Half A Haul…and more to come :)


First of all, 🙂 treehouseglory! you gotta tell me what you wanna know about windows movie maker and I’ll answer it in a post hehe so comment below, ask questions okay so I can answer them. I did quite a lot of advertising in high school because I ran the community service aspect of the school so I had to promote community service to the student body – but photosphop is def. not my forte 🙂 Tell me yeah? I’ll be glad to be of service. Oh and today, I met Julaiha (fiestyskies) and her bestie 😀 awesome possum, to pass her the blushes before I went out to dinner with my two close friends! She watches my videos too, HI 🙂
Back to the post.
Well I knew today was going to be a big day because last weekend, I went online shopping, scratch that, I go online window shopping everyday. So, the postman was supposed to deliver some stuff but he took so long. Don’t you hate it when you’re expecting something in the mail? Oh, the anxiety and anxiousness haha. Then at 4 PM, I heared the stuttered vrooms of his motorcycle, so I quickly ran downstairs, ran to my mailbox and collected 4 small packages! (before my mom could see it haha).

Here’s what I received (I guess I should do a collective haul video sometime huh?) Onsugar bloggers will get to see them first 🙂 ooh, exclusive haha
1. Beads – $2.40 for two thingies, ebay

You’re probably wondering if I make jewelery now? Nope. 🙂 I wanted these to fill up my brush holders but I had no idea that 650 pcs was SO not enough. I’m so stupid >< theyre the right size though, so I’m thinking of going to Spotlight at Plaza Singapura to see i they have some beads, if not 650 pcs is only $2.40 and I might triple that amount to fill enough of the holder. I got these off of ebay from craftiholics. 🙂
2. Nyx Lipstick in Ceto ($2.50), sg_beauty

I have to say its a beautiful color but really shimmery. You know me and shimmer right? haha. I gave this one a try actually and its not as moisutrizing as my other nyx lipsticsks which I have in thalia, B52 and tea rose. It’s beautiful though. Perhaps because its shimmery. Its still a beautiful color, maybe when I’m wearing a beige or cream color top, it would look nice 🙂 Oh maybe its because its new. 🙂 I’ll wear it a few times, should be okay after that :D.
3. Everyday Minerals Once & Again Blush, $2.50, sgedmswap

This was a matte blush and it had pinkish and brownish undertones, I loved the name, and thought to add it to my blush collection. It turned out a lot darker than I thought it would be but I haven’t tried it yet so I can give you the yay or the nay of it. I’ll be doing some kind of video tomorrow so I’ll try it on and tell you about it 🙂
4. Epistick, $7.00 (stupid me, didnt see the other options before hitting commit), ebay

It’s an epistick to remove unwanted facial hair and it uses the threading method. It’s basically a portable threader :0 I’m using it for my facial hair, not my eyebrows, you know where. embarassing it is. Anyway it was 7 bucks, and i could have got it for 4, but stupid roseanne didn’t scroll down and just hit commit to buy on ebay. I haven’t tried this gadget out so I guess I’m going to have to tell you bout it later :).
Here’s the back:

You just bend the rod and roll the ends between your fingertips, its going to hurt, but better than paying ten bucks to get myself threaded every time right? And yes, I know it works because its on youtube. 🙂 Roseanne did her research 😛
And…tonight, I was showing my friend in the bathroom about MAC blot powder and she wanted to swing by MAC to see how it is on her skin. I was browisng the items, and I’ve wanted Fix+ for a while to fix my make up so because I reasoned with myself on how I’m leaving next week, I bought it!
5. MAC Fix +, $25.00, MAC

I didn’t get the MAC Fix+ rose because they didnt have it anymore 🙁 But I actually really like the scent of the normal Fix+ so Yay 🙂

Feels really refreshing and I’m going to add it to my make up routine at the very end 🙂 I shall not say much of it anymore, you probably already have one haha.
Here’s how Enkore uses his Fix+

But what I do wanna know is how you use your Fix +. So what do you use Fix+ for? Comment below!


  • xbeanie

    hey roseanne! i think it was treehouseglory from your previous post in the comments, not me! HAHA xD im not planning to do videos……. yet? i dont know xD

  • roseannetangrs

    oh right! hahah >.< whoopsies

  • everbluec

    Have you tried Chinatown “Golden Dragon” or “Mix and Match” They have bead in large packet for a much cheaper price (wholesale prices)
    I have Fix+, Fix+Rose and Charge water.. I like them all… I use it before moisturizer/setting makeup/refreshing my face/ as a medium for wet shadow/pigment… and I use it on my hair also lol

  • feistyskies

    everbluec> haha how do you use that thing on your hair?? HAHA!

  • treehouseglory

    HAI! hahah well how do u speed up certain parts of the video, and cut the up and insert words and voiceovers and can u remove background noise from videos? i cant seem to do any of that on window’s movie maker coz when i upload my clips onto it, it just comes out as a whole clip. i kinda expected it to be a frame by frame kinda thing but it wasnt. im not sure if my file format is wrong though… thanks!!!!!!!

  • everbluec

    feistyskies :: I just spray all over my hair… so that my hair look fresh and then just comb thru with my fingers. (it make my hair shine nicely! ) hahaha…

  • roseannetangrs

    nice tip everbluec! and I’ll check out chinatown if I dont get lost first haha 😀

  • Makeupgeeek

    hey there.. stumble by your blog from youtube. was lookin reviews on Egyptian magic cream and found ur video. wanted to buy the full jar since the sample is almost gone now.
    by the way, *waves* im studying in sg but currently having my summer holiday back home now in miri. oh ya, now the reason why im commenting was just to drop some 20cents of idea whatelse you can fill in for your brush holders.
    Instead of using the beads thing, i use grains/rice instead… or you can find some small rocks in Daiso.

  • roseannetangrs

    thanks makeupgeek! sorry, the cream is no longer avail but your tips are great, 🙂

  • xbeanie

    oo, actually i do have a full size of egyptian cream and i dont mind selling 5g samples of mine hahah (:

  • xbeanie

    whoops and sorry for riding on your post roseanne! just thought i could help if she wanted a sample, heh.

  • roseannetangrs

    haha no problemo jasmine

  • Makeupgeeek

    Its okay girls. I have bought few samples myself too… Am thinking of getting the full jar. EMC is one of my holy grail listed product. hehe.

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