Gorgeous Blogger Award & Friday Haul

Hey Everyone,
Thanks to Maddy for tagging me:

Six Interesting Facts..Hmm..
1. I get really really antsy when I’m nearly late and I absolutely hate being late. I’ll usually be there before the arranged time so I can never be late haha.
2. I laugh when it gets really awkward or in any awkward situations and once I start laughing, it’s really hard to stop πŸ˜›
3. Im not too fussy at all about food, the only food I won’t eat is airplane food unless i’m in SIA buisness class ( i know lol)
4. I love planning and if you want to meet up with me, I need a set time and date or I’ll keep bugging you about it
5. My ugliest point in time was when I was 10 ish and I had an afro because I wanted a perm and got what I deserved at that age and I didn’t know the importance of sunscreen and got really tanned from a holiday at Bintan. I was also really really large.
6. Right now, I wouldn’t mind living in Melbourne for the rest of my life πŸ™‚ I love this place.
And of course my weekly Friday Haul:

1. Nailpolish in Storm by Sportsgirl – $7.95
First off, the formula for these nail polishes are amazing and comparable to OPI honestly for a fraction of the price. The color was the color desired at one coat which is just like an OPI nail polish would do. :):) I wanted a medium between do you lilac it and metro chic so here it is. its a pretty nice shade with gray and lavender undertones and def. a color I didn’t have in my make up collection.
2. The Body Shop – Brow and Liner Kit – $28.95
I needed to revamp my brows and it was my first time stepping into the huge body shop stores located around melbourne. Danielle swears by this product and so I asked the really friendly SA to help me out, haha they said I looked eurasian after it and I would have to agree, it gave me really natural brows with great color. You’re probably killing me with questions about why I don’t use eyeshadow? The answer: I have no clue haha.
3. Maybelline Define a Brow Gel – $12.96
This was raved by beatideas on youtube and I needed a brow gel that would set my brows all day long and my jordana brow jel totally clouded up to opaqueness..I threw it away already haha.
Oh, and I just ordered Lancome’s Hypnose from strawberrynet.com so it should be here about hmm..in a week or so! So excited!
I want to tag the following for the gorgeous blogger award but they’re already tagged, I’ll tag them anyway:
1. icyabstract
2. adorebeauty06
3. retailtherapy
7. treehouseglory
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  • xbeanie

    thanks for tagging babe! anddd the mega spam of videos xD yay!!! something to do for tonight! xD

  • icyabstract

    Thank you for tagging! (:

  • FacesBySarah

    i wanna see ur afro photo!! :p


    Hi Roseanne,
    I’ve been your silent reader & been following your youtube for quite sometime now. I’m from Malaysia btw and am actually interested in getting the Egyption Magic Cream that u raved about. My elder sis will be heading to Aust for a holiday in Oct, so i thought of asking her to help me get the cream since we dont have it here in M’sia.
    Mind letting me know where exactly they sell them and how much?

  • roseannetangrs

    Hey Audrey!
    Thanks for reading and watching my youtube videos! Your sister can get the cream at Mecca Cosmetica, you can check out their website by googling it and it will also state the price as well as other products they are carrying. Their locations as well.
    Best of luck to you and Love,

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