An Update on Life.

Hello Everyone!
It’s late and I haven’t done a proper post in a long time so I shall do a update on life kind of blog, nothing too make up related, but first off:
I was browsing my youtube channel and I spotted that TODAY I was #94 Most Viewed in Australia and #6 Most Viewed – Gurus in Australia. I tried to put the screen shot in this post but its not working :(:( But YAY. I can’t believe it. Youtube def. changed my life, I got to meet so many amazing people that love and have the same passion for make up as I do (something many of my friends can’t understand) and I am so grateful for that. Thank you to all my loyal subscribers because I truly enjoy making videos and hauling for all of you. Thank you also to the make up goddess up there for inventing make up and making me an estatic happy camper whenever I buy any make up related product and to all those who blog about make up, thank you for being there whenever my study quota has run out. Honestly, putting on make up is like my cup of coffee in the morning and the thing I look forward too everyday when I wake up and your blog entries and youtube videos are like my morning news! I would love to do the marketing or accounting for NARS or MAC when I graduate >.< that would be such a dream.
Now, I life blog, so its a rather long ranting and update so I dont know if it would be of interest to you…
Speaking of dreams, School. Uni. College life. Melbourne Uni is a tough school, but a good one – Its ranked top 20 buisness schools in the world and in the top 30 Unis overall in the world as well. I am blessed to be able to study here but it lives up to its reputation, it is harder than my high school at the SIngapore American School and I took mostly college level classes so..hmm. There’s just so much to do! I only have 12 hours Β a week, but that actually translates to 21 hours a week (which I know is not that bad when you look at it) but besides those hours I’m studying and trying to balance a social life and its getting tough. I feel like I’m always a little behind and I’m trying to keep on jogging to keep up with the pace, I feel like everyone knows more than I do because they’ve taken an introductory class before. In other words, I’m going to be living in the libary for quite a while. I’m not shutting off youtube but theres a time for everything. I guess you have to set your priorities straight at a time like this because I know if I graduate well, I will for sure be employed in some of the top firms or banks in Australia. Well, thats what they promised haha. AND when I do get employed I will be able to buy ALL the MAC and NARS I want. (sort of with savings taken into account though). Β πŸ˜› The campus is near the city, but as I walk to my classes, the towering skyscrapers of the big banks are always in plain view, sort of a reminder of what I might become after I leave here. Honestly, I can’t wait and it makes me smile everytime I see those buildings.
But uni makes you realise things. I’ve met so many people who seem to be more cultured than I am, who seem to take interest in things that are enriching and that you should to (but you have no interest in what so ever). There’s a girl downstairs who listens to classical music, attends financial lectures brought by the London School of Economics and drinks a glass of champagne every saturday, who occaisonally smokes cigars and hangs out at chocolatiers, reading a book by some unknown poet or author. I’m the same age, why don’t I take interest in the Financial debates…I’m doing Commerce after all. Sometimes you observe the balance between those who choose to spend their weekends out exploring sights, sounds and people, and those who choose to lock themselves in their rooms or in an isolated bubble in the libary only to memorize verse by verse of whatever they must remember. Now, the question is who benefits more from life? The people who choose to explore gain short term returns but carry experiences deemed unknown to the people who choose to stay seculded in their studies. They seem to know what living is really all about. What life is and what life is to other people. But, the people who lock themselves up may gain long term returns with better career prospects and higher marks but do they really know much about the world, do they know how to interact with people when their books have been their sole and best friends for so long?…One may argue that they can do the short therm gains later in the work now, play later philosophy, but life is kind of about living really and your experiences sometimes make who you are. I guess thats sort of what I need to think about and what I need to strike a balance between. I don’t want this chunk of my life to be wasted in both terms and its one of the most important chunks of my life but one that I should use to smell the world without messing up.
Life is so complicated haha. I’ve made a plan though! For now, I’ve chosen the libary option and my me and youtube time is in the morning and late at night after work. and if I follow my plan well, I will treat myself to ONE make up product Β at the end of the week (MAC etc.)!
I should answer a few accounting questions before I sleep so I’m off!


  • feistyskies

    good luck with school hun, i know exactly how you feel, everyone in my class is pretty up right there *puts hand above head* and i’m kinda the laggy one behind and that kinda sucks but all i can do now is to really perform during my internship for 6 months.
    oh gawd haha i hate to be labelled the misanthrophic (wow too harsh) geek or the brainless social butterfly. I wish to be both but its haaarddddd πŸ™
    and congrats babe for the honourable mentions in YT! OMG you got 300+ subbys already! and i’m not even done past 100. HAHA! make a contest when you hit 400! give away EDM or something, I dont know! LOL. Just joking.
    Miss you loads and have fun + take care + don’t drink too much! πŸ˜›

  • Ju Lee Zhang

    Miss your posts my dear! Congrats on those YT mentions and good luck with classes though I’m sure you’re doing well. I don’t think you have to worry about living life or being an anti-social for awhile to study. In the end it’ll all come together for you because it’s not like you’re a social misfit. You’re perfectly normal so just do whatever you think is right and what is good for you and good things will come to you in return.

  • MaddyMadeline

    Wow congrats on making it to youtube most subscribed guru. I think very soon you will become a partner with youtube. And yeah I totally feel you, uni is tough, I’m struggling too because everyone seems to be so good in their work. When you are in a good uni, you realise that everyone is as good as you or better.
    Don’t shut yourself out just to have good grades. It may be good for now but when you are in the working world, it might affect you. Who knows? Those people that you socialise with now maybe be your colleagues next time and you have to work with them. In this society, no one believes in individuality anymore, everything is now teamwork and it would be good to make friends and socialise.
    Don’t worry too much, just take one step at a time and see what happens( I tell that to myself a lot lol).

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