Blog Sale Preview & Update, flying back to Singapore on Saturday :)

Hey Everyone!
I know I haven’t blogged for the longest time and my greatest apologies to all of you but I have been updating youtube! So many great things have happened to me in my absence..number one being the fact that I am now sponsored by The Beauty Club! They contacted me by email and I am so happy that my name is getting out there, and to top it off I checked my email this morning and it said that “fafinettex3 has subscribed to your videos”.
I was like what!! No..probably an imitation, but it was THE fafinette that subscribed to my videos. I’ve been watching her videos for so long and it feels amazing that she likes mine too, not only that, she was able to chance upon my videos. Youtube is so exciting! Thank you to all of you!
On a more back to reality note, I have just moved out of college and into my own apartment @740 in melbourne because I was never really suited to live in dorm life and I cooked my own dinner today hehe, one of mum’s best dishes that I love, I think I put too much oyster sauce though 😛 It was so yummmy. I have gained SO MUCH WEIGHT over these four months, probably from all the college food. But now its over, I hope to lose some of it in Singapore so to all beauty bloggers that I’m meeting back home, I know I have when you see me hehe. Umm hmm..I think the only thing I’ll miss is having your friends living in the same community with you but I know it’s for the better because I don’t really drink at all and too much of that goes on over there. Privacy is important to me 🙂
Overall, it has been a good first uni semester with its ups and downs.
So because I’m flying back to Singapore very soon, I will be selling some of my makeup products that I have acquired and the list goes on below. Do note that this is not the actual post, I will be posting up pictures and their prices 🙂 soon when I go back home, this is just a little preview darlings
Payment will be by POSB transfer and mailing cost will be paid by you as well after I calculate how much it is 🙂 This is sale is only for Singapore only, sorry!
You’re lookin at:
– NARS Makeup Primer without SPF
– Clinique CityBlock SPF 30
– Lancome Hypnose Mascara
– Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer
– Smashbox Photofinish Primer with SPF 15 with dermaxyl complex
& Most of my Everyday Minerals Blushes, Bronzers etc.
Let me know down below if you’re interested!