Just one of those days

Hello πŸ™‚

So you’ve probably had days when you wake up in the morning and the first thing that pops into your head is some good ole retail therapy (Hi retail_therapy haha). Trying to ignore the urge, you eat your breakfast, perhaps jump on the youtube bandwagon for a bit or watch tv, but in the back of your head you’re thinking of reasons why you need to go on some sort of shopping spree. And today was just one of those days.Β What was my reason? Probably that I’m leaving and that I need to make some movement in my bank account, mostly that I’m actually going to miss my parents and my sis and my bro no matter how many times they’ve made me annoyed and angry about the things that i’m not allowed to do.
So first stop Orchard. Well the first thing I bought was finally a birthday present for my bestie, daphnee, and she might read this but i got her a bag from my favourite store, charles and keith and I really really really wanted the bronzer/blush contouring palette from the ELF studio line but at John Little, it was sold out long before. I didn’t know that and I went and got dissapointed. POO :(:(:(. it would be so handy as a touch up palette instead of having two thngs and I got that idea from a superb video here:

So to make up for that, I got PAUL SMITH ROSE PERFUME. It was expensive. but it was worth every dollar because the scent, to me, is just beautiful. not overpoweringly rose, just a mingling scent mixed in with *sniffs wrist* beautifullness. I can’t describe it, it smells so dreamy:

I’ve been waiting for this day since feb. when i laid my nose when i was in rome. I was so close to getting it but i figured i could spend my euro on something else. there was a zara next to our hotel. so thats where those euros went haha. it was crazay, those were good days. my honeymoon will be in ITALY, my number one favourite place that i’ve travelled to on my list. Anyway. YAY.

The moment i opened the box, the scent lingered out, so beautiful, love it! and its cute, its in a rose patterened pouch.


This perfume makes me so happy. Happier than my marc jacobs daisy one, shh don’t tell my dad haha. but i still like that one too πŸ™‚
2. St. Ives Apricot Scrub – Invigorating
So the second thing I got was my St. Ives. so you know how I bought the OXY wash to replace my st. ives. well that was a bad idea. I’m so accustomed to exfoliating that I felt weird missing a step in the morning or when it came to removing my make up and everywhere I went I could not find my st ives blemish and blackhead control so I settled for the invigorating one:

I have the say that it feels like the scrub particles are slightly larger this time, so it does seem like theres a few more rocks thrown in there which I don’t mind at all when it comes to a good scrub to remove all that dirt trapped in my pores πŸ™‚
3. And finally a few really cheap nailpolishes
I then swung by Ang Mo Kio and near the HDB areas, they were having a market where I got the two squarish ones for $1.50 each and the OPI looking one for $5.90

The OPI clone is super pigmented but dries kind of matte. its not supposed to be black, but it dried on black and matte which was kind of dissapointing. the two others were great though πŸ™‚ smooth application for only $1.50. I regret buying the OPI looking one for $5.90..grr. haha
Well, thats about it πŸ™‚