Windows Movie Maker 101

Sorry I’m probably spamming your inbox at the moment but this is for treehouseglory and anyone sort of confused on how to use Windows Movie Maker to edit their videos. Thought I might help and address your concerns. I know the video quality is poor, but I didn’t really know how to do it any other way, I could use screencast, but it wouldn’t upload and I couldnt change the frame size. ANYWAY, hope this works and hope it helps you.
If it doesn’t that means i’m uploading it on youtube on another wait a moment pls! πŸ˜€
I really hope the video works…GO TO:Β
Wouldn’t upload here..weird.
Well I just wanted to tell you really fast about another bad experience at MAC Taka in case you ever chance upon to meet a skinny man with blond highlights who wants to serve you. If you meet him, run away. He was so rude to me and I really really did not do anything to upset him, I even felt bad thinking if I somehow did. So I was about to make payment for my Fix+ and I was taking out my card for him and my friend asked me a question and I glanced over to answer it and by the time I did that, he literally SNAPPED at me: PAY FIRST, GIVE ME YOUR CARD NOW!.

wow. I was so shocked and followed bluntly, he then basically threw the nets machine at me to key in my number and slammed it back down. AND to top it off, while I was walking out the store, he rolled his eyes right in my face.

Yea. I felt really bad after that, trying to remember what the hell I did wrong but I didn’t do anything, I came in, swatched things, asked for FIX+, made payment and left. Maybe he had a really bad day, thats my reason.
Maybe…he broke up with his girlfriend..or boyfriend, and it was late and he needed to go home and cry.

I should have said, “bad day, huh” like those american bartenders.

but that would be mean of me, so I didn’t say anything. I didn’t say anything because I was scared out of my pants.

I ran outta store. I think I’m safe with the DFS store, Galleria… next time πŸ™ no more MAC TAKA please. I’m still not sure what was up his butt, and i’m fine with it πŸ™‚
Well that was my quick rant. sorry to have taken your time. bye bye.


  • xbeanie

    haha hmm i never dared to talk to the guy MAs at taka! i talked to the girl though, the one who has short hair and looks quite pretty.. she was pretty nice and helped me choose my foundation shade and also decided which MSF was best for me. hahah. but i spent over a hundred that day -.-”

  • forensia

    Oh that’s really bad. If it’s me i will just walk out without paying. That’s really rude…
    But i have never experienced bad service from any of the MAC counters though. Be it taka, tangs vivo/orchard.
    But i would say the female SAs are way nicer compared to the guys.

  • roseannetangrs

    xbeanie: haha i’ll take note not to..not sure that i have anything left to want from that store as of now, my next mac purchase will probably be in australia so yea. wow more than a hundred, you go girl! haha
    forensia: yea it was really bad, i felt really bad lol. I couldn’t even focus on what my friend was saying after we left the store..i guess i was just shocked. yea i think this is a one time thing, I HOPE, no one else has been victimized.

  • educatedbiatch

    oh poor you..maybe he got his !@!#! up his ass! Goodness..if I am you, I would budge him and say “excuse me, do you have a problem with me?!” I will go all drama with this guy! Describe him dear..we all mUST NOE HOW HE LOOK LIKE!

  • everbluec

    Hmm.. I never have bad experiences at any MAC stores also!
    Maybe when he was cashing for you… he saw his other colleague snatching his other sales??? lolx!

  • treehouseglory

    mac taka is horrible. i asked one of the ladies there what SFF shade would suit me and she was like “oh NC 35” and swatched it on me and I was like, “hello are u blind?! i’m not really fair but i’m not that dark or orange!” I found out at mac tangs that i’m actually between a NC 25 and NC 30 -.- i like going to mac isetan scotts because the sales people are really nice there since it’s always so empty ahaha oh and the ones at raffles city are nice too

  • treehouseglory

    oh i obviously didnt say all that out to the mua at mac taka, it was just going through my mind hahaha. actually i dont even think she chose a shade properly for me. i think she just picked out any one that she assumed would fit me. and when she assumed, she made an ass out of herself and i.

  • treehouseglory

    UR AMAZING I LUV U!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MaddyMadeline

    I was victimized too that’s why I made that video. Its upsetting that MAC makeup is good but their service is soo bad Next time want to go MAC taka, better bring friends along so they won’t try to bully or maybe I should just go with my mummy lol. My mummy will definitely scold the person back saying ” You are not the only brand that sells makeup, other counters will be happy to sell to me.” In fact she had scolded people before for bad service haha.

  • foodzings

    call MAC taka and make a formal complaint about him. if you don’t, he’ll keep on being a crank to other customers. he needs to know that that behavior is not acceptable!

  • feistyskies

    I agree with foodzings! If it was me, I’ll stare right back at him no matter how scared I am. didn’t do anything wrong what! he was pissed with himself, maybe, cuz he’s jealous you have a gorgeous accent.
    haha what the hell im blabbering

  • FacesBySarah

    How come i never get such annoyin pesky Sales Assts?? Ithink its about how you carry yourself. My friends say i tend to look bloody arrogant (LOL) so maybe thats why ppl either dotn bug me or dont be rude to me. you on the other hand, are gorgeous and SUPER sweet. so that asshole probably thought he could take advantage of your niceness.
    I know which dude ur referrin to. He’s tanned right? Ive never seen him angry before though. He was the same batch as me in comoprof but different class.

  • roseannetangrs

    yea he has tanned and blonde highlights in his hair. It started nice until I started talking, so maybe he doesnt like americans – i have no idea. I’m not even american lol. but i let things go the first time and i’m not quick to act, so scared, just did what he told me too and wanted to get out of there asap. haha. thanks everyone for all your comments!

  • FacesBySarah

    Tsk.. next time take me shopping with you! ‘ll guard your pretty self! <3

  • roseannetangrs

    aww thank you!!

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