Featured in I-S Magazine Singapore!

Hey Everyone,

Just thought I’d share happy news, I’m featured in I-S magazine, one of the interviews I did with Hidayah Salamat! Apparently the hard copy hasn’t come out yet, but I would love if any of you happened to get it and maybe get a copy for me too? πŸ˜› It’s a small feature, but it means a lot to me! The lovelyΒ Sarah Chaudry,Β Sophia, andΒ SaraΒ were also featured in this πŸ™‚ Check these lovely ladies out ok if you haven’t, but I’m sure you have! haha
My lil excerpt..
That’s right, hard work, honesty and lots of support from you, that’s how it happens! Thanks so much for the feature, I-S Magazine and thank you soooo much to YOU, I’d really be nothing without your time reading or watching what I love doing!!
Click this for more:Β http://is.asia-city.com/health/article/beauty-and-blog
xx Roseanne