Hey Everyone!

I visited the Topshop makeup stand @ ION and I must say, it’s quite a selection of products – lip glosses, eyeshadow trios, tints, bronzers, blushes and lots of nail polishes. All of the blushes were sold out before I got there but I have to say the makeup packaging is quite the adorable. I couldn’t take many pictures so here is one:
But I did sneakily note down a price list for all of you interested. Most of the things were 13 dollars, it’s affordable and there is a promotion – something along the lines of buy $60 worth of Topshop stuff, with at least 1 makeup item.. and get a free makeup tote (btw thats a ton of makeup if you’re talking sixty!)
Topshop Makeup Price List

  1. Nail Polish – $13
  2. Eyeshadow Duos – $13
  3. Lip Glazes – $13
  4. Lipsticks – $19
  5. Blush – $13
  6. Skin Tint – $23
  7. Skin Glow – $23
  8. Eye Brightener – $16
  9. Bronzer – $19
  10. Mascara – $19
  11. Liner – $13
  12. Kohl – $9
  13. Crayon – $13
  14. Gloss – $13
  15. Eyes Trio – $23
  16. Tint – $23
  17. Balm – $9
  18. Lip Polish – $13

I think that’s all they offer, but lots of variety, more than I would think they have, especially in the nail polish department!
Hope that helped, it’s pretty cool, bought nothing though because I kinda need to stop buying makeup at this point..
xx Roseanne


  • AtelierGal

    Thanks dear for the price list. I want that highlighter… guess it’s not brought into Singapore??

  • hazelnutt

    wooo… thanks for snooping around for our benefit πŸ™‚
    i’m hoping to hit town SOON… i’m so living under a rock… coz TOWN seems like such a faraway place for me nowadays.

  • Junkshion

    Thanks for sharing dear. Such a sweetheart. Did you do any swatches?

  • roseannetangrs

    @AtelierGal: No problemo πŸ™‚ I don’t remember seeing a highlighter..hmm..may have missed it, was kind of in a rush in case someone saw me! but there is an eyebrightener which is kind of like a white pencil thing
    @hazelnutt: haha no problemo, thought it might be helpful πŸ™‚ aw, get there soon, things are going fast!
    @Junkshion: haha my pleasure πŸ™‚ I wanted to..but after taking the picture..I just walked quickly out of the store hehe, and I wouldn’t be able to take any pictures of the swatches either, it was quite stalked by the staff πŸ™

  • AtelierGal

    I doubt it’s brought in, considering that it’s OOS at the website and not in the other outlets in the UK. Ahh~.

  • Junkshion

    Oh, LOL. πŸ™‚

  • everbluec

    I was around ION today.. why I never thought of popping by TOPSHOP to check it out!
    The price was so wallet friendly!

  • charlenejudith

    AtelierGal: Hey. I PMed you this but I’m posting this here just in case anyone else wants to know (Roseanne, I hope you don’t mind!)…
    Hey (:
    I saw your comment on Roseanne’s site. Are you talking about the Skin Glow? They do have it but there were only a few tubes left. I swatched it and it’s a really pretty light pink with shimmers. But it doesn’t last! I swatched it on my hand and within half an hour, it was gone?!? Maybe it’s my hand or something… It’s actually pretty close to Benefit’s High Beam. Though High Beam is of a greater intensity. Hope this helps! (:
    (I’m loving High Beam a whole lot btw!)

  • heavenlygorgeous

    Thank you so much for the price list, Roseannelove! The price are really, really affordable!!! Hope they will restock soon! πŸ˜‰

  • teaplayground

    omg!!!!!!!!!!! ahh, i’m zooming in on nail polishes! thanks for the info!!!! but omg, at $13, it’s quite ex. i mean compared to a blush which is $13 right? how’s the pigmentatio like, any idea?

  • icyabstract

    The stuff seem to be pretty affordable! I was expecting them to cost more but for a blush to be priced at $13, that’s not too bad! Thanks for the update!

  • ImmaPink

    weeee!!! thanks for the info dear…and i tink the price is quite affordable leh…wow im excited already! =D

  • blushaphoria

    great, thanks for the list. i didn’t managed to check them out today. hopefully i’ll have time to do it tomorrow! wanna check out the nail polishes. πŸ™‚

  • roseannetangrs

    @heavenlygorgeous: no worries! glad it was helpful πŸ™‚ and yea I agree, pretty affordable!
    @teaplayground: yea, that’s true in comparison, but the colors look really nice πŸ™‚ heard the blushes weren’t all that great, not sure about the pigmentation..had to leave in a hurry, sorry love πŸ™
    @icyabstract: yea i agree! and glad to be of service πŸ˜€
    @ImmaPink: no problemo πŸ™‚ go check it out soon!
    @blushaphoria: my pleasure! the nail polishes come in really cute colours πŸ™‚

  • teaplayground

    yeah, but i’ll look out for other items, they seemed like a good deal πŸ™‚ thanks for providing the price list πŸ™‚ probably wouldn’t have noticed it had it not been your post πŸ™‚ it’s okay, i guess i’ll pop by tmrw and see them for myself πŸ™‚

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