Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (Melbourne Fashion Week) with The Beauty Club! (ww.thebeautyclub.com.au)

Hey Everyone,

The first thing that usually comes to mind when I think runway or fashion show is for some weird reason unwearable pieces with unwearable makeup with unwearable extremely expensive high heels. But my opportunity to watch Madison’s Runway from LMFF (Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival) totally changed my mind. It was an out of the world experience to sit there and watch a professional fashion show right before my eyes!

If you don’t know what The Beauty Club is, check out their website at: http://thebeautyclub.com.au. For a membership fee, you can enjoy prices from a great range and variety of brands at discounted prices cheaper than Strawberrynet. Shipping is international and I’ve tried it, their service is spectacular, honestly!!
You might have already known from the tweets and excerpt in my last haul video, but I was invited to Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival aka Melbourne Fashion Week by The Beauty Club who I am a celebrity VIP of. I was one of the ‘special guest (s) and celebrity blogger/reviewer(s)” for them and my package consisted of a Pre-Runway Function, Runway Show by Madison and Loreal and The Beauty Club gift bags! I had no idea what to expect and closer to the date, I felt intimidated and scared to be part of such a fashion forward crowd, but little did I know what a great evening there was in store!
I thought the best way to do this would be a story/picture timeline so here we go:
I met the lovely Akisa (www.beautyswatch.com)  first at the Woolshed Pub at Docklands where we were supposed to meet The Beauty Club team and Felicity from SquareOnePR! After a bit of rummaging, through the fashion trendy crowds having cocktails we finally found them near the pier where they gave us lovely goodie bags and led us to the Friends of the Festival lounge area for canapes and drinks. It was absolutely lovely talking to Akisa and Felicity about current trends in cosmetics and makeup in general!

Akisa and I at the Woolshed Pub (Pre-Runway Function) before the Runway show with our Friends of the Festival Lanyards!

Felicity (from SquareonePR) and Akisa

My two tickets – one for the Runway and one for the Pre-Runway Function. The Function was more expensive than the runway!

Akisa and I!
On to the Runway Show:
We then moved towards the venue for the runway. It was absolutely gigantic and my nerves were getting the best of me. With skinny cow ice cream in hand, we squeezed past the huge group of press and sat ourselves on must I say brilliant seats already prepared with a Madison Magazine, an LMFF fan and a guide about the show in front of three huge screens! The designers included Anna Thomas, Aurelio Costarello, Gwendolynne, Jason Brundson, Lisa Ho, Megan Park, Nevenka and Thurley.  It was amazing! I expected the conventional runway streaming down the middle and us at the sides but I understand now that would be impossible with the number of people who were there at this particular show.

Look at the crowd!

and it spans both sides!

The stuff that was on our seats 🙂

LMFF for the win!
The opening started with Bertie Blackman singing her song with streaming strobing purple lights flashing everywhere.. (I’ve actually never heard her songs before) but she went well with the ambiance of rocker chic but the pieces showcased hardly represented the theme. You’ll see why later:

Bertie Blackman opening song!

Models as her backup dancers haha
My take on the Fashion from the Runway?
From what I saw, Winter/Fall 2010 in Australia will (with a few exceptions of course) be about nude, beige white, gray structured or chiffon styles with lace that exudes elegance and style. Some of the designers featured really caught my attention, but some where pieces that I thought were not very original or very reminiscent of inspirations from the space obsession in the seventies with structured or angled sleeves especially from Nevenka. Most designers played on short patterned or textured skirts from the waist with tucked in skinny tops like Lisa Ho who grabbed feathers to create stunning skirts and a beautiful beige pink gown with the whole bottom half feathered. It moved and glided beautifully and would make an amazing wedding dress. Jayson Brundson was probably my favourite designer out of the group with his structured coats and tops and nude colours. If anything has ever caught your eye from Chloe, you’d probably think Chloe flats or a bag would go very well with his pieces which probably says something about his originality. :/ But, he did make some very original pieces with glittered gowns and party dresses in monochrome silver. Stunning. Aurelio Costarella I felt had an impression of manly women, structured tops, vests, and fur – very Spanish Knight. Gwendolynne featured mainly gowns, all were pretty, but from a more fashion perspective, nothing new while Megan Park‘s twist with V-necks and puffed out long sleeves fell in the same category. Thurley got the colors right but nothing very eye-catching. However, fashion is so subjective and it really depends.



