Christmas Wishlist!

lalala, lalala, laLAlalalaaaaa.
ok sorry for my pitiful rendition of jingle bells but I love the holidays, isn’t grocery shopping with jingle bells or chestnuts roasting on an open fire made so much more fun? I think so. But, my parents don’t celebrate christmas unfortuantely so all the items listed below, I need to save up or wait till my birthday or chinese new year..but birthday not so much cuz I dont think my parents aren’t adding anything to the list of ecco shoes and macbook pro which i got early, so chinese new year it is.
Anyway if I were to celebrate Christmas…
1. Clinique’s Three Step Skin Care System

Proactiv works then doesn’t work, works then doesn’t work, i want something that works all the way! Highly raved by Blair as well..i’ve been breaking out so badly πŸ™
2. Stila Kitten Smudgepot

I want to try this shade, apparently it’s stila’s signature
3. Dior Diorskin Nude Foundation

I was flipping through Bazaar (my mom subscribes to it lol, not me, I go for cleo and style) but this ad really caught my attention and I know I shouldn’t fall prey to advertising but it really caught my eye! I went to swatch at sephora the next day and I fell in love with it!
4. MAC 217

πŸ˜€ Do MAC brushes actually need an explanation?
That would be about it..
Whats on your wish list?
Oh and check out roseannebeautyshop for stuff on sale, now you can quote your own prices if you aren’t satisfied with what is quoted already!