I’m officially in exam season, that means me hidden in libraries with my nose in books, lectures, past exams and my mouth covered in chocolate. There are now officially 185 of you on this, and I feel that I have abandoned 185 of you but my excuse? Well, school. But also that it’s just easier for me to talk on a camera, edit it and upload it :) For me writing takes a bit of time if I really do want to make some sort of meek statement.

Here is my review first on Erno Laszlo, I put a lot of effort in the review including me at 7 am in the morning with my pjs on demonstrating for you the skincare, so if the fact that it is about Erno Laszlo doesn’t entice you, I hope the latter will.

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Just sent off an interview with The Straits Times on Formspring.

Thought I might post up exactly what I said :) xx Roseanne

Hi Roseanne, Thanks for agreeing to help. Here are my questions: – What do you enjoy most about using formspring? – Are you aware that formspring.me has been used as a platform for cyber bullying in the US? (some youths were sent a flood of offensive messages, and 2 youths ended up committing suicide) – What, in your opinion, are the characteristics of this site that make it easy for cyber bullying to take place? – Have you ever received any rude / offensive questions on your formspring account? If so, what were the nature of these questions? – Were you bothered at all by these questions? – Despite the potential for misuse of this site, what do you think is the allure of formspring, for youths at least? – Are most of your peers on this site too? How did you / they learn of this site?

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I don’t want to spoil it for you so watch the video!


CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS! If you won, please Youtube Message me your:

1st Prize winner:
msg me the MAC brush of your choice, look on www.maccosmetics.com.au, pick one under $100 and msg me also your address!

2nd Prize winner:
Please send me your address so I can send you the wonderful MAC Ripe Peach Blush Ombre :)

3rd Prize Winner:
Msg me your color for the MAC MSF Natural and your address!!

And I’ll send them as soooon as I can loves! xxx

To all the people who entered but didn’t win, Dont worray! I will have more giveaways to come, in fact I already have an idea! Thanks so much for your effort though! :):)

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Hey Everyone,

Thanks so much to Sarah and SPH Razor TV and everyone who watches me on YouTube or read my blog for this great opportunity. Despite the controversial title, I had loads of fun and it was a great experience!! I’m a cheapass when it comes to food and clothes when I’m paying for it with my own allowance but my parents usually buy my clothes..I sort of seperate my allowance with what they buy me, eventhough I know they all come from one source: Dad. Thanks Dad for this opportunity too. He’s going to kill me if he sees this title.

At least my views on this interview have skyrocketed thanks to the title haha:

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Today I got UGGs. You’re either 1.) Horribly disgusted, 2.) Interested because they’re cute or 3.) Happy for me cuz I’M HAPPY baybay!

Story? My mom bought me River Island Heeled boots for this semester and although pricy, I can’t wear them. I hate heels actually, they hurt, hurt hurt. I then went to SEED and got some suede leather boots but they hurt, so injured Roseanne rang up her Dad to see if she could get sheepskin ones and with a bit of hesitation when I mentioned the price, he replied with the usual “ok, if they’re going to last long, go ahead”. So here I am with a haul.

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Hello Everyone,

I know, I know, I have been absent for far too long. But before you whip out the ruler, I have been concentrating on school, uni, commerce, and subjects. You know the boring stuff of my life (sort of). So it’s justified! I have just gotten fast internet, changed my provider and I don’t particularly feel like doing work right now because I am in a celebratory mood. Yes, faster internet makes my upload time dwindle from 11 hours to 1 hour. What’s not to love?

If you’ve been following my twitter (which you should at: www.twitter.com/roseannetangrs), you’d know that I’m currently using the Erno Laszlo products that were sent to me a few weeks ago but I never put up the haul video because I wanted to wait for my faster internet.

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