Kreativ Blogger Award

Hey Everyone,
Sorry I haven’t been updating onsugar much, it just takes more time to write down things than to pop a video out and I’ve been hauling like crazy so I am currently editing my new video comin up that includes my recent drugstore/department store purchases. Life is good, so good that I have been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger award by beautiful bloggers like purplio, xbeanie and everbluec. Thanks!

7 Interesting Facts?
1. I am an absolute animal lover, puppies would make me “awww” more than seeing toddlers or babies
2. At one time of my life, I seriously considered being a pastry chef. I absolutely loved baking and still do but because I decided to dip into commerce, I may one day open up a bakery when I’m a granny. Maybe a make up studio/bakery. Hmm..the ideas are endless aren’t they?
3. I am really quite competitive, I don’t like losing and I must say it would take a lot of guts to challenge me to a game of Monopoly. I’ve never lost a game thus far πŸ™‚ Probably why its my all time favourite board game.
4. Some people think I’m a control freak. I walk fast, I’m never late (when it’s appropriate to never be late). Back in High School, I was termed the “CEO” of the school, at one time I had 13 personal officers or so under me as I was President of all the 40 plus service clubs and lead all their presidents at school and President of one of the largest three. The officers were like my personal assistants. My favourite phrase was “let’s walk and talk”
5. I don’t really like it when people swear unnecessarily and honestly I think when girls can’t control their alcohol to the point when they cannot stop vommiting or even get up to walk is very, very un-classy nor very stylish at all.
6. I have a personal alarm that goes off when i haven’t been studying enough, or when something isn’t good for my body
7. I get scared really really easily πŸ™‚
There we go! not such a positive spin.
Check out my youtube girls for my make up blogging. I love you!