Hey Everyone!

So we all want to be updated and in the loop of what is hot this season. With Spring onboard, we’re looking into more color to tease the drab of winter away (especially this winter). Here are some Spring 2011 Makeup trends that you might want to try certified by Vogue and Harpers Bazaar that I thought were pretty interesting as well as a few collections that are for sure spring note-worthy!


1. Bolder Lips

Nude has always been pretty much in but this season, try going for bolder lips like fuscia, red, or hot pink. To tone things down, I like to take a powerful lipstick and then lightly dab the color onto my lips so it leaves a semi-stain, just bitten look.

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Hey Everyone,

Woot woot, it’s ctrl alt time. These posts add a little spice to roseannetangrs because don’t get me wrong, I love makeup but I know, I confess – I actually love other things too and one of those things is to leave my paw on unexplored territory. I do travel pretty frequently so I decided to share my experiences with you.

I recently got back from a trip with my parents to Yogyakarta and if ever you’re wondering where to go for probably one of the most ultimate asian travel experiences, then you’ve probably parked your plane at the right destination. Yogyakarta (pronounced Jog-jakarta or Jogja) is a busy city in Central Java, Indonesia. It’s very similar to any other Indonesian city with the exception that it’s just a tad bit quieter especially in traffic, but it’s uniqueness lies in it’s rich history, ancient buildings and of course the ominous Mt. Merapi. Yes, you’ve probably recognised that volcano that popped up in news stations across the world when it spewed lava and volcanic ash up to 5 meters thick two months ago. But we’ll leave that till later.

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Don’t worry hunnies, there will be more giveaways! Please email me at roseannetangrs@gmail.com if you would still like the 10% off discount voucher for MyClassyCloset! The voucher is available to all who entered the contest even if you didn’t win!

Also, Happy Chinese New Year!!


Hey Everyone!

It’s mah birthday! So I thought I might blog today. It’s raining though – like the kind of rain that stays for the entire day. Oh man, should have probably blogged about something more fun like what I want to be like in another 20 years or something but instead I decided to give you a review of the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner.

This has been totally raved – like a total rave party gone wild. It’s one of Bobbi Brown’s best-sellers and was a product I wanted to get my hands on for quite a while until Cosme-De.com gave them to me to review for y’all.  (Score!) This my 100% true opinion.  Let’s go!

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Hello Everyone!

Oh the joys of the midweek. Not really, I’m quite the sleepy but I shall blog. Today I’ll be blogging about quite a special event. The story is pretty funny actually. I was shopping at ALT at the Heeren which is an Asian Makeup Mecca in Singapore and I was looking at Japanese eyeliners with Tammy and Kiyoko until I heard my name call in the background. Little did I know it was the lovely Jolyn, who happens to read my blog and watch my videos. After a discussion about NARS blushes and Japanese makeup, she asked me if I’d like to do a collaboration with The Scarlet Room, an online store born and bred in Singapore, and help them with the makeup for their photoshoot. Eager to gain more experience, I gladly agreed!

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Hey Everyone!

FInally it’s time for a blog giveaway! I’m very excited for this one and if you’re already a follower, there’s not much else to do! Just follow the guide that I’ve listed below.

The prize this time is special to me because when I first started makeup, I didn’t wear NARS, I didn’t wear MAC, I started on a much smaller scale. In fact, I thought MAC was so expensive and when I first explored makeup, I looked to online blogshops. MyClassyCloset was the first site I ever bought from, the bearer of the products from my first video on YouTube and my very first captured haul. So, of course it has a special place in my heart. I thought that since it’s nearing my two year anniversary that this would be an appropriate gift for you all!

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