REVIEW: NYX Lipsticks

Hello πŸ™‚
I just wanted to post a review about NYX Lipsticks which I am absolutely loving at the moment. I don’t have any picatures because I forgot to take them and now they’re packed in a bag and my sister’s friend has just moved into my room so I’m gonna post my recent video on here which is basically what I want to say:

Wow. I don’t have much time here…1 more full day! Tomorrow! Omy gosh, its really surreal.
One band I’m LOVING is The Script! I just discovered it although they’re famous for The Man Who Can’t be Moved:



  • xbeanie

    oo ceto looks really great ! ahh now i really wanna try ceto out too, it looks amazing!

  • honeyvinegar

    I have everything you have but Ceto. My least favourite of the bunch is actually B52 because I am not really a fan of dark lips. I really like Tea Rose for its playful pink colour. Ceto looks absolutely gorgeous, I have got to try that the next time I haul from NYX!

  • heavenlygorgeous

    OMG! Ceto is such a pretty color! Should have ordered it. *sigh* I was thinking of doing a NYX review too. I have 10 of the lipsticks and i didn’t regret buying them. And it’s true about the staying power. It doesn’t lasts that long. But for a SGD 2 kind of price, we can’t expect much right? Hehe!!

  • Ju Lee Zhang

    I’ve yet to try any Nyx lipsticks but have always lemmed them. Thanks for giving us your 2 cents babe!

  • educatedbiatch

    I love NYX lipsticks although i own only two. Yes they does not last long but hey~ they work! Creamy and surprisingly moisturising! Nice review my love πŸ™‚

  • forensia

    It’s a love hate relationship between me and NYX lipsticks~~~ They are creamy and moisturising but out of the 3 i have, i only like 1 which is summerlove. Harmonica is too frosty while strawberry milk does not apply smoothly… Mmm, i might give it another chance though. Would love to try ceto~

  • xbeanie

    ahaha actually i’ve circe and herades, and i think circe makes me look dead. -.- though if i apply it by dabbing using my finger lightly it looks okay-ish, like nude color. bah.

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