Hey Everyone,

So after classes I decided to hurry and buy the things I’ve always wanted because I had so much work to do and probably would be thinking about them and not concentrating on work. Plus, life is short and I think make up for me is a prime investment because high quality make up products always produce more than decent returns (granted it doesn’t break you out).
After my finance class, I readily hopped on a tram to MAC to get my MAC 109. For some reason, now, I always want to get out of MAC as fast as possible, I think I’ve been traumatised by MAC SAs in Singapore, but the people in Australia are really nice.
This brush is SUPER SOFT and might I add that it is my first ever MAC brush! It was AUD$62.00 and I’ll use it to contour. I actually used it to contour today and it was kind of small so I had to spend more time contouring. hmm. I’m still using it though fo sho. Its a domed brush thats flattend at the top and it could buff out your contour if its too dark or if it has created too harsh a line.
Then, as I was walking back to the tram stop, I spotted LUSH. And since I was on some sort of spending spree anyway I checked if the store had the Masque of Magmanminty whch is a peppermint mask that has earned RAVE reviews as it cleanses and exfoliates and removes oil etc. I tried it last night and it had the most beautiful tingly sensation when applied and I quickly looked both ways to see if anyone was there before I scurried to the sink to wash it all off. Quite exfoliating and relaxing. It was only $15.95 and the SA was nice enough to add a sample of Porridge Soap which I heard is really good but it hurts when you’re cleaning yourself off. Verry …porddige mollasses oat smelling. :S
Mask of Magnaminty:

Porridge Soap:

Then as a final stop, and really what I planned to buy was at MECCA Cosmetica which had 2 NARS counters situated @ MYER Department Store. I didn’t purchase the duo because I came for the original large sizes and I’ve always wanted those sizes so I took them instead. The thing with me is that if I don’t buy the original and buy a lesser substitute, I will always eventually buy the original. So might as well save the money and buy what you want right? πŸ˜€ I got the NARS Laguna Bronzer and of course the blush of the century, NARS Orgasm!! I was so excited and the SA tried it on me and it was beautiful and it stays on for hours! When I did that video, it was still on and perfect and I didn’t put anything on it and it lasted for more than 6 hours..and more after that. I don’t think I need Benetint because I can just use this blush for staying power too. πŸ™‚
NARS Orgasm ($62.00)

NARS Laguna Bronzer ($72.00)

Huge size difference!

Hope you like this haul!

Watch the Vid Here: