent to you but unfortunately I can’t meet up with you because it’s not like I can just fly to whereever you’re from if you know what I’m saying. I reckon it won’t be a bummer with all that NARS you’ll have in your collection!
So, Roseanne, what do I do to win all this awesome stuff??
Simple, really.
Just follow these steps:

Other Important Things to Remember:
1. To iike a picture, you must first become a fan of the page, which means your friends should like the roseannetangrs page before they can like your picture and vote for you!
2. Person with the most likes on the picture wins!
3. Contest endsΒ Jan. 3, 2011
4. GOOD LUCK xoxo!
GO TO:Β www.facebook.com/roseannetangrs
xx Roseanne