Hey Everyone,

I think to some degree, we somehow have this misconception that beauty bloggers live a somewhat glamourous life. Alright, I have to admit. We get to go to launches as V.I.Ps and eat canapes while the PR agencies try to spoon feed us information, get free products and spa treatments and sometimes we get to come home to a wonderfully wrapped package from The Body Shop or Crabtree and Evelyn that leaves our friends scrambling to wordpress to make their own blogs. Heck, we even get recognised by some of you on the street, even when we’re out buying a vacuum cleaner at Big W, on the tram, at the checkout counter at Priceline, at Uni, on a girl’s night out in Singapore, at the airport in Penang, walking around in Sydney, having a mcflurry with your best friend or even changing at the gym (you know who you are ;)). It sounds amazing, doesn’t it? It sounds a little like the life of a mini celebrity without the hoards of fans and the pressure to look good 100% all the time but although it sounds like a bed of roses, coming from me who has done this gig for two years or so now, I’m not afraid to say that what happens behind the scenes isn’t always like eating out of the Ritz Carlton buffet. Here’s 5 things to being a beauty blogger that’s not talked about much. We have to remember that with all great things come pain staking efforts before it.

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