Thumbs Up for MUFE HD Foundation & HD Powder

Hi. Roseanne is in love.

We all know what it is and where it came from and its achievements that have piled up from a number of youtube gurus and the make-up obsessed are numerous but is the MUFE HD Foundation & Powder really worth it? Well, lets digest how awesome this foundation is… slowly..

HD Foundation – So what’s the lowdown?
The Make Up Forever Foundation is a foundation that conceals, keeps your face fresher for longer, doesn’t cake, while emanating an aura of flawlessness. It even won Allure 2008 Editor’s Choice and is best known for diffusing fine lines while keeping it oil-free. But how does it do it? Simply put: Mica & Silica. The Make Up Forever HD foundation kicks everyone else’s buttocks because it has Cyracide Mica (otherwise known as light diffusing particles) and although it sounds dangerous, its the key to creating a soft focus effect, blurring blemishes and sweeping pores under the bed. However, I think its the silica thats the star of the show. If you have acne prone skin, don’t worry because there are three different kinds of silicone in this foundation that have a molecular structure that is too large to absorb into the skin sort of like: you = particle and you know those skinny jeans you bought a few years ago – yea thats the pore.
What Do I think?
Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant. First off – Love the coverage and I need mega coverage at this age so I appreciate MUFE for even being able to double up as a liquid concealer- but don’t get me wrong – lots of coverage doesn’t mean not natural. The first day I wore this, my parents were like:
Mom: “thats good, you’re not wearing much make-up today” (rather in hokkien: “na aniee quan ka ho!”)
Dad: “your skin looks a lot better”
Me: ” No Mummy, Daddy, I’m wearing exactly the same amount of make-up!”
Mom&Dad: “take it off!” parents don’t like me wearing make-up but anyway, the MUFE foundation comes with a pump so its easy to control how much you want to apply that day:

See, you can put people in disbelief with this stuff because it looks just like skin while giving you coverage that you’ve always wanted. Application is also a breeze and i use my MAC 187 and it blends flawlessly but I haven’t tried any other ways to apply it and I don’t like applying my foundation with my fingers. My pores are gone and the variety of shades available are also really decent – I was able to find my shade in a jiffy. The texture of this foundation is also perfect, just the right consistency:

I can’t say enough how much I love this! It’s my holy grail and I’ve finally ended my long search for my perfect foundation. So give it a try if you’re still on your search and maybe it’ll work out for you 🙂 I don’t really have any negative things to say about this which is actually really bad since I look biased – but it lasts for ages (9 am – 10 pm) and..I love it 😀 My take is of course, you probably guessed it: 5/5!
What about the MUFE HD Powder?
Lovely powder but hate the packaging. I started to dislike loose powders after I spilt everyday minerals all over my outfit once and this brings back nightmares, I swear I’m losing product everytime I open this. It was either this or the MAC MSF Natural (re-purchase) and I decided to take this one since it would be nice if someone did a review of it and I really like it because it makes you absolutely flawless. It’s my last step of my make-up application to set everything and it does a nice job but its just so much hassle with white powder floating every where. I pray I don’t sneeze. Another gripe is no coverage and its supposed to be like that and it eventually made me crawl back to the MAC store for my MSF Natural again. But its supposed to make you flawless, and it really does. Absolutely beautiful. My take on the product: 4/5.

and there you have it. It’s absolutely worth the money, go out and give it a try!




  • icyabstract

    Lol your reviews are super entertaining. I like the reference to the skinny jeans. haha. I’ve been interested to try the HD powder but like you said, everytime I open it I feel like I’m losing product, especially when the fan is blowing my way!

  • noppi

    I also like the skinny jeans reference! :DD

  • Iliaric

    Skinny jeans reference banzai ! XD
    Hmm….How long can a bottle of foundation last for you ??

  • heartbeam

    Hahah your review is so cute 🙂 How much is the MUFE HD foundation selling for???

  • xbeanie

    thanks for the review roseanne! (: now you got me temptedddd. see you on saturday love!

  • roseannetangrs

    haha thanks everyone! The skinny jeans thing always happens to me grr 😛 A bottle of foundation lasts quite long actually, bought this like a month ish ago and its a pretty big bottle compared to like clinique and stuff
    In Sephora Singapore – I think the foundation is $75 and the powder is $55, yea the HD powder is quite a mess and i’ll see you jasmine on saturday!

  • purplio

    i LOL-ed at the skinny jeans reference too, hehe 😉

  • hellopanda27

    roseanne, would u chosse MUFE HD foundation over maybellin superstay foundation? and how much is this foundation? i want to try both now…hahaha 😛

  • Chisyelda

    what shade did you use? 🙂

  • Ryzkaa87

    Hiya! I like ur writting and i think im lucky to find your blogs among any other blogs. Especially becuz ur an Asian .__. . haha. i literally wanna ask u some few things about this foundation. does this will last more than 8 hours? i have oily skin in T-area.. and i have some ugly pores T__T . im planning to do my own bridal make up, and ive been asking the online make-up seller, she said MUFE is great but how do i know? ive never tried it before. Im looking forward for your reply. Thank you ^_^

    • roseannetangrs (author)

      I don’t know about 8 hours but it lasts about 3-4 hours, the revlon colorstay lasted the longest for me!

  • Laila

    Hi:) Which shade do you use in the HD foundation?

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