REVIEW: Maybelline Gel Liner

Hello Everyone,

This was requested by fiestyskies and I decided to blog this instead of video this because I’ve been doing a lot of tags recently and thought it best to finish up my requests with a blog. Perhaps I will make this a video after all the other videos I want to do πŸ™‚
Why I wanted it:
Honestly, I think the Maybelline Gel Liner is awesome. I’ve been looking for a good once actually because I tried the gel liner that is supposedly from coastal scents that I got free from myclassycloset but it really smudges and I hate it when I’m wearing eyeliner and it goes all over the place. But, it was my first time trying out a gel liner and I’m thankful for that because its easier to apply definetly than a liquid liner and its faster to dry which would be useful in the mornings before I go to school or to lunch. SO, Roseanne was a hunting and managed to spot the Maybelline Gel liner which was no.1 in JAPAN a couple of times but never thought to try it out since it was pricy ($17.00 ish). But, it got to a point when I was asking myself WHY am I not getting a gel liner so I bought it when GSS was on and got it for like $15.90 and I don’t regret my purchase.
The Gel Liner:
It glides on brilliantly and smoothly and the pigmentation is perfect. About the smudging – I think I tried it once without anything on- without primer or shadow on top and it actually did smudge a lot – made me quite dissapointed with it. But my lone liner days are over and I usually wear a primer and shadow over my lids anyway and with those it, the liner is def. perfect for the job. It also def. stays on the whole day so no worries about that
Quick Tips when using:
1. Use the brush that comes with it, no other brush does an utterly perfect application with this gel liner like the brush it provides
2. If it starts smudging use a angled brow brush to put a black shadow over your liner to set it
3. Spot clean your brush after use as it hardens the bristles that can hurt you on your next application.
I hope this was helpful to you fiestyskies and to everyone else!