Sorry :S

Hey Everyone πŸ™‚

Sorry I haven’t been posting any videos as of late – caught up in a mega load of school work and an aching obsession to obtain some everyday minerals products. Luckily, I found some awesome people willing to do cash on delivery and meet up from even a spree >.<

Yay :0

So here’s basically what I’m getting from Everyday Minerals from various sources πŸ™‚Β 

1. Kaolin Powder – Soft Bronze

Start by applying this silky smooth powder to achieve an even base for your minerals. The slight tint of soft bronze and kaolin clay work together to help control oil and set your look for the day when you finish off with a final light dusting! -by Angie

2. Medium Beige Neutral Foundation Base

Perfect for medium to soft tan complexions with yellow to pink undertones Medium Beige Neutral evens the look of skin tones and covers subtle imperfections. -by Ava

3. Olive Golden Medium Foundation Base – Original Glo

Olive – Golden Medium is ideal for yellow and green undertones. It works especially well to give coverage for common problems faced by Olive-family users, such as visible blue veins and uneven pigmentation. A great staple for everyday! By Leanne

4. Snuggle Blush

Snuggle is a radiant pink with a flattering peach undertone. It applies sheerly but can be layered on to give a cozy, luminescent glow that’s great on any skin tone – by Yasmine

5. Theme Park Blush

Perfect for all complexions, this gorgeous coral color with pink accents has a gentle shimmer that naturally highlights your cheeks. Perfect for a day at the Theme Park or a night on the town, this elegant blush is also safe to wear as a lip color.
6. Walkee Talkee Blush

A berry pink shade with a kiss of peach. It twinkles softly with fine flecks of silver, imparting a rosy sheen to light up your complexion. Compliments all colours of skin and makeup beautifully & looks gorgeous on cheeks, lips, and eyes.

7. Everyday Bronzer

A luminescent medium shade of brown, perfect for creating a healthy sunny glow. Use it as a bronzer, to contour, or add it to your foundation to adjust the shade. Looks beautifully natural buffed onto the body for a bit of sun without the rays!-by Mikella

Yay! And then I reserved a spot in my personal kit for daphne who got evening out. πŸ™‚Β 

A lovely blend of earthy brown and warm red, this rich maroon with delicate amber shimmer makes a gorgeous blush for fair to medium complexions or a wonderful face color for darker skin tones.

I’m actually really excited to try the Kaolin powder because it’s supposed to absborb all your oil as a primer and then finishing dust and soft bronze will perhaps add color to my skin. The blushes of course are important too and if you visit their website, they have so many availible and in the cutest names! I heard about waffle cone I got snuggle and theme park because they are closest to nars orgasm which I’ve seen is truly gorgeous. Walkee Talkee earned good reviews as well. Also, the foundation bases are famous, so I thought I would give them a try. If they don’t suit my color, I’ll let you guys know if you want I can sell it to you πŸ™‚ But of course, that’s a long long time from now. I’m also in the process of getting a few other sample blushes and what made my research slow was the fact that may of the blushes weren’t swatched on the face, but on the hand. And for me, my arm color is kind of different from my face color and girls, blushes are for your face haha. Thus, I shall def. swatch my blushes on my Face, for your convenience. πŸ™‚Β 

The ones I heard bad reviews from was actually the natural reflections light powders that didnt seem to do anything and was quite expensive, as well as the natural blush – I guess it really depends on your skin color.Β 

Intitially, I was interested in buying bare minerals or bare esscentuals despite the forty over price tag because I could simply hop down to taka’s sephora to figure out my shade instead of taking the risk. But, apparently, there is this chemical called bismal oxychloride that breaks people out – apparently really small bumps! So, it’s better to be safe with everyday minerals that does not contain that chemical and with all the rave reviews, I couldn’t resist. I’ve actually been wanting to try mineral make up for ages, but I haven’t had the real pushing urge until now haha.Β 

And I know know know I’m going to regret not purchasing any of the bare minerals brushes, but I’m getting a full set in 2 days – I’m so excited, so I am going to be a good girl and wait to see if I really need those brushes and maybe contact a supplier.Β 

I’m thinking of doing my foundation just like ilikeweylie because I do also have a liquid foundation, and soon, all the necessary tools ;P

She’s def. one of my favourite bloggers because she is soooo funny πŸ™‚Β 

I’m getting my brushes this friday :D:D:D:D