Review of Benefit Brow Bar

Hey Everyone,

Location: Tangs Orchard, Benefit Brow Bar
I am so angry that I forgot my memory card when I went to Benefit yesterday but I shall tell you all about my experiences. So, I went with my friend Daphne and when we arrived, we were greeted by smiling sales assistants which I love and I just simply requested for brow arching, which cost me $22 and I saw it as an investment for the arch – didn’t want anyone to mess it up you know. They quickly jotted me down for an appointment and because they were slightly booked, I had to wait for another half hour before they could seat me down which was no problem at all because MAC was on the opposite side πŸ™‚
Then after seating me down, they took a eye brow liner brush and marked the places where my brow should start, where the arch should be, and where it should end, shaded the places where they wanted to keep with browzing power and used high brow i think to mrk the places that should be plucked out..she then asked me if the shape was okay. Waxing was more or less painful, but probably will be painful to begginers. After the waxing session, she treated my skin with aloe vera and plucked out a few stray hairs.
I give it a 5/5 – happy sales assistants, and a wonderful job and experience.