Aurelio Costarella

Aurelio Costarella

Jayson Brundson

I had an absolutely wonderful time thanks to The Beauty Club who was kind enough to invite me to experience for the first time a professional runway and it was a pleasure meeting everyone!

And for some reason, this is always the cherry on top – What did I get in the goodie bags?
Lots. 🙂 From The Beauty Club, I received Origins Eyeshadow in Toast, Stila Eyeshadow in Wheat (Yay for my first Stila Eyeshadow), Stila Lip Glaze Liner in Nude, Benefit Eyeshadow in Guess Again and Clinique Duo Lipgloss in Playful Plump and Cherry Bomb! I had lots of firsts in this goodie bag which is always a good thing – I haven’t tried any of these products before! As for the Loreal gift bag, there was a Loreal Lip Contour Collagene Filler (hmm? haha), Loreal Glamshine 6 Hour Volumizer lipgloss, and YAY a Loreal Extra-Volume Collagene Mascara! I’ve been wanting to try this baby and have found that it really does a nice job in lengthening and separation but not so much curl 🙁

Oh and here was my look that I wore to the event, also featured in my youtube video ( i really do suggest watching it ) right here:

Ugh, I should have smiled haha but then my eyes get smaller so I thought not to 😛 I used the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland for the eyes to create a purple smokey look that drew a little bit from my outfit and put on some falsies on. These are from MAC and I have to say they are extremely comfortable and I can SEE with them on. At times, I forgot that I even had them on so much so that I wondered if they were still adhered at one time and they were! I have MUFE HD foundation, making my skin absolutely flawless, MAC’s Ripe Peach Ombre Blush from the Spring Colour Forecast (an absoulte MUST BUY) and Shiseido Perfect Rouge 🙂
Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity and I hope all of you have enjoyed this post 🙂


  • icefrost

    Looks like you had fun! 🙂
    your makeup is awesome as always 🙂

  • roseannetangrs

    thanks icefrost, i really did 🙂

  • heavenlygorgeous

    Ermmm… Where’s the video? Anyway, the goodies are awesome!

  • everbluec

    The goodie bags was indeed goodies! lolx

  • roseannetangrs

    haha yep! the video is above after the first paragraph! 🙂 I embedded it 😀

  • Cendana

    Flawless skin!! Makes me wanna try MUFE HD Foundation now hahaha… and did you use the MSF as setting powder? It really is a nice finish! Loves it! …

  • roseannetangrs

    Thanks Dana! Yep I used MSF Natural ( A must have for flawless skin!)

  • Ange Demon013

    Oh, I never heard of The Beauty Club. Thanks for the tip 🙂
    I went to the website. I didn’t join yet but when they display the price like $27.90, would you get a further discount if you’re a member?Or is the price mentioned on the beauty club website only for members?

  • icyabstract

    Sounds like fun! (: Loved the makeup you had on!

  • roseannetangrs

    Hey AngeDemono13! That’s the price you get but I have to say its a lot marked down. A NARS blush in aussie cost $62 and the website sometimes if you’re lucky has prices in the thirty dollar range for one! So its like half price basically by aussie standards 🙂
    Thanks Sara!! it was loads of fun ;D

  • Ange Demon013

    nice, thanks. Another question, they mention that you could get 2-3 free beauty products every year. Will they be full-sized ones or samples?

  • roseannetangrs

    I’m not sure on this actually, they will probably give you a voucher code to buy full sized items 🙂

  • roseannetangrs

    You could for sure ask The Beauty Club tho, they’re a responsive team 🙂

  • Ange Demon013

    Thanks, I’ll do. Was wondering if maybe they had sent you some already 🙂

  • roseannetangrs

    haha well since i’m vip on there, they sponsor the products that I’ve already reviewed like the Biotherm Aquasource range and the Chanel products on my youtube channel 🙂

  • AtelierGal

    like I said before, I want to rob you haha!
    That Thurley gown with the bow is gorgeous!

  • emills149

    i’m going to be in sydney from may-august do you know any fashion events happening then?

  • roseannetangrs

    Sorry emills149, I don’t 🙁 but I hope you have a fun time in Sydney, it’s an awesome place 😀
    and AtelierGal, Yes i agree!! 😀

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