I HIT PAN & Collective Haul/Mini-ish

Hey Everyone,
Haven’t updated my blog in a bit but here I am! I HITpan on something, I am so excited whever I hit pan 😀 and that thing is:
My MAC Blot Powder:

This product is totally worth it, I use it everyday and wouldn’t go ANYWHERE without it. and of course my retractable brush. It was $36.00 and I can totally see myelf repeatedly buying it until god knows when. 🙂
Well I’ll be making my August Faves soon but here are some things I picked up in the last week or so:
1. MAC Blacktrack Fluidline – $32

tried it at my friends place and thought I had to get it because my maybelline doesn’t last long at all but this is amazing! It was time for an upgrade and I do use this stuff everyday.
2. XXL Curl Power Mascara – $19.95

I dont actually like this stuff very much – it doesnt do as good a job as my Jap mascara, but I heard that you have to change mascaras every 3 months and I had that one for like a YEAR lol. I needed curl more than anything and this doesn’t really do the job at all 🙁 I skip the primer because it honestly doesn’t do anything but weigh my lashes down. I’m thinking of getting lancome’s hypnose? Heard anything about that or do u have any mascara suggestions for holding curl and volume?
4. Maybelline Dream Mouse Eyeshadow in suede sensation – $5

I actually went out intitially to purchase more charcoal cleanser from LUSH but happened to chance upon the reject shop and found this for only five dollars! I’m going to try it out tomorrow to see if it will make my eyeshadow last even longer 🙂 Its a very light frothy texture as all dream mousses are.
5. ECOTOOLS Brushes – $27.95/Set

Haha you’re probably calling me a makeup brush freak now. BUT ITS ECOTOOLS, I had to get it. I got this from Priceline which is like drugstore make up heaven they have counters like in a department store but all drugstore makeup so its mucho awesome. I was so happy when I encounterd it today. The brushes are soft, but not ‘that’ amazing or anything. I still like them though because my concealer brush is falling apart and my blush brush isn’t very soft for me.
Hope you like this,
Roseanne 😀