Product Rave: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencils

Hey Everyone,

I don’t know about you but I have always been on the search for that special eye pencil that won’t drip, smudge or budge especially when applied on my water line and tight line. I’ve tried countless pencils – Revlon Colorstay, Maybelline, Clinique – but they have all been kicked aside as the disappointments of my make-up collection. I have only recently found MAC Technakohl in Graphblack and more so an answer to all my problems – Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencils.
* Disclaimer: I was not sponsored these products and this is what I truly think of them.
Top 3 Reasons why I’ve Fallen in LOVE <3:
1. They Don’t BUDGE!
Keep your hands free because you won’t  be swiping your undereye area anymore. Finally, there is a pencil that won’t turn you into a panda – and not a cute one at that.  Additionally, Eric Jimenez claims that they’re great for the water line and tight line and are totally safe! So, I have to say that this is my holy grail pencil (in Zero) to give me stunning eyes (if they are at all *blush* haha).

2. They come in Striking Colors!
These colors aren’t boring – they are definitely beauty with an edge. Metallic, golden and highly pigmented its really easy to create designs and add color to any eye look. Look at the swatches and you’ll know what I mean:

3. You can use them in SO many ways 🙂
Not only are they eye-liners, they can be used as shadesticks as well for an all over lid color. You can also apply eye-shadows onto the liners to give the shade more dimension or use the liners on the outer corner to create a more defined look. Having these pencils are like mini brushes with pigment. They are so soft and blendable so anything is possible, really.

My Only Product Boo-Boo.
They simply aren’t retractable. I hate having to deal with getting a pencil sharpener and getting these soft pencils all over the sharperner making them hard to clean. And then, when I want to sharpen another pencil, I kinda mix the two colors. Sometimes when they are too sharp, they poke on my eye-lids :(. Ow, Oh the horror. But there are advantages. A blunt edge makes it easier to use the liner as a shade-stick and its easier to create a smoky look with a swipe of the pencil and brush to blur it. For me? I would mainly use them as liners so having a retractable like the MAC technakohl would be best for me:

If I don’t blog before Chinese New Year, I just want to wish everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai! 🙂




  • icyabstract

    Xin Nian Kuai Le to you too! (:
    I’ve always assumed since these were so soft and pigmented that they would run and smudge, but I guess they don’t! I definitely have to give these a look when I go by Sephora, thanks for the indepth review!

  • everbluec

    Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi fa Cai ^__^
    I have been “seriously” thinking whether I should get MAC or UD black eyelines!!!! I need to check them out!

  • Iliaric

    Happy Chinese New Year to you !
    I’ve always wanted to get UD 24/7 liners ! Hmmm….Now the problem is if i should get it from a spree webby or from Sephora XD

  • roseannetangrs

    all of you 🙂 UD 24/7 liners are worth it!! 🙂 if not the MAC technakohl which is 2 bucks cheaper I guess is a substitute 😛

  • icefrost

    Happy cny!!! I have the eyeliners too! They are so buttery soft!

  • eclecticsatire

    Ohhh yeah! UD 24/7 liners are the bomb! Been using zero for tightlining and my waterline. Absolute loves! Thanks for the review! 🙂

  • Qi Hui

    Hi! I have really oily and sensitive eye area. i.e i tear very easily, having really watery eyes whenever I apply on waterline. eyelids are oily. what eyeliner to you recommend for me?i prefer tightlining… is UD 24/7 recommended? cos i heard that creamy liners smudge easily on oily lids… what’s your take on this?

  • roseannetangrs

    UD 24/7 isn’t bad, the technakohl from MAC does pretty good as well! For oily lids, always remember to use a primer and some shadow just to seal it in a bit and you can set your eye-liner to keep it from smudging. Waterproof Liquid eyeliner is pretty good for your case as well as it sets! Good luck!

  • Jolene

    Hi Roseanne!
    The other day, I went down to Sephora (Im from SG btw) just to get this eyeliner after reading your review.
    The price here in SG for that eyeliner is crazyyyy in the US I heard it is $18? In SG, it is SGD30 -___- 🙁 But… It was totally worth it. I am even thinking of throwing away my maybelle liquid eyeliner which always runs but looks great when applied and used for indoors.
    The sad thing is… unfortunately urban decay’s 24/7 eyeliner did run on me 🙁 But I don’t blame the product? With SG’s crazyyy hot hotter hottest weather, I don’t actually expect my eyeliner to stay on. The eyeliner managed to not run for 2-3 hours then bam! It finally did. Still, it amazed me when it ran, it wasn’t too much? It was just a little.
    Thank you so much for introducing this wonderful product. Im going to wear it for my internship interview later 🙂

    • roseannetangrs (author)

      I’m glad I’m able to help you out love! Good luck for your interview later xx Love, Roseanne

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