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I just got back from an overload of thai express and I don’t feel so good. I’m not good with spicy food AT ALL eventhough my family enjoys it very much. Stomachache – poeey.
Anyways after lunch, I took the mrt to Ang Mo Kio hub again haha to meet my sister and my mom before we went out to dinner with the family and while they were looking at taka jewelrey..something I have no interest in whatsoever, i took a look at body shop, especially the tea tree oil section. A few years back, I did try the tea tree oil foaming cleanser because it was on sale and I always thought that body shop products were a bit pricy so I didn’t repurchase it, but I would if I could. That stuff was amazing. Nonetheless, I was greeted with a this time friendly sales assistant who gave me the down low on all the other tea tree products, all above what I wanted to pay for a single item. Then my eyes drew towards a face exfoliating brush pictured below and because it was $6.90 I thought hey, it might accompany my oxy wash nicely so I brought it to the counter.
The lady kindly asked me if I would like to become a member of The Body Shop and I asked if I needed to pay anything. She answered with a simple ten dollar membership fee but what drew me in was the mint lip balm they were giving away for free with each sign up and an automatic ten percent off of my brush. So I was like…I guess it sounds like a deal and I’ll give it a try eventhough I was already spending more than $6.90 hehe..Then! she said that The Body Shop was having a promotion on their kits from seaweed to vitamin c to..that’s right..tea tree oil. With a membership, I got a what was formally a nearly $50.00 kit, at $19.90 and I wanted the tea tree products so I said yes! haha. All in all, it was only $35.00 spent for a number of great body shop products and I’m a member now :). See, if MAC had this kind of service, they could be a little richer haha. A review of the products is below, but first!
The tea tree oil kit comes with a tea tree oil facial wash, tea tree oil facial toner, tea tree oil spot treatment, a day mattifying moisturizer and tea tree oil blot sheets. Tell me thats worth more than $19.90 haha.


Mini Face Exfoliating Brush
When I first opened it, it was pretty soft. I was like ‘oh that’s gonna be fine then’ because I was a bit afraid that it might be too harsh, like one of those scrubber brushes. But, when I tried it with the tea tree oil facial cleanser, it was more abrasive than I thought it would be, even more than St. Ives! After I rinsed though, my skin was really smooth and my face didn’t turn red at all so it must have worked fine. If you find St. Ives bad though, this might not be a good idea for you. πŸ™‚
Born Lippy Cool Mint Lip Balm
I can say that I like this balm. However, I don’t like the packaging because when the product turns low and you have long nails, the application can be quite gross to say the least. But it does really give you a tingliling feeling on your lips, smells quite nice for a person who’s alright on mint products and its moisturizing. The colors a bit off though since its white, and not as transparent as I would like, but it adds a nice sheen and turns intense lipsticks into a more subtle hue.
Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleanser
I tried this with the exfoliating brush but it gave me a really cool as in ‘chilly’ feeling when washing my face, a bit like the foaming cleanser but without the foam of course. Its a gel form just like my oxy wash and I hope to see improvements in my skin. I’m currenlty breaking out from unsanitary tweasers when I plucked my eyebrows the other day so I hope, not just hope, really hope they are eliminated soon. I don’t like 3D bumps on my face even with concealer >.<
Tea Tree Oil Facial Toner
Same effect with the facial cleanser but I didn’t have any cotton with me so I used a tissue haha, probably won’t equate to the same effects. I never use a toner, not sure what its for, if you do, do comment below haha but I know you add this to your face after cleansing it πŸ™‚ Do note that all tea tree products do not have a very appealing smell, its very nutty like amazonian rain forest nutty that I probably won’t grow to like but I may most probably will like what it does to my skin.
Tea Tree Oil (Spot Treatment)
Its in an oil form, not sure if it works since I only tried it once. It does give a slightly caustic feeling to my face, a bit like nixoderm when added, but I layered nixoderm over it just in case haha.
Tea Tree Oil Mattifying Moisturizier
Its def. gel base, not cream base and I’m thinking of using this instead of my Olay total effects 7 in one for now and I’m really hoping this product works. I’m looking into making it an everyday HG product if it does and I’ll only continue to use Olay when my stupid area between my eyebrows clears.
Tea Tree Oil Blotting Sheets
I’ve never used an oil blotting sheet in my life, and have recently been hooked onto MACs blot powder to do the work for me. But I think on days when I need to hurry, I’ll simply get this out and blot blot. It has that tea tree oil smell thats not very appealing so if you’ve just blotted and your boyfriend wants to kiss you, it might not smell very nice to him haha. πŸ˜› But other than that, I gave it a try and I suppose it works like any blotting sheet but with the added effects of tea tree oil.
Okay, long post haha.


  • xbeanie

    great haul! but i dont see the brush anywhere O.o

  • roseannetangrs

    its that thing next to the lip balm haha in its cap, i was too lazy to open it when i was taking pictures πŸ˜›

  • xbeanie

    toner is supposed to help you close/minimise your pores after washing your face and getting rid of the dirt! πŸ˜€ or at least that was what i thought for years now.

  • xbeanie

    OH! okay. it didnt look like i brush to me i thought it was just a random container thing. o_o sorry! hahah.

  • everbluec

    I use to love their tea tree products.. but I found that Biotherm Biopur are way better! lolx
    Anyway.. the tea tree oil is amazing!!!!! I love love love it.. and I still have one bottle left from their warehouse sales!
    I love their memebship scheme… every $30 purchase you entitle a stamp.. which entitle you for more discounts!

  • feistyskies

    Wow great haul!
    Toners help you to tighten back your pores after you wash your face (they always say to wash your face with warm water to open up the pores) so toners do the exact opposite. It also helps to remove those extra dirt that wasn’t removed during the process of washing so your face feels extra clean after that!
    I remembered once I washed my face and neck after a heavy makeup application and when I swiped the cotton pad with toner across my face, there were still streaks of foundation on the pad!
    Eww, haha! πŸ˜€

  • roseannetangrs

    wow thanks for the tips everyone. I should start using a toner haha πŸ˜› and i agree everbluec, its amazing stuff πŸ˜€

  • MaddyMadeline

    Haha if MAC has the same service as the bodyshop, they would be richer too. I always thought that bodyshop has quite good service. I use toner to make sure that all my makeup is cleanse off. However I use the aloe vera toner also from bodyshop, I feel that one is better because it doesn’t have alcohol. Oooh and I also like the small bottle of tea tree oil, if you feel a pimple is coming, put a small drop over that area and it can help prevent the pimple from forming!

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